1208 Water St.

Port Townsend, WA




Edamame (GF) Steamed Soy Bean Pods                                 $4.50

Agedashi Tofu                                                $4.5o

Tempura Tofu, Dashi Broth, Bonito Flakes & Green Onions

Peter’s Gyoza Handmade Japanese pot stickers with Beef,        5pc        $7.50        

Pork, cabbage, onion and spices. Pan Seared, served with Gyoza sauce.     8pc        $11.00

Baked Mussels (GF) Six New Zealand Mussels on the ½ shell.                $6.95

Topped with Green Onion Aioli and baked golden brown.

Soft-Shell Crab                                                 $8.50

Dusted in corn starch and fried golden brown. Served with Ponzu sauce.

Tempura Onion Rings                                        $7.00

Hand dipped to order and topped with Wasabi mayo & Honey-Garlic sauce.

Marinated Karaage Wings        (6pc)                                $8.50

Marinated in Soy & Sake, fried golden and tossed in our Honey-Chili sauce.

Hamachi Kama (GF) (limited availability)                        $12.00

Yellowtail collar grilled and lightly salted.

Calamari Rings Lightly Floured Calamari flash fried and topped                $10.00

with our Wasabi mayo & Honey-Garlic sauce.

Vegetable Tempura         Seasonal Vegetables        Lightly Battered and fried        $8.00

                                        Add Shrimp $2.00 each

Poki Tuna*                                                        $9.25

Your choice of Raw Ahi or Albacore Tuna served over thin sliced vegetables,

topped with a spicy Sake based sauce.

Tai Usuzukuri *                                                $14.50

10 pieces of thin sliced raw Red Snapper served with a Ponzu dipping sauce. 

Albacore Tuna Tataki*                                        $13.50

Thinly sliced Albacore Tuna seared on the outside, raw on the inside. Served over

slivered onions and topped with Ponzu sauce.

*Indicates RAW SEAFOOD and/or RAW EGG.

Consuming raw or under-cooked Meats, Seafood and Eggs may increase your risk for

food borne illness.                                         (GF) = Gluten Free


House Green Salad                                 sm. $5.00         lg.  $8.00

Spring mixed greens, cucumber, tomatoes, cabbage, avocado with Miso-Ginger dressing.

Wakame Salad                                                $5.50        

Wakame seaweed and cucumber with Sunomono & Ponzu sauce, topped with toasted sesame

Kaisou Salad                                                        $7.50

Seaweed salad marinated in Sesame oil and Soy sauce. Topped with Sesame Seeds.

Sunomono Salad                                                $8.50

Wakame seaweed and Cucumber topped with a choice of Dungeness Crab, Octopus (Taco) or Shrimp and finished with Tosatsu Ponzu sauce.

Salmon Skin Salad        (GF)                      sm. $8.50       Lg.  $12.50

Spring mix salad with broiled Salmon Skin, Cucumbers, Tomatoes, Avocado a Sesame Dressing & Wasabi Mayonnaise.

Sashimi Salad* (GF)                                                $16.50

Spring mix salad, cucumber, tomatoes and shredded Daikon radish topped with assorted Sashimi and finished with a Plum dressing.


Miso Soup                                                        $2.00

Peter’s classic Miso soup. Served with Wakame seaweed, Tofu and green onion.

(Broth contains fish)

Tempura Udon / Soba                                        $15.00

Shrimp and vegetable Tempura served in a fish broth with your choice of Udon or Soba noodles.

Chanpone                                                        $17.50

 Japanese egg noodle soup with a combination of Seafood, Pork and Vegetables.

Nabeyaki Udon                                                $17.00

Traditional Hot Pot of Seafood, Egg & Udon noodles.


Traditional Hot Pot of vegetables, Tofu, Shiitake mushrooms and Shiritaki noodles, (Yam), with a choice of meat slow cooked in a slightly sweet broth.

        Vegetable   $13.50             Chicken, Pork or Beef  $16.50

*Indicates RAW SEAFOOD and/or RAW EGG.

Consuming raw or undercooked Meats, Seafood and Eggs may increase your risk for

food borne illness.                                         (GF) = Gluten Free

Stir-Fried Noodle Dishes

Yakisoba                                                        $12.50

Yakisoba Noodles stir-fried with vegetables in Sesame oil & Yakisoba seasonings.

Topped with pickled ginger & toasted sesame seeds.

