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To make an appointment with your advisor, log in to your Panther Success Network.  Advising meetings are held via Zoom.  You can also contact the CASE Advising Office call 305-348-2978.

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Sofia Trelles
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Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) 
Free of charge effective April 1, 2020, through July 31, 2020

College of Arts, Sciences and Education
Undergraduate Townhall
April 1, 2020

Q: Regarding teaching certification and Internships

A: This is an ongoing process; we are working closely with the State and we can not make decisions at this time when students will be able to take exams required for graduation. We are working diligently on ensuring everyone gets an internship opportunity, whether that be face-to-face or online (not on site for your own safety and protection). In addition, we are working on online opportunities for those of you whose class requires field hours for education. Be prepared to hear from faculty on different ways you can work flexibly. Students are not on internship as it pertains to teacher preparation programs in the summer. We are working with the State on evaluating requirements for those students who have to complete their exams prior to going into their internships.

Q: Have CASE and FIU considered transitioning traditional lecture classes into a more hybrid format with recorded lectures, which has benefits such as increased accessibility for disabled students, decreased class sizes, a more individualized classroom experience and a lessening of the spread of illnesses such as the Coronavirus?

A: This is something the college has been moving towards; Higher level of interaction during class-time is beneficial

Q: What will science labs look like if we have to do the semester fully remote?

A: Currently having on-going discussion with all science departments as well as with Engineering. Hoping to have solutions soon. Expectation that all pertinent students have already heard form your TA or Instructor on what you will be doing to finish the semester; if you have not please let the Dean’s office know immediately. One idea that is being considered à For in-lab skills needed to move into medical school or into graduate school; have learning completed remotely then offer 0 credit workshops for students to come in and pick up those skills face-to-face (as soon as it becomes safe to do so).

Q: Is there any chance that the summer C courses will switch back to in person if we get the all clear for summer B?

A: That is not the University’s plan at the moment, partially because they are worried about students signing up for labs and then having trouble scheduling when people can get back into a set face-to-face schedule. Although in some classes that may require hands-on skills, we could potentially set up something where students can receive that benefit – even thought we would still be fully remote (if safe to be on campus)

Q: How will we be returning rented items?

A: If you need to return your rentals, you can do so by printing your free UPS shipping label at .  You’ll need your order number and bookstore account email address. You should have received an email with your order number via email when you made the rental transaction whether in store or online. One free shipping label per rental order/transaction will be provided, so if you rented three books on one order/transaction, you would need to send all three back at the same time to take advantage of the free UPS shipping. The due date for rental books is April 25th and you have until this day to access the free shipping label.  There will be free shipping for the foreseeable future on all domestic returns (no free shipping on international returns). For additional assistance, please email .

Q: What about the $90 online class fee charged to fully online students?

A: Currently being discussed by the university as a whole in consultation with the State.

Q: Can you pick which classes you want as pass/fail or would that apply to all classes?

A: Students will be able to choose on course by course basis. At the end of the semester, students will see the grade they earned in class and will be able to choose what grades you would want to switch. Reminder it is not pass / fail but rather pass / no credit. The fail will not read as an F but rather no credit, meaning it will not affect your GPA (talk to your Advisors if advice is needed which option to choose)

Q: What is the future going to look like?

A: Summer is uncertain at the moment, this is all contingent on how the epidemic evolves; contingency plan being evaluated

Q: Since the Summer A and C classes are remote learning, can the format be changed to allow us to register for classes with conflicting time slots?

A: This requires us working with some faculty as some faculty have opted to keep the same time slots even though they are remote. Many faculty are conducting their lecture as scheduled through zoom, even though remote that does not mean you are not meeting at a scheduled date / time. This truly depends on the class and the instructor teaching the class. If students run into a situation that the courses needed are conflicting please reach out to your advisor and / or the Dean’s office at Mari Rosado

Q: Do students have to pay for Honorlock?

A: No, student will not have to pay. The University will incur the cost

Q: For all of us that are enrolled in a payment plan, do we get any extension?

A: The payment deadline for Spring A/C installments has been extended to May 19th.

Q: Did they ever mention when refunds would be given?

A: We have not received such information as of yet


Q: Student teaching reduced from 12 to 9 credits?

A: We can talk to programs about this, summer credits vary but we want to make sure students have all the credits needed to graduate. We will further look into this question.

Q: Given that the summer semester will now be online, what will happen with the upper-division labs for biology majors?

A: Most of the upper division Biology labs are open.  Cell bio labs were just opened this morning and the department should be adding more in the coming week. If attempting to sign up and it is full, please add yourself to the wait list.

Q: Will the summer classes still be considered normal classes so as to not affect GI bill?

A: That is one of the reasons we are hesitant on going fully online in terms as to how they are coded. They will still be considered normal classes as if they were face-to-face so that should not affect the GI bill.

Q: What will happen to those students planning to have internship in the summer and graduation by the end of it? if internships cannot be done due to the circumstances, will the seminar and the internship classes be changed to other online classes?

