Home Learning Plan

Homer Central School District

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Frequently Asked Questions:

Subject to change. Last updated: 3/17/2020

  1. During the period of non-attendance how will the District be providing learning opportunities for students?

It will be important for all students to be engaged in home learning during a period of non-attendance. What this home learning looks like will be different by grade-level and subject. Our hope is to have students return to school ready to learn when classes resume.

  1. What is the intention of home learning?

Our goal is to connect teachers and students during this difficult time to provide a connection to school, and to give students and their families a structure to establish routines at home similar to school days, and for learning to continue. We realize that this is a difficult time for everyone, including our students. Engaging in activities from reading, writing, solving mathematical problems, thinking scientifically and technically, better understanding social studies and history, as well as actively pursuing physical activity, and furthering our artistic and musical selves are all great ways for children to continue to stay grounded and learn and grow during this time.

  1. What are the expectations for teachers providing home learning?

Teachers will be modifying their curriculum, within the same scope and sequence. What that means is that ALL teachers will be expected to provide home learning activities for students with the goal of continuing a continuity of learning.

We will be using technology to offer both real-time and anytime learning as appropriate. We will be planning for students who do not have Internet connectivity. We will be offering 2.5 hours of learning activities per subject per week.

  1. How are we supporting teachers to provide home learning opportunities?

We will be bringing every resource we can to the task of assisting teachers. That will include:

  1. How will teachers communicate with students?

Elementary School students will receive learning opportunities that are both print and digital. Our primary contact will be the parent email address on file with the school. Teachers will be reaching out to families this week to ensure we have accurate email contacts for the parent or guardian of every student.

Each teacher in 3rd through 12th grade will establish their own Google Classroom and distribute the classroom code widely through email and other communication channels to parents and students.

Students 6-12 will check their @homerpride.org email daily during school hours to keep in contact with teachers.

There is a document to support technology for families:


  1. Will there be scheduled times for students to log on and participate in home learning?

No. Students will work at their own pace through the learning activities.

  1. What is the expectation for student participation in home learning?

We are encouraging all students to participate in home learning. All students will benefit from participation, both by connecting with their school community and by continuing learning and growing. Students who do not participate are at risk of falling behind academically.

  1. Are Chromebooks being sent home?

Yes - all students in grades 3-12 will be sent home with a Chromebook and charging cable.

  1. Are devices being sent home with Elementary students (Grades PK-2)?

No, iPad are not being sent home with students. Teachers at the Elementary School will be working on collecting materials (i.e. books, worksheets, etc.) for students to work on during the period of non-attendance.

  1. What about families who have requested their students not be assigned a District-owned Chromebook?

Staff will be reaching out to these families to offer them the opportunity to have their child take home a District-owned Chromebook. With all of our home learning activities in grade 3-12 being delivered through Google Classroom, we will encourage all families to take advantage of this resource.

  1. What is the plan for students who do not have Internet access at home?

        We are diligently working on a variety of solutions to this problem. This includes:

  1. Will there still be NYS assessments? Will my child still earn High School credit for courses and will he or she be eligible to take the Regents examination in June?

Additional guidance will be provided to families and information becomes available.

  1. What services will and will not be provided to students during this time frame?

No formal services will be provided. We will offer learning opportunities from related service providers.

  1. How can I help?

As a community, we all need to support each other during this time. Our children will need trusting adults to help them with the emotional impacts and disruption to daily life that they will experience. One of the ways that we need your help is ensuring every child in the Homer Central School District has an opportunity to participate in home learning. Providing encouragement, support, and guidance for our children is all of our roles during this time.