Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. Mid Fall

Location: North of the Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain about twelve kilometers away.

As the party went, they realised that the reports were getting close to the location of the city, as if they looked hard enough, they could see what appeared to be the city. Charles was ready with his blade at hand, even though he was asked not to engage if there was any site of the missionaries. “I guess you guys just want to be safe is all.” “Well, so do we, and what’s the worst that could happen?” “Well for starters, you saying that only guarantee that we’ll run into trouble. Then there’s that fact that if one of them sees me, they’ll instantly attack. I and the church are on very hostile terms, ever since I killed that cult’s leader.” Iñigo, after hearing this, punched Charles in the arm. “Hey, what was that for?” “Sorry, I just hate that we have this divide with the church. I still serve my God, and I don’t want to be viewed as a Godless beast because of alchemy.” “Then how about you tell them that! I want there to be no conflict either, but when those missionaries attack innocent people because they are backed by the ‘word of God,’ I will not just stand around and let people get hurt!” “How do you expect me to help them!” “You’re the one defending them! I thought that you being the boy clergy, I expected that by the sight of you, they would bow to you, for choosing your simple beliefs over your family, or your entire point of existence!” “I don’t get that privilege! I have to live with my choice of siding with alchemy! I just wanted to help people!” Iñigo then dropped to his knees, hands in his face covering his frustration with Charles. “All I wanted was to be accepted by my family by the profession I chose, so that we wouldn’t be held in disgrace in the eyes of God. I thought that I was honoring my family by going, renewing our connection with God to restore our family name! I guess I can’t do anything right, huh Charles?” Iñigo then started to tear up. “Get up you wimp, you have caused this mess, now get us out of it! I’m here to save my family from the wrath of the church! I don’t want them to get hurt, I need you to stop being a cry baby, and do what your parents would’ve done; Defeat the necromancers!” Iñigo  got up and pushed Charles. From the tension and his personal hate toward the church, Charles drew his sword and swung toward Iñigo. He was able to duck under the attack, but not without some pain from Charles kicking him in the face to the ground. It wasn’t until Roesia tackled Charles to the ground, and pinning his arms behind him, was the conflict actually resolved.

“Now that both of you had your fun, why don’t we do the right thing, and stop the necromancers from killing more bystanders, instead of killing each other! I hate that you both can’t just be focused on this, there are lives at stake. And Charles, if you ever lay a finger on Iñigo ever again, I will rip you limb from limb, stick your torso and head on to a pole, tear your face off, and will write the words, ‘Rose’s little Bitch.’ Now that we got that over with, are we almost to the location of the attack?” Iñigo started to get up, had to wipe the blood from his face, and then started into the direction of the attack. “Thanks for telling me the direction Iñigo!” Roesia yelled over to him. Charles got up, noticed the pain that he received from Roesia. He then started to think about the outcome of that, being that he lost it again. He knew that Iñigo was in good intentions, but with the fact that he lost a lot to the missionaries. He didn’t want this to drive a divide into his relationship with his new friends, thus he ran over to Iñigo. “Sorry Iñigo, I went too far. I should have known that your heart was in good intentions, and all the points you made were in a attempt for me to see that you really were trying to help your family. I’ve heard your story Iñigo, most of everyone else has, and many, just like me, have hated that you weren’t able to help when the time needed you to. I just have gone through so much,  thinking that you would help me keep my happy life, and for you to support the one thing I hate most in the world kinda upset me. You can believe in whatever you want, I just didn’t want this to be the reason that we become enemies, as there were so many better times for that, this shouldn’t be the time. Can you forgive me?” “Can I forgive you, yes. I have the capability of forgiving you, to let your soul rest with the ease that you won’t have to have regret. Now does that mean I should and will forgive you for that, I choose not to say for I might not like the result. Now I have a mission to complete, follow if you choose, but you aren’t forced to be here.” Iñigo kept walking, and Charles went to the back of the group.

Roesia walked back to him. “I guess I might not write that on you, and I don’t think you understand why that hurt him that much. Iñigo, when he was small, had to live in a household that was the rejects of society, and without his parents being there for him most of the time, he had to deal with others picking on him, abusing him constantly. The teachers would even encourage that they do it, for they believed that he was to learn a lesson from it, and thus he ended up seeing that he needed to save his family from eternal damnation. I was mad at him to, but now knowing what he had to go through, I pity him. All he wanted is to help his family, and now that he is alone, he wants to help his friends, and embrace his family so that he can rest when his final day comes.” “You really care for the kid, don’t you. I would say you made it obvious that you two are likely in a romantic relationship, but you can’t confirm it, now can you?” Roesia blushed, then hit him over the head. “Ouch, that kinda, just maybe, hurts a lot!” “Well, keep your mouth shut!” “Fine, but how about…” “We’re here!”

They made it to the location from the message, it was clear that it was the precise area for the stange gashes in the trees nearby made it clear that something powerful had to have caused it. “When did they say it happened?” “They didn’t make it clear when, but I guess it would have been during the rain.” Roesia was examining the nearest tree, or log for the amount of damage it experienced. “Why you say that Iñigo?” “Because I remember that during the time frame when Charles got upset by you killing the bird, that there was something wrong with the atmosphere that day. Something happened in the distanced, and I was able to see it in a dream when I collapsed. I felt like I was there, in person when the attack happened, they were a party of five, a mother, father, two older men, possibly related, but not sure, and a daughter to the mother and father. They hand a horse, and a couple of mules, then a flash from the sky startled the horse, and the rest of the family ducked for cover. The horse was lost for about an hour, and they continued their journey, until they heard a horse coming their way, thinking that it was theirs they turned around, tried to get some water for when it would arrive, thinking that it would be tried. Then they saw it, the necromancer, or some creation from it, for it was some sort of centaur with a staff. It jestered to the water in the bucket they had, causing it to explode, and the entire area was covered by the compound that it used to do it.” Then they heard something nearby, then saw it emerged from the shadows. “Well, you sure are something, aren’t you Iñigo? I understand that you defeated that foolish Fyren. I will hope to make more of a good impression on this battle. I understand that you also use water as your choice of combat, correct?” “You like to ask a lot of questions. Yes, I do use water, and knowing that you have some sort of violent reaction when against water, I will have to prepare for some interesting results, correct?” “Yes, also I am known as Potsin. I helped my master through my connection to natural exposure of the elements, and you being so isolated to the city will lead to your defeat. Are you ready for my challenge?” The others looked to Iñigo, and with a confident smirk, he replied, “Yes, I’m ready!”