Updated August, 2018


Big Life Weekly, E-Newsletter (Tuesdays)

Big Life SOLO Email + Social Post (limited to once/week)

Visit Truckee, Media Network ($1K Minimum) Banners by Content Section (NEW)- Monthly

Truckee Social Media, Native/Organic Advertising (NEW)

Truckee Tracks - Direct Mailer (Bi-annually)

 Truckee Flagpole Banners (Historic Downtown)

Email Marketing  - Big Life Weekly and Social Posts

List Size (as of August 7, 2018)- 2,980

Social Media Reach 1,543

Audience: 58% Truckee Locals + Out of Market Visitors, 42% Truckee Business Owners


Average Open Rate: 26.6%

(Industry Open Rate: 12.6%)

Average Click Through Rate: 2.5%

(Clicks to Opens, not Clicks to Sent)


Big Life Weekly per week insert:

$80 for profit business, $65 Nonprofits

Big Life Weekly insert + Truckee Chamber Social Post:


Package of 2 Big Life Weekly inserts in different weeks + Truckee Chamber Social Post:


Insertion Due - Megan Hines, Membership Services Manager

Fridays, 5pm.


Artwork/Production Due - Fridays, 5pm. Event and/or Press Release is required to be uploaded on by Advertiser or Agency.

If you don’t have a login, please ask Melissa.

Click here for step-by-step instructions.

Please send artwork to

Big Life Weekly Send Date & Time

Tuesdays, at the optimal time our Email software determines. This may vary week-to-week.

$50 Rush Requests: additional $50 for ad materials received after Mondays, 5pm. We do not guarantee ad will get in.

SOLO Email + Facebook Social Post: $250

In order to keep our open and click through rates strong, we offer only one SOLO email a week. SOLO also include one Social Post on the Truckee Chamber of Commerce Facebook page and can be very successful as a dedicated way to reach a highly opted in, targeted audience. The longer lead time you have, the more likely we’ll have an open solo space opportunity. WE ARE BOOKED WEEKS IN ADVANCE and will fit you in the soonest slot we have open. We also need no less than 7 business days prior to your confirmed and scheduled insertion date for time to discuss the layout/design that will be most effective, in addition to other marketing digital marketing opportunities. See Example Solo Email


Events - are required to be uploaded to in order to be included in the Big Life Weekly. If you do not have a user/login, please contact

Ad Materials - Due by Friday, 5pm.

These specs ensure your announcement looks perfect on a mobile phone or tablet.


  1. ZOOM in to 2-3 feet from your subject rather than 30 feet away.
  2. people using/experiencing your product, service, event (i.e. tasting ice cream, painting, dancing)
  3. people in your store (i.e.. trying on jackets)
  4. Your employees providing service (i.e. painting a house, sitting with a customer)
  5. People experiencing your event the last time you had it.


Large, zoomed in image. None, or no more than 3-4 words

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.10.31 AM.pngScreen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.40.01 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 8.44.14 AM.pngTDPUD_DroughtReg_300x300.jpg

Truckee Community Christmas Logo.jpg


Word Count for your Description

Included in your ad placement is expert copywriting based upon the original content that you provide. There is no word count max or minimum on Ad Specs but we will edit the description to about 50 words or fewer using key information to grab interest. We’ll use your copy as a base to write your ad but likely not use it verbatim. If needed, we will research your web site and review your flyer to help us write compelling ad copy.


Our Mission - Drive Leads to Your Landing Page

Our goal is to provide quick/easy readability - then drive the click to your product/service/event/announcement to your event or your Business Page on or to your preferred URL, website, Facebook Page, Facebook Event URL, etc.

Copywriting, Editing & Flyers

We will write compelling ad copy (words, phrases, sentences, titles) for optimal comprehension that works best with graphics and images provided.

We will choose the best Call-to-Action phrase for your ad  such as “register now, reserve now, buy now, learn more, apply now, book now, sign up, make reservations”,

  Flyers are no longer required as typically, flyer design/content is for 8.5 X 11 purposes which does not work well for mobile.


At times, we may see a marketing opportunity and will offer advice and tips about how to improve your ad content and landing page to raise the success of your message and increase SEO.

For Big Life Weekly insertions, we do not provide proofs.

For Solos, we provide proofs for feedback.

EXAMPLE SOLO EMAILScreen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.28.57 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.29.20 AM.png

Screen Shot 2016-08-08 at 11.29.28 AM.png

Truckee Social Media, Native/Organic Advertising & BLOG

Truckee Tracks- Bi-annually Direct Mailer

Quarterly over 800 Truckee Tracks Newsletters are mailed to Chamber business members and influential contacts in the town, county, and state. This is an efficient way to reach members with your latest offer, services, specials or event.

List Size (as of January, 2019)- 850

Audience: Truckee Chamber Members


$95 per insertion

Truckee Tracks - 2018 Publication & Insertion Due Dates:

15 days prior to publication



Flagpole Banners - Historic Downtown

In Historic Downtown Truckee, there are 51 flagpoles that display Truckee Brand images. For major events, these spots can be purchased and changed out.

Screen Shot 2017-02-08 at 11.36.24 AM.png

Display Cost: $500/week (to replace all, or some flagpoles). To place your order, please contact us here.

Banner Production & Project Management Costs $80 per banner.

We highly recommend hiring Kathy Slocum at Just Imagine Marketing to oversee the production and installation/take down of these flagpole banners. She can be reached at Costs per banner (10 banner minimum) are $80 each. Price includes manufacturing, delivery, design (if needed) and assistance.

Installation Costs: $25 per flagpole

Removal of existing Truckee banners, putting up yours, taking yours down, putting Truckee banners backup.

Banners - Parking Lot between Train Depot & Fire Station

There are three vinyl banners spots available to non-profits at no charge in front of the parking lot between the Train Depot & the Fire Station.  Banners can be reserved for one week at a time; banner dimensions must be 3’x8’, grommets are needed in all four corners, and must have wind slits in the body. To reserve this space, contact Ruth Geresy at, 530-412-7062.

Chamber Member Database Access

Exported mailing list of all Chamber Members-

This excel sheet contains the business name, name of primary representative and mailing address. With this purchase members also have access to the Chamber’s bulk mail permit.

Cost: $75

List Size: 700

As of 2/26/19