A: as of right now we can not foresee when people will be able to resume internships and research. We are working with all programs to see what alternatives are available.  

Q: But how is this fair…? I am doing organic chemistry 2 (and others) and it was hard already. Now I have to do the same exams, but online, studying on my own almost entirely. Because, yes, teachers answer questions, there are zoom classes, but the system is still much less effective than in person question answering, also taking into account that all of the students in the class would have the same problem… (so overcrowd questions unanswered?) I know I am only criticizing, not giving suggestions, this is not constructive, but I do not think it is fair that I was struggling, now I am struggling even more, and you offer to simply test us with the same exams, but online. I don't want an F, I want at least a C.

A: We understand the challenges and doing remote labs are certainly not the same as in person. A suggestion would be to reach out to your TA and faculty if unsuccessful reach out to the department Chair and the Dean’s office. We can see how we can try to provide as much support to learn what you need to learn as possible. In terms of the assessment and grading, we are working with faculty and evaluating how to move forward in a way that is fair for the students.

Q: Has the college considered releasing new classes in batches to avoid having to check classes back and forth and will the class size for some classes be increased since we are going to an online format?

A: The college had not thought about batch release; most classes are not posted and available, there are some courses that are pending finalization. Will have conversation with scheduling team to propose batch release as this is an excellent idea.

Q: Will the class capacity for online classes this summer be expanded so more students can enter a class since all courses have to be taken online? For example, a class that has the capacity to have 25 students will the capacity change to accommodate more than 25 students?

A: If something is at capacity, please add yourself to the waitlist. We will be working to see if we can expand capacity on some of these courses or whether we need to add new sections

Q: Does the no credit cause you to loose scholarship, since it requires 12 credits?

A: that will not happen, it does not remove that you have taken it – it just means you did not receive a GPA for that course. Note, depending on the scholarship some may require that you have a specific GPA therefore it depends how the grades add up as a whole

Q: Are class dates being modified?

A: At the moment they are not, hopefully we will not just have many summer A classes. Especially with remote, it would be great to have these throughout the summer. Schedule will be evaluated to see if some courses need to be decompressed (especially for those classes that are challenging).

Q: Re: 10-day limit for getting changes to grade in

A: At the moment Advisors are keeping to the 10-day window, we will be working hard to ensure everyone can have their meeting and I believe there are some changes which will be able to be made without consulting an advisor. Note, students do not have to wait for their grades to post to consult with their advisor – you can start doing that now to avoid the rush

Q: Will tuition for summer include the fees, such as athletic or parking? what about the fees that were charged during this semester?

A: Plan is to refund a portion of fees (perhaps 43% - not confirmed). Fees will not be charged for the summer.

Q: Requiring live zoom classes, can those be made not mandatory

A: We will talk to the faculty, we are working with them to be as understanding as possible. If you have conflicts which make it completely impossible for you to attend, please reach out to your faculty member as they should be flexible. If you encounter a problem, please escalate to the department Chair.

Q: Is there a limit on how many Honorlock exams will be paid for? I heard the max is 2

A: The limit is 2 exams per class, we are hoping for less

Q: just wanted some clarification. you mentioned classes being dropped for nonpayment this Friday? how is that going to work if financial aid has not been processed yet?

A: If student is pending financial aid money the student should not be on that drop list however please email Mari Rosado as she has the list of students who are supposed to be dropped to double check

Q: I'm graduating now but, when we are able to do the graduation ceremony face to face again.. Will I receive an email to go and get the picture, cap and gown, buy tickets etc?

A: Emails will be going out from the university once plan is decided upon. If graduating this spring you will get your cap and gown, picture, etc.

Q: According to the grading system for the Spring 2020 semester email, what are the concessions due to the virus for students that dropped a class? Will DRs still be posted on transcripts?

A: DR would still be on the transcript which does not affect the GPA

Q: What would be the process to request a class that isn't being offered at all over the summer?

A: Email, Dean’s Executive Assistant – Alina Delgado ( ) and the request will be triaged to Mari Rosado to facilitate

Q: Regarding the Emergency Aid, can any student apply to it? Including DREAMers?

A: Instructions should be on the website which was posted (please refer to reference sheet). Let us know what you needs are regardless of status, we want to ensure we are able to help all our students.

Q: Feedback?

A: Please email Alina Delgado ( )and let us know if you found this beneficial, if you would like to see more of these in the future. What can we do as a college to help and support you as students

 Q: How soon before we can return to the labs?

A: Field work is being considered and major professors can put in a request, will be done following the county guidelines depending on the location the work is in. We expect labs to be on rotation and everyone will be expected to wear protective gear and we will be following the appropriate protocols for cleaning. We are also looking into doing internships for labs.

Q: Do you know if there has been a determination for hiring GA's for the fall?

A: We expect to continue as usual and we are not scaling back on our GA’s. Soon we’ll be reviewing our contracts. We expect to need more Graduate Assistants in the Fall, although the work may be modified. Speak to your program director and major professor.