Engineering 8

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Fall 2017 projected topics

Week           Engineering 8 Topics                                                    

1                      Introduction- course expectations/layout, ice breakers, boat building

2                     Architecture vs. Engineering-compare and contrast, types of engineering

Engineering Design Process-brainstorm, design, build, test & evaluate, share, redesign

3                     Floaters and Sinkers-Buoyancy, density, Archimedes' principle

4                     Energy of Motion-mechanical energy,swinging pendulum, work and power

5                     Energy of Motion-Collisions, momentum, drag, sliders, ramp and review

6                     Force of Friction-define, static and kinetic friction, why it occurs, common occurrences

7                Force of Friction-reducing friction, how weight,surface area & other factors affect

8                     Simple Machines-simple machines, work, inclined plane, wedge, screw, lever pulley, wheel-and-axle

9                     Simple Machines-compound vs. simple, mechanical advantage, catapult, activities

10                Simple Machines-Rube Goldberg Challenge

11                Simple Machines-Rube Goldberg Challenge

12                    Simple Machines-Rube Goldberg Challenge

13                    Bridges-designs, impacts, considerations of engineers, compressive and tensile forces, building

14                    Bridges-foundation, factors to consider about foundation, materials (adv/disadv), cost

15                    Bridges-Group project

16                    Bridges-Group Project

17                Engineering Out of Harry Situations-Acids, punnett squares, projectile magical motion        

18                    Building Towards the Future-dimensions,design principles, newspaper and balsa towers

19                    Fancy Feet Final Project and Exam                                     

(Syllabus is tentative and subject to change as instructor deems necessary)


93%-100% A           83%-87% B                73%-77%  C                63%-67%  D

90%-92%  A-               80%-82% B-        70%72%   C-                60%-62%   D-              

88%-89%  B+          78%-79% C+        68%-69%  D+            

Grade Evaluation will consist of assignments, activities, labs, quizzes, tests, semester project points, and class participation.  

Your quarter grades will be based on the following breakdown:  

Calculating Semester Grade:

1st Quarter Grade 50%

2nd Quarter Grade 50%

Materials Needed (by the end of the first week):


Absence Policy:

Absences, regardless of the legitimacy, may have a negative impact on your grade. 

Classroom Expectations:

1.     Respect ALL people and property.  

2.    Be on time and PREPARED for class.

3.    Follow the directions of the instructor the first time given, and act in a safe manner.

4.    Take turns to speak aloud in class, raise your hand and wait to be called on.  

(Failure to meet expectations will result in less classroom activities and hands-on projects)

5.    No cursing, searing or use of inappropriate or vulgar language.

6.    No use of cell phones

7.    Must have your planner to leave class and sign out.

8.    Come with an open mind and be ready to learn each day.

9.    Students will follow all rules and guidelines set out in the student handbook.  

Failure to follow the rules will result in:

1.     Warning/ Conference with the student

2.    Sent to office/ Detention/ Call to Parents

3.    The instructor reserves the right to discipline as she deems necessary

Excused Absences: It is your responsibility to see the instructor before or after class (not during) to request make up assignments.

Unexcused Absences:  Don’t have them or they will equal a ZERO!

Cheating: Don’t do it! I will not tolerate any type of cheating, you will receive a ZERO!

Procedures in the Agriculture Department:

1.     Where to find assignments if absent

2.    What to do when you are done with assignments during work time


Class_______________________________ Teacher______________________________

As your teacher, I will to the best of my ability:

1.     Present the lessons in an understandable way.

2.    Provide demonstrations and visual aids that enhance the presentation of lessons.

3.    Assist you with any lessons you do not understand.

4.    Keep you and your parents informed on your progress.

5.    Follow the school policies.

As a student for you to experience success, you will need to:

1.     Work on your assignments to the best of your ability.

2.    Ask for assistance when you are experiencing difficulties.

3.    Put forth all your effort on assignments, test, and classroom discussion.

4.    Have a positive attitude.

5.    Respect the rights of others.

As a parent/guardian I will:

1.     Encourage my son/daughter to work to the best of his/her ability.

2.    Support the school by being a partner in education.

I have read the above requirements of myself and will do my best to fulfill my responsibilities.  Also, students, by signing this you are also indicating that you read through and understand the rules and expectations laid forth for you in the class syllabus.

Teacher_____________________________________              Date__________________________________

Student_____________________________________              Date__________________________________

Parent/Guardian______________________________              Date__________________________________

Dear Parents,

Our school requires permission from parents/guardians for your student to view movies that are used to support and enhance the Agricultural Education curriculum. Movies, along with our hands-on activities such as labs, in-class discussion groups, research projects, and group projects give students a well-rounded opportunity to discover the world of agriculture.

I believe showing your son or daughter films or portions of films enables them to benefit from another medium as a resource in their studies.

I will use proper discretion when showing movie clips, videos, or full-length movies.   Videos and video segments will have movie industry ratings of G, PG, or PG-13.  Please be aware that some films and videos with these ratings will have explicit profanity/cursing or mild violence, and I will do my best to filter it.  No R, NC-17, or X-rated content will be shown.

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand this form, which gives  permission for your child to view the videos selected by your child’s instructor this school year. Parents and guardians are welcome to preview any of these videos prior to student viewing.  If you feel these films are not appropriate for your son or daughter, he or she will be given alternate learning activities to complete in another classroom setting. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to call me. I can be reached at school at 715-861-6947 ext. 1112 or via email at  Thank you for your help!




Ms. Stillman Agriculture Instructor

Possible Movies and Film Clips

Ag Leadership

Remember the Titans, Coach Carter, Tuesday with Morrie

Animal Science

Temple Grandin, Food Inc., Modern Marvels, Eyewitness

Engineering 8

Modern Marvels, Eyewitness, October Sky

NOTE: The video list is subject to revision; updated information is on the homepage of my website (

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Permission Slip for Videos in the Agriculture Classroom

Student Name ______________________________________

Agriculture Leadership                Animal Science                Engineering 8         (Circle one.)

Check one:  I give permission.      I don’t want my child to see these movies.

                     My child may view all movies except ________________________________


Guardian signature and date: ______________________________________________________________