I am very particular about how I cook bacon and it takes about 30 minutes.  I have 2 huge 13 in skillets and use both.  I can often get a whole pound of regular sliced bacon in by sticking the last to pieces to the sides that curve up.  I make sure I start with at least 1/8" of melted butter in the skillet (about 3 ounces per skillet).  I then add my bacon and start it on low heat (I'm memorized the right settings on my stove).  The secret is to Get the oil hot enough to just start bubbling a little bit but not splattering out of the pan.  This takes a while and you have to sit there and constantly adjust the fire level on each skillet.  These "bubbles" are actually the water in the bacon boiling away.  So you want the oil just above the boiling temperature of water but not high enough to burn the meat.  The bubbles should be very small.  I then turn the bacon every couple of minutes and let it cook.  You will know it's done when it has lost 60-70% of its length and the bubbles are almost completely gone (there may still be a little bubbling on the ends.  It will have a "bronzed" color but will not be black.  When it gets cool it will be so stiff you can easily hold a piece by one end with 2 fingers and there will be absolutely no bending.  It is literally "stiff as a board".  When you bite it you get a satisfying crunch then it crumbles to a fine flavorful powder and gives you a burst of buttery flavor.