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IMPORTANT: Remember, everyone is out there for fun and it's only a game. No back talking or abuse of the umpires will be tolerated. These are not "professional" kickball umps and mistakes may be made. Please treat them with respect, anyone not doing so will be asked to leave.



  1. Everyone playing must be 18 and must sign the team's roster before playing.
  2. Kicking lineups must be presented to the umpire before each game. Once the lineup cards have been submitted to the umpire, they become official and you may add players to the bottom only. All substitutions must be given to the umpire as they are made.  You may scratch a player as long as they have not come up in the order yet.
  3. Play consists of 6 men and 4 women in a standard line up.  All 4 women must appear in the top 10 kickers and not kicking consecutively.  Teams may kick up to 12 kickers with 1 male & 1 female in the 11/12 spot.  Any teams missing women in their line-up will receive an automatic out for each of the women missing. (IE...Only 2 women show up, team only kicks 8 and has 2 automatic outs in the line-up.  Per the forfeit rules...if you have 0 women from your roster, you will forfeit).
  4. A team must have at least 7 players with a minimum of two (2) females to start a game.
  5. Any player kicking out of order will be considered an automatic out. If a girl shows up late, they may go into any automatic out spot on the line-up card. Captains must notify umpire of any changes to line-up cards.
  6. PICKUP PLAYERS: Pickup players are NOT allowed in ANY game.


  1. ELIGIBLE PLAYERS: Any players arriving after the first game must be signed in by the 1st pitch of the 2nd game to be eligible to play.
  2. LATE PLAYERS: Any players arriving after the first pitch of the game (not already placed on the line-up card) must be placed at the end of the batting order. If the player bats in any other spot, it is considered an automatic out. If a girl shows up late, they may go into the automatic out spots on the line-up card. Captains must notify umpire of any changes to line-up cards.
  3. INJURED PLAYERS: If a player is injured during a game, captain must notify umpire to remove injured player from lineup card with no additional penalty (unless the injured player is a female and her removal falls behind the required ratio -- then becomes an automatic out). An injured player that has been removed from lineup cannot return to the game.

