Upcoming sales: 

Friday, Dec. 10th – Weigh ups, yearlings, & calves to following

**Calves** All have shots unless stated

        130 - Char X strs/hfrs 600-700

        185 - Black/Red baldies strs/hfrs 550-625

        90 - Black steers (weaned) 700-750

        75 - Black strs/hfrs 625-750

        150 - Black / Red strs/hfrs 550-650

        45 - Black heifers (weaned) 600

        280 - Red / Black strs/hfrs (weaned) 550-700

        80 - Black strs/hfrs 550-625

        80 - Black strs/hfrs  (weaned) 600-700

        70 - Red/Black strs/hfrs 500-550

        125 - Black strs/hfrs (no shots) 475-600

        90 - Black strs/hfrs 475-600

        125 - Black strs/hfrs 500-600

        40 - F1 Red baldy strs/hfrs 550-650


Wednesday Dec. 15th – Bred Cow & Hfr sale

        Randy Kundra- 15 HR Red Heifers, Bred Black, Due April 1st (ultrasound tested) Approx. 45 days

        Randy Kundra- 15 HR Black Heifers, Bred Black, Due April 1st (ultrasound tested) Approx. 45 days

        Tony Baumgartner- 20 Red Heifers, Bred Red, Due April 1st (ultrasound tested) - 20 days

        Tony Baumgartner- 26 Mixed age Black Cows, Bred Black, Due April 1st

        Brian Schlabsz -80, 3yr old Black Cows, Bred Black, Due April 5th

        Kevin Nitschke -33, Colored Dispersion, CharX Cows, Bred Hereford & Red 3-10yrs old, Due April 10th

        Waylon Ohlhauser- 200, Dispersion, Black Cows, 4-9yrs old, Bred Black, Due April 5th

        Bryce Monson- 60, HR, Black / Black Baldy Heifers, Bred Black, Due March 15th

        Dyan Lapka- 65, HR Black Angus Heifers, No Brands, Full Shot & Mineral program,

                           Bred to LBW-Broken Bows Sons, Due March 13th - 15 days

        Harry Nitschke-18, Complete Dispersion, Red / Blacks, Bred to Hereford, Mixed ages, Due April 15th

        Rodney Flinn- 27, Complete Dispersion, Red cows, 3-8yrs old, Bred to Kenner Red SimX bulls, Shot

                             & Mineral program, Due March 28th.

        Consignor- 50, Red Angus Cows, Bred to Birkland Char Bulls, Due April 1st, Heifers originated from

                        Brudell Johnson, Cows are extremely gentle.

        Consignor-100, Black 3-6 yrs old Cows, Bred Black,  Due March to May

Friday, Dec. 17th – Weigh up, yearlings, & calves (Featuring Weaned Calves)

Friday, December 24th – NO SALE - Merry Christmas

Friday, December 31st –NO SALE - Happy New Year


**Looking for part-time help. Yard help/Overnight load out**

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