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Washington State DOH K-12 Guidance FAQ
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Washington Interscholastic Activities Association



(August 24, 2021) - The following are answers to frequently asked questions submitted to WIAA staff about the latest K-12 guidance for schools. Please note that this document is intended to highlight key policies and add clarity to the DOH policies, it does not reflect WIAA policies.  The full language issued by the DOH can be accessed here.

WIAA staff strongly encourages each school to work with their risk manager while planning for a return to participation.


Q: Do we need to continue to wear masks indoors?

A: No, masks are no longer required as of March, 12, 2022, unless a student is coming in from Day 6-10 after a positive Covid test, which is required indoors. Local public health may temporarily require masks if/when cases increase, or if your school district has a policy.

        *DOH suggests schools consider masking when participating in high-risk indoor activities such as basketball, wrestling and cheering with stunting along with the use of cohorts.

Q: Are masks required on a bus?

A: No, they are not required, but should be considered during travel.

Q: Is testing still required now that masking has been lifted?

A: Screening testing for students and coaches is not required as of March 12, 2022. Schools may choose to continue screening testing for high-risk indoor or high aerosol-generating activities.

Q: Are tests still going to be available to schools who wish to do surveillance testing?

A: Yes, DOH’s Learn to Return testing program is still available to help K-12 schools meet diagnostic testing requirements.

Q: Is contact tracing still required?

A: No, but schools may continue existing testing programs to ensure uninterrupted, full-time, in-person learning and consideration for higher-risk exposures (e.g. high-risk sports and high aerosol generating activities [e.g., indoor cheer, singing, playing brass or woodwind instruments], working out in a training room).