Add: Tofu   $1.00   Chicken   $2.50   Beef   $4.00   Seafood   $6.00

Gomoku Yakisoba                                                $18.00

Chicken, Beef, Pork, Shrimp and vegetables stir-fried with Yakisoba noodles and

topped with pickled ginger & toasted sesame seeds

Shiitake Bi Fun (GF)                                        $16.50

Your choice of Chicken or Shrimp stir-fried with rice noodles, shiitake mushrooms,

onion and sesame oil in a Gluten Free Soy sauce

Donburi (Rice Bowl)

Gin Dara Don                                                $18.50

Marinated Black Cod, grilled and brushed with Eel sauce. Finished with pickled 

Daikon, Eggplant and Cucumber over steamed rice. Patron favorite.

Tonkatsu Don                                                $14.50

Crispy, breaded pork simmered with shiitake mushrooms, onions, and egg a lightly

sweet broth. Topped with pickled ginger and toasted sesame seeds.

Unagi Don                                                        $18.00

Broiled Unagi (Fresh Water Eel) brushed with Kabayaki sauce and served with Tamago

Tempura Don Tempura Shrimp and vegetables over steamed rice                $16.00

with a side of tempura dipping sauce                

Teriyaki Chicken Don Chicken stir-fried with onion and Shiitake        $14.50

Mushrooms in our house-made Teriyaki sauce, served over steamed rice and

topped with toasted sesame seeds and green onion 

Yasi Don (GF) Vegetables and Tofu stir-fried with a mild                $12.00

Chili-Miso sauce, served over rice and topped with toasted sesame seeds

(GF) = Gluten Free


The following dishes include Miso soup, side Salad and steamed Rice

Salmon Served grilled (GF) or Teriyaki style.                                $16.50

Mackerel (Saba) Served Salted & grilled (GF) or Teriyaki style                $18.50

Seared Ahi Tuna* Coated in peppery spices and seared rare with our        $18.50

 7TH Element sauce, Tobikko (fish eggs) & Wasabi mayo.

Gin Dara   Grilled Black Cod marinated in Soy & Mirin, brushed with Eel Sauce        $18.25

Tarakasu (GF) Grilled Black Cod marinated in Sake & Miso.                $18.75

Chili-Miso Seafood (GF)    An assortment of Squid, Shrimp,            $19.00

Scallops and Fish sautéed with fresh vegetables in a mild Chili-Miso sauce.

Tempura   Lightly battered and fried vegetables served with a Tempura sauce        $13.00

Add Fish   $3.00    Shrimp   $5.00     Combo   $5.00

Chicken Teriyaki   Stir-fried with Onions, Shiitake mushrooms                $14.50

Tonkatsu   Lightly breaded & fried Pork Cutlets served with Tonkatsu sauce        $12.75

Teriyaki New York   8oz. Washington raised New York Steak, grilled and        $22.00

served with a potato croquette and steamed vegetables.

Surf & Turf Broiled 8 oz. New York with choice of Lobster Tail or                 $29.00

seared Scallops served with a potato croquette and steamed vegetables.

Sushi Entrees *

The following entrees include Zensai salad & Miso soup

Moriawase   Chef’s choice Sashimi platter                                 $27.00

Sushi & Sashimi Combo   Chef’s choice Sushi & Sashimi with a thin Roll        $29.00 

Ichikawa Combo   Maguro Sashimi, Sake Sushi, Unagi Sushi & PT Maki Roll        $25.00

Omakase  (Limited Availability) Chef’s choice specialty cuts as Sushi or Sashimi         $35.00

Chirashi Bowl   Chef’s choice Sashimi over Sushi rice.                        $16.00

Karashi Chirashi   Chef’s choice Sashimi in a spicy sauce with                $19.00

mixed greens, served over Sushi rice.

Sashimi & Tempura Combo   Chef’s choice Sashimi with                $24.00

assorted Vegetable and Shrimp Tempura. Includes a green salad.

Chef’s Choice Sushi Assortment

6pc   $16.00       10pc   $23.00       14pc   $29.00

Hosomaki - Thin Rolls *   (6pc)

Kappa (GF) (Cucumber)                                        $4.25

Avocado (GF)                                                $4.75

Kampyo (Pickled Gourd)                                                $4.75

Natto   (Fermented Soybeans)                                        $5.25

Sake (GF) (Raw Salmon)                                                $5.75

Tekka (GF) (Raw Ahi Tuna)                                        $6.25

Temaki - Hand Rolls *

Single roll, shaped like a cone, (Not Cut)

Gin Dara   Tempura Black Cod & cucumber drizzled with Eel sauce.                $8.00

Dungeness Crab   Dungeness Crab salad with cucumber & Tobikko.        $8.50

Seared Ahi Tuna   Seared Ahi Tuna & cucumber brushed with Eel sauce.        $7.50

Negi Hama (GF) Minced, raw Hamachi, cucumber & green onion.                $7.50        

Rosana   Raw Scallops mixed with surimi & mayonnaise, avocado & Tobikko         $7.50

