<Requiem> DKP System

This document outlines the details of the system and explains our thought process across some of the details.

Getting Started

Earning DKP

Spending DKP

Losing DKP

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Our Thought Process

Earning DKP - Future Raid Tiers (back to section)

This was done to effectively segment the DKP system across raid tiers without adding further complexity or manual effort to administer. It also incentivizes attendance on higher (and presumably more challenging) tiers of content. It is possible we may need to make some tweaks down the line to encourage participation in clearing older content.

Earning DKP - Character-Based Balance (back to section)

This was done to encourage consistent attendance on a character. As a character raids and obtains more gear, it is valuable to have their continued attendance.

Earning DKP - Zul’Gurub (back to section)

Given the shorter reset and mid-tier placing for most of the gear, we thought it was best to keep ZG separate from the main DKP system. We think of ZG as being in the vein of a UBRS+.

Spending DKP - Going Negative on Minimum Bid (back to section)

This is to prevent gear upgrades going to disenchant in the case of a given item only being needed by an individual who doesn’t have the point balance to minimum bid.

Spending DKP - Minimum Bid System (back to section)

We selected a minimum bid system to put more decisions on the raider population. A fixed point system involves more effort and decisions on the part of the officers - more decisions are more opportunities to make the wrong decision and need changes down the road.

Spending DKP - Blackwing Lair (back to section)

We came to 150 points as a minimum bid in Blackwing Lair to be equivalent to the original minimum bid of Molten Core items as a ratio of weekly DKP earnings. Before Blackwing Lair was released, the minimum bid in Molten Core was 20 points and weekly DKP earnings for killing all 11 bosses (including Onyxia) was 33 points; the minimum bid was 60.6% of weekly earnings. Weekly earnings in Blackwing Lair are 240 points (30 points per the 8 bosses), 60.6% of this is 145.45 points. We rounded that up to 150 points for a clean number.

Spending DKP - Patterns (back to section)

Patterns are /rolled since they generally benefit the guild vs the individual.

Spending DKP - Future Raid Tiers (back to section)

Similar to the earning section, we wanted to intelligently segment the raid tiers. The halving of the minimum bids for previous tiers is to make it easier for newer or lesser-geared raiders to catch up.

Spending DKP - Free Spending (back to section)

Given that raiders are earning DKP from their contributions to the guild, we wanted to minimize intervention in determining how they can spend it. There may be times where you disagree with someone spending their points on a given item, but keep in mind that the raider has earned these points and it is also going to prevent them from winning other items (raiders will naturally want to prioritize the most important items first).

Losing DKP - Decay (back to section)

We wanted a decay system to encourage spending of points and minimize point hoarding. With a 10% decay, the effective cap for this tier is 363 points.