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General Information Package for IRI
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Air Ivanhoe Limited

General Information Package for the “Ivanhoe River Inn” Daily & Housekeeping Guests

Package Information

We operate the Ivanhoe River Inn on a Daily Rental or in a Housekeeping Package. All rentals start at 2P.M. on the day of arrival and end at 10A.M. on the day of departure. We expect parties to work with this schedule unless other arrangements have been made. We need this time to clean cabins/boats etc.

Guests are responsible for cleaning their own fish at the lodge, however we have a fish cleaning building. Each cabin has a full kitchen with a large freezer compartment in the refrigerator, where fish can be frozen for transportation home.  

Please note: Weekends are very hectic with 25+ fly in lakes rotating in and out, and it gives us little time to work with you on the hot fishing spots and other concerns.

Cell Phones 

Most major cell phone carriers will work in our area of Northern Ontario Canada.  We have cell phone service from our drive in lodge and a few of our fly-in outposts (labelled as such in our brochure).  Cell phones must however be 3G or 4G compliant. What this essentially means is that older phones may not work, and if your carrier is a really small Canadian carrier, it might not work.  Our towers work with Bell and Rogers (and their Canadian subsidiaries) and also with US providers with 3G or 4G technology such as AT&T and T Mobile.
The technical explanation, as per
Trip Advisor, is as follows,
“There are 2 basic systems, CDMA and GSM (including AWS, UMTS, HSPA, LTE). GSM is used in most of the world but the North American system uses different frequencies. AWS / UMTS / HSDPA are regarding as 3G.  LTE is 4G. Canadian networks stopped supporting CDMA phones in May 2016.  United States carriers who continue using CDMA after that date  include Sprint and Verizon.  United States carriers which use GSM include AT&T and T Mobile.”

Internet Access

We have functional satellite internet from both our drive in and fly in lodges.  While its not fast, it's definitely going to get you through any emails or messages that you need to sort out on your travels.  Many of our guests are using their cell phones as a portable wifi hotspot.  We have cell phone service from our drive in lodge and cottages, the first boat in camp up the river, and about a half dozen of the fly in outposts.  If you need to stay connected to the internet to organize essential business emails on your trip, there are a handful of locations where we can definitely accommodate you.

U.S Conversion Rate 

Air Ivanhoe accepts both Canadian and US currency and will run the conversion on US dollars into Canadian for you at the lodge if this is your preference.  If you look on google for the US / CDN exchange rate, there are 3 numbers that you will typically find.  The first number you typically see if an average between the buy and sell rate.  Banks usually float about 3% above and below this “average” rate.  If you have Air Ivanhoe do the currency conversion for you, we will exchange your funds in to Canadian with the Canadian “buy” rate in mind, which will generally as I mentioned by about 3% less than the “average” you immediately find on the internet.  The following link will show you the current buy / sell rate for US to CDN funds.
Guests can also pay their trips with major credit cards (VISA / MASTERCARD / AMERICAN EXPRESS) and debit cards.  We accept personal and certified checks but only to prepay the trip well ahead of time.

Emergency Procedures

If an emergency happens while you are staying at the lodge, we can call and ambulance or 911. If the emergency happens at home and people need to contact you then the phone number at the Ivanhoe River Inn is 1(705) 899-2155. Customers can utilize it; however we recommend it be used sparingly unless it is an emergency. There is a payphone on the property that can be used for outgoing calls, and if there is an emergency when the lodge is closed, we live in the lodge upstairs at the end of the porch. There are no landline phones in the rooms, if people are trying to get in touch with you and you are a registered guest we will try to deliver a message to your room, as soon as possible. Please let family know of this number and unless it is an absolute emergency have them call between 8A.M. - 7P.M.

Flying Weather: One Day Fly-In’s

We fly under a license called VFR, (Visual Flight Rule.) If you cannot see the end of the lake and or there is fog hanging on the trees, the chances of us flying are poor. If this is the day that you had planned s 1-day fly in your options are to wait and see if it improves or reschedule for another day. All you can do if you are waiting is to be patient , and cook yourself some breakfast/play cards and above all know that the key on any vacation is safety. We have owned and operated this air service for 35 safe years and plan on maintaining our record. The majority of accidents happen because of bad weather and since our pilots are professionals and would like to maintain an accident free history, they will not put themselves or you in harm’s way. The price per person for a trip would be $405.00 per person plus applicable taxes.

Aircraft at the Ivanhoe River Inn

Please ensure that boats are out of the way of approach to the dock of any aircraft. Our pilots are professional and do not require require your help docking the aircraft. Please stand back and allow them to do their job. If they need help and you are willing to help, they will ask. Please do not ever “TOUCH THE PROPELLOR.” While you are at the lodge you will be part of a work in progress, watching the aircraft come and go. Most customers get a thrill out of watching the comings and goings of these aircraft and generally most people are fine. There is always someone that walks out on the dock when we are fueling boats or aircraft with a cigarette in their mouth, and gives us the look of death, and although we have numerous signs before and on the dock just for this situation, it still happens, so please use due diligence around the aircraft/boats etc.


We have filtered/chlorinated well water at the Ivanhoe River Inn, and an independent laboratory tests the water.

Sign of a Good Sportsman

A good sportsman will always abide by the laws of the forest and fish and game act. Good sportsman will treat all rental equipment as their own and if there are problems with the camp or equipment will let us know. They will also treat the animals and fish that they are not planning on consuming with due diligence on maintaining their ability to survive.

Waiver of Liability

Wilderness recreation is not without risk. All guests should be aware of inherent risks associated with a wilderness experience. Ex. operation of mechanical equipment including Boats & Motors/Walking & Hiking/Weather etc. It is your responsibility as a guest to ensure that you are participating in an appropriate fashion. There are few incidents in the wilderness but a disproportionate # of incidences are related to alcohol and bad weather. We hope that these tips and helpful reminders will make you vacation a fantastic experience and that once is not enough, and you will be back.

We have posted this information on the website and if there are ideas to add to this, please let us know.

George, Jeanne, Joel & Daniella Theriault and more than 15+ staff that help us make your dreams come true.