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CDE/LDE Chair and Co-chair Responsibilities
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CDE/LDE Chair and Co-chair Responsibilities

CDE/LDE chairs shall be responsible for the following actions:

  1. Review National FFA rules and other suggestions and propose rule changes at the state level CDE/LDE chair meeting each year.  
  2. Certify and approve the finalized rule changes before they are posted on the website on or before November 15th of each year.
  3. Arrange/schedule a statewide practice at least two weeks prior to the event and email information to all other chapters.
  4. Assist the Executive Secretary in the creation and organization of CDE/LDE materials and judge communication/selection prior to the event.
  5. Be present during CDE/LDE registration.
  6. Enforce CDE/LDE rules during the event.
  7. After event judges complete answer keys, chairs will verify CDE/LDE answer keys for accuracy and completeness.
  8. After event is complete, chairs will assist the state advisor score (or complete the scoring spreadsheet provided) the CDE/LDE and verify and certify scores.
  9. Document proposed changes at the completion of the scoring to be discussed at the CDE/LDE chair meeting and place suggestions in the CDE/LDE box.