The sky is pink and there’s a big boat.

I go on the boat. My mom is there.

My mom wants me to do the dishes, but there is no soap.

I look for the soap in the kitchen cabinet of my childhood home. Nope.

I turn around but my mom is gone.

Instead, I start hearing a faint melody.

The calm melody of my alarm clock fills up my room. I drag myself out of my slumber, and struggle in the fog and reach out for my phone. My half opened eyes see that I still have time. I hit snooze and go back to sleep.

There’s a harpist playing next to a waterfall.

The air is cold and the sky is bright.

I am falling.

I am falling through space.

The planets are dancing, and I dance with them.

Now I am basking in hot water.

I’m swimming towards the surface.

There is a weird shiny fish in front of me, but I can’t catch up to it.

Suddenly, I realize that I can’t breathe.

I fall again at a high speed. Suddenly I hit the floor.

The alarm clock goes off again. This time, I am more alert. I give a mental slap to the part of me that wants to stay in this comfy cocoon, and I force myself out of bed.

I drag my feet to the kitchen. The smell of grilled toast already feels the room. The TV on low volume provides a soothing stream of words.

There is a fire in the animal forest.

All around me, words are swirling. I have to catch one, but they keep escaping.

  • Morning, honey, says my fiance.

It is morning.

  • Gmhmnn, I painstakingly mumble back.

“Morning”, I say.

  • Want some jam? she asks passing the jar. It’s blueberry.
  • Thanks.

My belly is turning blue.

“I don’t want that.”

I help myself to some toast, and most importantly coffee. The world starts to take form as the drowsiness fades away. My eyes wander around the well lit room aimlessly.

The edges of the world are disappearing around me.

I try to catch them but they fade away.

  • Slept well? she asks.

  • T’was okay, I answered. Had this weird dream again.

“All’s well”, I say.

  • The one with the boat?
  • Yeah, I’m not sure what happens in it, really.

There’s a big boat. The sky is pink.

I go on the boat.

The captain waves at me.

I take a bite of the crunchy bread. I can almost feel the food flowing through my body and invigorating it.

There’s a thunderstorm, and roaring lightning.

I’m very wet.

The sea is upset.

“We should ask him”, I say.

  • What about you? I ask.
  • Didn’t sleep much, really. I got caught in my book.

  • The neuroscience thing?
  • Yeah, it’s quite interesting, in fact. There’s all these clinical cases, well, you know how research is, I mean, it’s hard to see inside someone’s brain. So they focus on like… abnormal cases, anomalies, lesions after accidents, and see how it differs from the norm.

I’m stuck by her look. Paralyzed.

“Let me off your hook.”

  • Sure, sure.
  • What really gets me is this. There’s people living with only part of their brains. Sometimes up to half. And I keep thinking: if you only need half your brain to power yourself, what goes on in the other half?

The captain laughs and shows me the way.

I have to go west.

  • Are you high?
  • No! Well maybe still a bit. But it’s like… If you only need a fraction of the brain to power a persona, could you like… power several personas in the same brain? Could a part of your brain be a distinct individual, with feelings and all? Can it be that there’s someone else stuck inside of me?

My car speeds up, and crashes in a terrible accident.

And now there is another me.

The ambulances circle around me, but they make no sound.

I try to get up but my legs won’t work.

All my teeth fell of.

I ponder the question.

  • Well yeah, probably. It must be what happens to schizophrenic people and split personality disorders.
  • Probably something like that, yeah.
  • But anyway you shouldn’t worry about it too much, these are clinical cases, they are pretty rare. There’s no way this kind of stuff would affect us.

Now I’m on a mountain.

I’m fishing in a clear stream with my childhood friend George.

We’re fishing on the boat, but the weather turns sour.

I take another bite of my cracked toast.

Lightning roars all around. But I am paralyzed