Sake Kawa   Broiled Salmon skin, cucumber &Burdock root.                $7.50

Kara Hotate   Raw Scallops mixed with surimi & spicy sauce, with cucumber         $7.50

Karashi Maguro   Spicy, Raw Ahi Tuna & cucumber.                        $7.50

Una Kyu Eel   Broiled, fresh water Eel & cucumber.                        $13.00

Chumaki - Large Rolls * (4pc)

Ichikawa   Tempura Anago & Asparagus with Tamago and Eel sauce.                $12.00

**Rosana   Raw Scallops, Surimi, Tobikko & avocado                        $12.00

**Spider Roll   Tempura Soft-Shell Crab, Surimi, Tobikko & Daikon Sprouts.        $12.00

**Kara Hotate Roll Raw scallops mixed with surimi & spicy sauce, with        $12.00

cucumber, & avocado

** Substitute Dungeness Crab for Surimi add   $4.50

*Indicates RAW SEAFOOD and/or RAW EGG.

Consuming raw or under-cooked Meats, Seafood and Eggs may increase your risk for

food borne illness.                                         (GF) = Gluten Free

Uramaki (Inside Out Rolls) * (8pc)

PT Maki   Raw Salmon, Albacore Tuna, cucumber, avocado & Tobikko                $11.25

Karashi Maguro   Spicy, Raw Ahi Tuna & cucumber.                        $10.75

**Tetsuna (7th. Heaven) Raw Salmon, Hamachi & Ahi topped                $13.75

California roll with Wasabi Tobikko.

**Bin Cho Ten   Tempura Albacore, wrapped warm with Surimi and                 $12.25

Topped with Wasabi mayo & Eel sauce.

**California Roll   Surimi, Avocado, cucumber & Tobikko.                $8.25

Shojin   Cucumber, Daikon Radish, Burdock root, Avocado & Mountain                $7.25

Potato topped with Daikon sprouts.

Vegetable Roll   Avocado, Kampyo, cucumber & green onion.                $8.25

Gin Dara   Tempura Black Cod & cucumber drizzled with Eel sauce.                $12.25

Sake Kawa   Broiled Salmon skin, cucumber, daikon sprouts &Burdock root        $8.75        

Dungeness Crab   Dungeness Crab salad with cucumber & Tobikko.        $10.75

**Tenmaki Tempura Shrimp & Surimi brushed with Eel sauce.                $10.75

Shake Maki (GF) Raw Salmon, cucumber & green onion.                $10.25 

**Una Ten   Two Tempura Shrimp, wrapped warm, with Surimi.  Topped        $14.25

with broiled fresh water Eel.

Una Kyu Eel Roll   Grilled Freshwater Eel, & cucumber.                 $12.50

Brushed with Eel sauce.

Negi Hama Roll (GF) Minced raw Hamachi, green onion, & cucumber        $8.25

Seared Ahi Tuna Roll   with cucumber, brushed with eel sauce                $12.50

** Substitute Dungeness Crab for Surimi add   $4.50

*Indicates RAW SEAFOOD and/or RAW EGG.

Consuming raw or under-cooked Meats, Seafood and Eggs may increase your risk for

food borne illness.                                         (GF) = Gluten Free

Non-Alcoholic Beverages

Fountain Sodas                                                 $1.75

Coke,         Diet Coke, Sprite, Ginger ale,  Lemonade

Pellegrino Sodas                                                $2.75

Orange, Lemon, Blood Orange

Ramune Japanese Sodas                                        $2.50

Original, Melon, Orange, Strawberry, Grape

Bedford’s Sodas (Port Angeles, WA)                        $2.75

Ginger Ale, Ginger Beer, Root Beer, Marionberry Cream

Pellegrino Bottled Sparkling Water                        $3.00

Japanese Teas

Hot Matcha (Powdered Green Tea)                        $2.00

Hot Genmai-Cha (Green Tea w/ Toasted Brown Rice)        $2.00

Hot or Iced Green Tea with lemon                                $2.00

Please see our Libations Menu for Selections of Sake, Wine, Beer, Cider, Whiskey & Shochu


Mochi   Assorted flavors.                                        A la carte        $2.00

Elevated Ice Cream        Ginger or Seasonal selection.                        $5.75

Tempura Ice Cream   Vanilla Ice Cream wrapped in Pound Cake,                $6.95

dipped in Tempura batter and then deep fried.

Tempura Banana Split   with Elevated Ginger Ice Cream,                $7.50

drizzled with caramel sauce and dusted with cinnamon

Vegan Desert   Limited Availability. Please ask your server.                $6.95