  1. FORFEITS: Forfeit time is game time. Umpire calls game time.
  1. A forfeit will be counted as a 7-0 win.
  1. GAME TIMES: Games will last 45 minutes in tournament play.  Once time hits 45 minutes, the inning in progress will be completed.
  2. INNINGS - There is no inning cap as we play the full 45 minutes
  3. RUN LIMIT/MERCY RULE: There is a 10 run limit per team, per inning.  A mercy rule applies for a lead of 20 or more runs after 4 innings, in which case the team with the lead may continue with the game or take the win.
  1. 10 RUN RULE:. When a team brings in the 10th run of the inning, it is counted and is also the 4th out. In the final 10 minutes of the game,  the 10 run per inning rule does not apply.  This DOES NOT apply during playoffs (see below).
  1. FIELDING RATIOS: Teams may not have more than 6 men in the field defensively.  A full defense of ten players would be 6 men and 4 women (or more women with less men).
  2. PITCHING - Pitch to your own team.
  1. Pitcher must pitch from the mound or within the circle.
  2. Pitcher must not interfere with fielding team.  If interference is called the umpire can call the runner out.
  1. Each Kicker will receive 1 pitch
  2. Any kick that goes foul (caught or not) is a dead ball.  Kicker is out and runners may not advance.
  3. A missed kick, foul ball or a catch on the fly is an out.  
  4. Any ball kicked and rolling out of bounds before the 1st or 3rd base will be considered a foul ball and kicker will be out.  Runners may not advance.
  5. A real or imaginary line will run perpendicular to the front of the home plate.  Any planting foot beyond this line and the kicker will be called out.
  6. BUNTING IS ALLOWED FOR WOMEN ONLY! For women, any kick that crosses the kicking line is legal.
  1. Double touching/kicking the ball is an out.
  2. The catcher must stay behind the kicking line until the ball is kicked and cannot interfere (verbally, physically, or visually) with the kicker.
  1. If interference is called the kicker and all runners are awarded a base.
  1. Should a catcher make contact with a ball after it’s been kicked but before it crosses into fair territory, it will be considered a foul ball/out
  1. As long as the kick was not interfered with by the catcher
  1. Any male that is judged to have bunted (by the umpire) a dead ball out will be recorded.
  1. RUNNERS: Stealing bases and "leading" is not allowed (will result in an out). SLIDING IS PERMITTED.  If the ball beats a runner to a forced out base in time to peel off, the runner must do so or both runners may be called out.
  1. Courtesy Runners vs Pinch Runners
  1.  Players may call for a courtesy runner prior to their kick.  
  2. Players needed courtesy runners will not be allowed past 1st base.  
  3. Pinch runners are not allowed.  Courtesy runners are for injured players who can’t run.  You can not call for a runner after you are on the base (unless injured on the play)
  4. A courtesy runner will be the last out in that gender or the last possible at bat.
  1. Charging defensive players is not allowed and can result in out and/or ejection.
  2. Offensive players CANNOT initiate contact with defensive players.
  3. Runners may tag up on the 1st touch of a fly ball.
  1. No more than 6 infielders are allowed (including catcher & defensive pitcher)
  2. No one may be positioned between pitcher and home plate
  1. The pitcher is determined by the real or imaginary line drawn between first to third base
  2. All infielders must remain behind this line until the ball is kicked
  1. Outfielders must remain behind boundary lines (cones or grass), regardless who is up to kick
  1. If this rule is violated (called by the umpire), the play will continue and the umpire will decide which is more advantageous to the kicking team (the play or a free pass to first base).
  1. All infielders must stay behind the 1st to 3rd imaginary line.  All outfielders must stay outside of the outfield line or If there is no coed line in the outfield, outfielders must maintain a position a minimum of 10 feet from the infield dirt, until the ball is kicked. If this rule is violated, the following procedure will take place: 1st infraction is a team warning.  2nd infraction is the kicker is awarded 1st base automatically.  
  1. A defensive player may not impede a runner’s progress by standing in the baseline, unless the defensive player is fielding a batted ball.
  1. In this instance the defensive player has the right to field it and the runner must avoid contact with the fielder.  
  1. A defensive player may not block a base unless they have possession of the ball.
  1. Defensive players must catch the ball, block the base, then make the tag- in this order. Blocking of the bag without the ball shall result in an obstruction call, a warning to the offending player, and the runner will be awarded the base.
  1. In games where an orange "extra base" is being used at first base players must step on the orange base when overrunning first base, or when there is a legitimate play at first base (ball still in the infield).  
  1. Players stepping on the white base in these instances may be called out.
  2. Balls that have gotten past the infielders and have reached the outfield will allow the runner to touch the white base in an attempt to advance to second base.  When in doubt runners should touch the orange base to avoid being called out.
  1. OUTS: Outs can be made by throwing to the baseman or by hitting the runner with the ball.
  1. There are 4 outs per inning
  2. Runners may only be hit from the shoulders down.  
  3. Throws to hit the runner must be made 2 handed and come from below the shoulders (like a basketball chest pass or 2 handed underhand throw). No overhead throws, even 2 handed, are allowed to get players out.
  4. If the ball contacts a defensive player or the ground, regardless how it was thrown, then touches the runner, the runner will be OUT.  
  5. Any blatantly hard or dangerous throw, regardless of how it is thrown, will result in the runner being called safe and may result in the ejection of the player.  The umpire's discretion will be used in whether or not a throw is legal.  
  6. If a runner moves in a way that is not a normal running position to escape being out (ie ducks into a throw that was aimed below the shoulders) and is hit above the shoulders, the runner is out.  
  7. A play is not dead until the ump calls time or the ball is in the possession of the pitcher.
  8. Infield Fly - Catching a fly ball in kickball is not a sure thing, there is no infield fly rule. However, there is a no cheese rule. If the umpire thinks a fielder intentionally misses or does not catch a fly ball in an effort to make a double play not try to catch a fly ball in an effort to make a double play, or any other advantageous play, both runners will be called safe.
  1. DISPUTES AND PROTESTS: In a disputed play, only the team captain may discuss the play with the umpire. If a protest is made by the team captain, the captain must notify the umpire and opposing team captain before the next pitch.
  2. EJECTIONS:  Players ejected from any game may be required to serve a one game suspension pending league review (this could be for the entire tournament and is the call of SFCS field staff). Fighting, wrestling, or pushing will not be tolerated and may result in multi-game suspensions or ejection from the league altogether. Verbal abuse of officials or players, fighting, foul language, and continued rough play could result in player ejections.
  3. FAKE TAGS AND VERBAL/PHYSICAL DISTRACTIONS: No fake tag outs or yelling at a defensive player as they are making a play will be allowed. Doing so MAY result in the runner being called safe (fake tags) or out (verbal distraction) and possible ejection of the offending player.
  4. PROFANITY: Profanity will not be tolerated and may be grounds for players being called out or ejected on the discretion of the umpire.
  5. CHEERING/FANS: Any player or fan is encouraged to root for their own team but rooting against teams or use of disparaging language is discouraged and could result in penalties of players or dismissals of fans. Any fans of teams may be asked to leave by Club Sport staff. Refusal to leave could result in forfeiture of games
  1. FORMAT: Tournament is single elimination with seeding based on pool play standings.  Top 4 teams make the playoffs.
  2. SEEDING: Tournament seeding will be based on the following criteria (based on won-lost percentage where applicable): 1) winning percentage, 2) head-to-head play (if 3 or more teams are tied this means head to head record amongst all tied teams),  3) Overall Run Differential for the pool play 4)  Overall runs scored  5) coin flip.
  3. EXTRA INNINGS: Will be in the playoffs only.  
  1. KANSAS CITY TIE BREAKER - Extra innings will start with a runner on second base (base runner is the one who made the last out in the previous inning) and each kicker receives 1 pitch.
  1. UNLIMITED RUNS: There is no 10 run per inning rule.  A team may score an unlimited number of runs per inning.
  2. CHAMPIONSHIP GAME: All games will be 45 minutes with no inning cap.  
  3. RAINOUT RULE: If all teams have completed two pool play games at the time of a rainout, the champion will be determined by record and run differential. Should less than two games be completed by all teams, a makeup date may be scheduled to replay or finish the tournament (park and location subject to change and availability).

  1. MISC
  1. TRASH: ALL TEAMS are responsible for their own garbage.  Please keep the park clean.
  2. CLEATS: No metal spikes are allowed. Wearing metal cleats is an ejectable offense.
  3. JEWELRY: No jewelry can be worn during the games, for the safety of all players.
  4. SFCS reserves the right to adjust and/or insert rules due to game day time restrictions or to ensure fair play.
  5. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!!!

If you are having difficulty interpreting the rules, please ASK!