MS WEEK AT A GLANCE: August 20-31

Lunch Rotation: 7,6

Our Mission

AES provides a balanced education  defined by a joyful pursuit of excellence in academics, athletics, arts and service. We enable each student to be an inspired lifelong learner and a responsible, compassionate global citizen.


August 21        MS Back to School Night, 5:30 PM

Aug. 21-22        MS Student Photos

Aug-23        MS Student Photos - Makeup - 12:10-4:00 PM, MS Office

Aug. 23        PSA Information Mela 11:30 am onward

Aug. 25        Faculty Retreat

Aug. 27        AES Fall Adult Ed begins

Aug. 30        MS Parent Coffee 8:30 am

Aug. 31        Restitution Parent Workshop, 8:30 - 10:30 AM

Sep. 4                Director’s Coffee, 8:30 AM, BCR

                PSA Meeting, 9:00 - 10:30 AM, BCR

Sep. 6                MS Family Math Night, 5:00 PM, HOP

Sep. 7                Restitution Parent Workshop, 8:30 - 10:30 AM

Sep. 13        MS WOW Parent Coffee, 8:30 AM, HOP

Sep. 14        PSA Community Night Out, 7:00 PM, Theater        


Block Schedule

Here is the regular Block Schedule for your ready reference. However, the first week of school will have a few special schedules so that you have time to become familiar with your advisory groups and prepared for the new school year. Please check this link for the detailed schedule for each day this week.

Notifying for Sick Leave:

Please phone or text Melissa at 83770 23631. Be sure to mention which classes need to be covered with last minute requests. Email clear and easy-to-follow lesson plans to Melissa, with a copy to Pooja.

Back To School Night (BTSN)

As we prepare for BTSN I know that there are some questions about how this will look and feel.  I appreciate you are willing to take a risk and give it a go.  Parents and teachers who have been part of a BTSN like we are preparing for have found it to be a positive experience. We will get feedback from our community after BTSN and adjust as needed.

Overview of BTSN:

We will work with department leads to coordinate the cross-over and single teachers.

MS Student Photos:

MS Student & Staff photographs would be taken on August 21 & 22 followed by a makeup day on August 23.  Please find the schedule here.

Contact Information:

We need your correct information- please complete this short form!

Helpful Links:


ASA Season 1

After school activities start on Tuesday, August 14th. Here is the link for the Season 1 brochure.


Images Libguide

Are you or your students looking for images to use in your work? There are better ways to find copyright-friendly, school-appropriate images than Google Images. Take a look at this Images Libguide for a collection of links that will help you find, manipulate, and attribute the perfect photos to make your work shine. If you have other sites to recommend, I’d be happy to add them.

Digital content sessions in the library

Humanities teachers, you’re invited to bring your classes in for a session on using the Destiny catalog to put books on hold and renew them, Sora to check out ebooks, and RBdigital to check out digital magazines. It takes about 45 minutes to cover all 3. If we’re lucky, Maureen will join us!


Student Schedules:

These are still in flux please be sure to check PS for the most accurate class lists (don’t rely on your printed version).

Professional Learning

Erma Anderson

Is here at AES working with our Math team. She will also be running some parent sessions and be at BTSN. We are fortunate to have her support to evolve our program.


Chaperone Event Signup Sheet - Please check this link for your assigned Chaperone events for SY1819.

Locker Supervision - Please take a look at this link to see if you are interested in helping out in one of the green highlighted blocks of time in the schedule. Please get in touch with me if you are interested in helping out.

PowerSchool Reporting Schedule These dates have been included the MS Private Calendar (Google).

Lunchtime Supervision for Quarter 1 (link)  - This is the plan made by the Teaching Assistant team for supervising students during lunch for the first quarter.


Well Friday was an unexpected surprise.  I hope you were able to enjoy the three day weekend and feel ready for the big week ahead.  BTSN is always a high energy evening. Parents typically enjoy making connections and meeting the people who nurture their children every day. Enjoy the evening, remember there is food in the MS MPR prior to the evening beginning.

Some reminders:

Wednesday Early Release

Wednesday faculty will meet in the HOP. To accommodate the Grade 8 SST that we missed on Friday we will give 30 minutes to the team to have their SST before we begin the faculty meeting at 3:20. We will send some time looking at our DiSC’s and drafting some meeting essential agreements for the MS. Please bring your DiSC profile. Please be sure that you know the SST times for this week, there is one for each grade level (at lunch).


Fumi Miyata, August 25

Robert Dodds, August 25