SFES PTO Meeting Minutes

Date: 03/06/18

Attendees:  Heather Radler, Becky Troup, Stephanie Wilson, Tonya Watson, Jennifer Weatherstone, Amy Gates, Ms. Meadows, Ms. Wight.

Location: SFES Conference Room

Minutes Recorder: Stephanie Wilson


President’s Report                                                 Presented by: Heather


  • Concessions for Wizard of Oz - sell upstairs and downstairs. Need volunteers! Can be there as early as 5:00pm.
  • Track Attack - Drew will DJ!

Action Items

Vice President’s Report                                        Presented by: Becky


  • Daddy K’s BBQ 20% - Tuesday, 4/10 11am-8pm.  Including staff lunch.
  • Track Attack - need a “sponsor” for water. Kresta talking to Doug @ Publix.  
  • Becky - lead on Nominating/Committee Coordination

Action Items


Treasurer’s Report                                                Presented by:  Jennifer


  • Treasurer’s Report
  • Agendas - Ms. Wight will talk to all staff about usage at 4th-6th
  • Will meet to layout Sponsorships Levels for next year.

Action Items


Secretary | Communication’s Report                                Presented by:  Stephanie


  • Wizard of Oz Update - 273/496 tickets sold (55%), $1,260.00 in revenue for Music Department!
  • Flyers/details of:
  • Week of Giving + Track Attack, (Dress up days each day? Build excitement?)
  • Mystery Eggs
  • PTO Nominating Committee Form
  • By-laws???
  • Need list of ALL of our activities in 2018-19 (even things like assisted Music Department in concession sales that benefited Music Dept, etc) to publicize
  • Mrs. Wight’s Outdoor Classroom Promotions
  • Kindergarten Orientation - Welcome committee? “Extra” gum idea. Spirit Sticks?
  • Week of Kindness next year? Choose Love Movement, Buddy Bench launch. Tabled.

Action Items


Fundraising Coordinator’s Report                                                 Presented by:  


  • n/a

Action Items

Volunteer Coordinator’s Report                                                  Presented by:  


  • n/a

Action Items


Upcoming PTO Meeting Dates

  • Thursday, 4/12 @2:30PM

Upcoming Event Dates

Action Items


There being no additional business to conduct, the meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted,


Stephane Wilson        

PTO Secretary | Communications


Track Attack Gives Back - Week of Giving

During the week of 3/12 - 3/16, we will be working with staff, students, and families to …


Track Attack Gives Back - Week of Giving!

Last year, our Track Attack Gives Back event was such a success - our school donated over 4,000 food items to the Hopewell Food Pantry!

This year, it has evolved to be more than just a single event - we are making it an entire WEEK OF GIVING to help teach our students to give back to a community that has given so much to us!!! <--- need to work on this concept - maybe more about service to those in need because our school community has so much... something like that without alienating anyone who doesn't have much of a surplus to give)


We will have a Spirit Week of sorts - each day, kids wear a different outfit/color depending on the theme/message. i


Stomp out Hunger and donate to the Track Attack Gives Back Food Drive

Wear mismatched shoes/socks


Give your Red, Wear your Red for the Track Attack Gives Back Blood Drive

Wear red


United we stand against hunger.
Wear patriotic colors


Letting our community go hungry is a BACKWARD move! Donate today...

Wear your clothes backward today.


Wear your Green and Share some Green and Go for the GOLD at our Track Attack Gives Back lap-running contest!

Wear Green and Donate $$$ or green food items. Earn GOLD STRIPES for every lap you run!

HISTORY: For many years, SFES held a “Track Attack” as the school’s main fundraiser with a fun opportunity for students to run as many laps as possible after getting pledged donations per lap. In 2016, the PTO launched a new fundraiser called  “Make It Happen for Education” that was designed to be the only fundraiser for the school year. While this was wildly successful, we wanted to make sure to carry on the long tradition of the Track Attack event while also teaching our students the importance of giving back to our wonderfully supportive community…. thus the Track Attack Gives Back event was born!

In its inaugural year, our school collected and donated over 4,000 food items to the Hopewell Food Pantry that helped over 275 families in our community! This year, it has evolved to be more than just a single event - we are making it an entire WEEK OF GIVING with fun ways to remember what giving is all about!  

We ask you to participate in this Give Back event by donating canned goods, money, and/or blood! 100% of your food and monetary donations go directly to Hopewell Food Pantry. Participation is always optional.