Mr. New England Rubber 2018

Contestant Entry Form

Please submit your completed entry form to by Friday, April 13th at noon, and attach a GIF or JPG of yourself in rubber gear.  Bring 8 printed copies of this form and a photocopy of a government document confirming your age and current address.

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Answers marked “§” will be kept confidential; place a similar mark by others you do not want to have used in news articles about you or on stage during the contest.

Name to be used onstage:

Legal name, if different§:

Street Address§:

City, State, ZIP:


Phone§:                                                                Email§:

Website (if applicable):

Age:                                                                      Date of Birth§: (please bring ID)

Height:                            Weight:                         Eye Color:                          Hair Color:

Body Hair:                                                            Boot Size:                     

Tattoos, Piercings, Other Body Modification:


Current & Previous Titles Held (if applicable):

Club Affiliations:

Physical Limitations Requiring Assistance (disabilities, etc.):

How long have you been into rubber/latex?

What has been your fetish community involvement?

Why do you enjoy rubber/latex?

What are your other fetish interests?

Why do you want to be Mr. New England Rubber 2018?

Provide your 250 word or less fantasy scene (to be read on stage as you perform your fantasy)