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Student/Parent Handbook

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Welcome to the 2018-2019 school year at the Currituck County Learning Center (CCLC).  It is a pleasure for me to serve as the coordinator directing the daily activities at the CCLC. Please take time to review this handbook with your parents to help you become familiar with the procedures that may be different from those of your home school.  Policies and procedures that are the same as your home school are not repeated here. The CCLC is a part of Currituck County High School which has a long standing tradition of excellence.  We are fortunate to have an outstanding student body, excellent faculty, and a very supportive community. The CCLC will provide a structured program that encourages self improvement.  Integrity, Respect, Honesty, Responsibility, and Pride are the guiding principles for our daily activities at the CCLC.  If we all put forth our best effort then we all can reap the rewards of that effort.

As you embark on the new year, realize the many resources available to aid in your success.  Do not hesitate to ask teachers, counselors, or principals for help with any of your problems regardless of whether they are academic or social.  I challenge you, the students, to make this the finest year ever in all areas.  During the school year, if I can be of any service to you in any way, please feel free to contact me.

Mrs. Harris

CCLC Coordinator


The Currituck County Learning Center proudly shares the vision of Currituck County Schools:

“Inspiring Excellence in Every Student”


We believe that all students can learn and it is our mission to foster resilience in students who have encountered obstacles in the traditional school setting. Part of our mission is to create a safe environment in which the students of Currituck County Learning Center have the opportunity to achieve academic and personal success on campus by providing additional supportive and educational services in a positive learning environment despite previous personal, educational, or behavioral challenges.


A copy of the Currituck County Code of Conduct will be provided for each student.  The code of conduct may also be accessed online at the following web address along with the Currituck County Schools District Handbook at

A copy of Currituck County High Schools Student Handbook can be found at

Students and parents are expected to review the district Student Conduct Code.  It is our expectation that students will abide by the Student Conduct Code as well as rules and regulations outlined in this handbook.


Students can be referred to the Currituck County Learning Center (CCLC) from the traditional high school setting.  CCLC referrals can be for chronic behavioral/discipline actions or can be because of multiple failures in academic/core classes. The CCLC is the most restrictive environment that a general education student can be placed at Currituck County High School.  

Students may be transitioned into the CCLC on a temporary, semester long, or yearlong basis.  While in the CCLC the students will focus academically on the core classes (Math, Science, English, and Social Studies).  Most coursework for CCLC students is done on a computer through the online learning program EDGENUITY, but there may be instances where a student also receives work from their assigned course teacher.  CCLC students are required to meet academic, behavioral, and social goals as part of fulfilling their alternative placement requirements.  

Students who are referred to the CCLC will lose the privileges that are a part of being in the traditional school setting.  All students in the CCLC are placed on a level academic and behavioral program and have opportunities to earn some privileges as they progress through their individualized alternative placement requirements.  Examples of privileges that must be earned are: off-campus field trips and free passes to special events and after school extracurricular activities.


Daily attendance is of great importance to your success in the CCLC. We cannot help you if you are not here. Students returning to school after an absence must bring a written note, dated and signed by a parent or guardian, giving the reason for the absence. If the absence is for an extended period of time, a doctor’s note will be upon students return. If a student fails to bring in a note, an unexcused absence will be given until a not is brought in.

In accordance with the rules and regulation of the North Carolina State Board of Education, the following conditions are valid reasons for a student to be absent:

Students are responsible for all work missed when absent. Edgenuity is an online program that can be accessed from home.

Skipping will result in a disciplinary consequence as well as a referral to the school's social worker.


It is crucial that everyone works together to keep our campus safe and orderly. The Currituck County Board of Education solicits the cooperation of every student, every parent and the community at large and its effort to maintain order and safety in Currituck County Schools. Any student who refuses to comply with the reasonable regulations, rules or directives imposed by the CCLC staff will be in violation of the Currituck County Schools student code of conduct and should expect disciplinary action to be taken. Parents/guardians will be informed of such actions. But parents will not only be informed of disciplinary actions. But will also be informed of positive behavioral actions that have been observed by staff as well. We strongly believe in  praising students when they do good and will support and encourage them to continue on that path.


The purpose of the dress code is not to inhibit personal taste in attire, but rather to better facilitate the educational process by preventing disruption, avoiding safety hazards and generating a positive learning environment. The parent assumes responsibility for their child's appearance at school. If a student arrives dressed inappropriately, parents will be expected to bring appropriate clothing to school. In the event parents cannot be reached, the school will provide clean, used clothing for the student to wear for the remainder of the day. Refusal to comply with the code guidelines will result in disciplinary action.


Cell phones and chrome books are not allowed while a student is assigned to the CCLC. Students will turn in cell phones and any other electronic devices to the CCLC Coordinator upon entering the classroom. All electronic devices will be returned to students at the end of the school day. 


All CCLC students will complete work on desktop computers that are available in the CCLC classroom.  Chrome books that were assigned to the student while in the regular high school setting can be used at home to complete coursework during hours outside of the normal school day. Computers are provided as a learning tool and as a tool to learn. Students are expected to abide by the school policy while using computers at school. Student should not send or display at offencive or vulgar messages or pictures; use obscene language; harass or attack others; damage computers or software; violate copyright laws; use another person's ID or password; illegally use data and folders or work files; waste resources (mass email messages, storing files or service without permission);  use the school network for commercial purposes. School computers available to students are not to be used for personal email or instant messaging. Violation of these guidelines will result in disciplinary action, including loss of hardware/software/internet use.


