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Have your parents ever told you that you lose your mind over the holidays? And how often have you been told at the end of a break “Son it’s about time you go back to school and learn something, because being on holiday is doing you no good”? Well, I will let you in on a wee little secret… “it’s a big fat lie”

Kids around the world are travelling more than ever before. And university studies tell us that you can travel and learn at the exact same time!

Let’s think about the main things we learn about in a classroom:





Lunchtime: the same old sandwiches & a packet of milk like what you get every other day

Can you tell me what book you read at the start of the year? Or the story you wrote in the first term, the maths questions you learnt? Are you starting to get the picture… you don’t remember anything do you now?

So now let me tell you what you learn when you travel

Maths - currency and exchange rates

Language - translating other languages into the English language, sign language, reading facial expressions and other body languages….

Journal writing - reflecting on your daily experiences

PE - you’re more physical, as you walk, climb, swim and more.

New experiences - The word ‘bored’ doesn't exist because every day you get shown new things

Reading - Road signs, maps, pamphlets and brochures about different places to visit.

Geography - learning how to navigate and find your way around in places you’ve never been before

History - learning about the country and it’s meaning

Morning tea/lunchtime: new types of food everyday, discovering new tastes (the good and the bad!)

Do you get the idea… you’ll remember all of these things because travel makes you smarter!


The best learning doesn’t happen within the four walls of a classroom. And so my suggestion to you is this: “don’t be fooled”