Verbal abuse is language intended to demean a person’s race, religion, sex, national origin, disability, or using sexually offensive or degrading language. Public use of PROFANE, RACIAL, DISRESPECTFUL, or ABUSIVE language has no place at the CCLC and therefore will not be tolerated. Infractions will be dealt with by any faculty, staff, or administrative member and will be strictly enforced.


Students shall not possess, handle, or transport any object that can be considered a weapon or dangerous instrument on school property or while attending any school activity. Infractions will be dealt with by any faculty, staff, or administrative member and will be strictly enforced.


Physical contact between students is not allowed and may result in out-of-school suspension.


The use of any material intended or reasonably likely to result in a fire on school property is prohibited. This includes cigarette lighters, matches, vapes and other objects with potentially explosive properties.


The Currituck County Learning Center is committed to maintaining a safe learning/working environment. Assaults, threats, harassment, bullying or hazing by any student will not be tolerated. No student shall intentionally hit, shove, scratch, bite, block the passage of or throw objects at a another student or staff member. Violation of these policy codes will result in suspension or expulsion. Infractions will be dealt with by any faculty, staff, or administrative member and will be strictly enforced.

CCS Bullying Policy link:

Harassment/Bullying Definition

There has been confusion at times as to whether a reported offense is harassment or conflict.  Harassment/bullying means any aggressive and unwanted behavior that is intended to harm, intimidate, or humiliate the target; it involves a real or perceived imbalance of power between the aggressor(s) and target; and it is repeated over time or causes severe emotional trauma.  Harassment/bullying include cyber bullying.  It does not include ordinary teasing, horseplay, argument, or peer conflict.

Conflict is a disagreement between two or more people where each person involved is participating.  It may involve repeated discussions and actions by all parties and may go on for a period of time before resolution occurs.  Conflict mediation is recommended to end the conflict.  Conflict is not harassment/bullying but can lead to such behavior.  There is a possibility for conflict when two or more people are together.

The entire school community is adversely affected when harassment/bullying occurs.  Therefore the CCS district prohibits harassment/bullying of any person at school or any school sponsored activity.  It shall be a violation of this policy for any person, including a parent/guardian, a student or an employee of CCS to harass/bully another person.

Any act of bullying/harassing will be dealt with strictly by school administration.


Students are prohibited from bringing on the school bus, or the school premises, or to a school activity away from our campus any intoxicant or narcotic drug. If prescribed by a physician, a parent/guardian must bring the medicine to the school office and the parent / guardian must complete a form giving school personnel permission to administer medication during school hours. Each student is prohibited from boarding a school bus, coming on school premises or attending a school function away from the school while under the influence of any narcotic drug not prescribed by a physician or intoxicants of any kind. Violation of this rule will result in suspension or expulsion. Any student who has been charged with possession of or selling narcotics or any other such serious violation of the law while off school grounds may be expelled from school by the CCLC Coordinator upon the approval of the Superintendent when it is necessary to protect the other students or avoid disruption to the school environment.


Possession or use of tobacco products is not allowed on school property. If a student has a tobacco product in his or her hand, pocket or purse, he or she will be considered to be using a tobacco product. School buses are considered part of the school campus. Any student who possesses or use a tobacco school bus will lose his/her riding privileges.


Currituck County Schools provide transportation to and from the CCLC. According to the Currituck County school bus policy, students are required to be at the bus stop 10 minutes before their assigned pick up time. Student safety is of the utmost concern; therefore, it is extremely important that students behave appropriately while being transported to and from school. Please note then when the students are suspended from the bus, but not from the school, they are expected to attend school. Suspension from the bus is not a valid excuse for student absence and will be recorded as an unexcused absence.


Students and their personal property may be searched if school authority has reason to believe they possess illegal, stolen or unauthorized materials. Random, unannounced searches may be conducted at the CCLC. These searches will conform to established guidelines and may include the use of metal detectors

CRIMINAL ACTIONS (Any violation of Federal or NC laws)

In addition to disciplinary action taken by the school, the Currituck County Sheriff’s Office will be notified whenever the following occurs:


The CCLC uses video cameras throughout school campus. Only the administration and School Personnel are authorized to view the video tapes without a court order or subpoena. The information and images contained on video tapes are not directory information as classified by the Currituck County Board policy and the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).


Students are not eligible to attend any club meetings while in the CCLC.


Periodically students will be rewarded based upon their behavior and academic performance. Reward activities include but are not limited to the following: game day, movie day (Friday’s ½ day only), pizza parties, field trips, and / or special assemblies.


The individual character that each student exhibits is vital for success in life.  The CCLC recognizes the importance of good character both in and outside the classroom.  The five pillars of character we focus on are:

Students in the CCLC will participate in special character and life skill building events/activities throughout the school year.  These events will  be presented by Currituck County Schools employees and/or other community members or groups.


A choice of breakfast and lunch items are offered daily.  CCLC students will order their breakfast and lunches daily and they will be delivered to the CCLC at specified breakfast and lunch times.  Parents are always welcome to pack lunches for students to eat instead of purchasing school lunches.  Please be mindful of what is chosen to bring to school for lunch as there is no microwave or refrigerator available for student use in the CCLC.


CCLC students are eligible to attend extracurricular events after school hours.