Posted April 18th, 2018

Texas Creek National Stuff:

Howdy all,

Nationals are upon us, I'm trying to get out of the office now so I can get the rig finished up and get going to NM today.

We are still short a few checkers, if you can/will check a section for the nationals and haven't contacted me please do so.  

I'll be back Monday night, then down to Texas Creek Wed night so will only be in contact by email next Tues and Wed, and may not have cell coverage at Texas Creek.

We will have a checker meeting for the national at 7:30 am on Saturday (April 28, at the main pits), with a very short one again on Sunday since there will be some new checkers for that day.  Feel free to check in with me earlier if you want, I'll be in the fanciest 1983 Ford/Honey motorhome out there!

Feet up,



Parents of Minors/Juniors:  Don’t forget to make it easier registration at each event by completing the annual AMA racing release for minors.  It can be found here: 


OHV Registration

There is a new rule for OHV registration that requires some proof of ownership to be submitted with a new OHV tag application.  As I understand it, you are fine if you are renewing, but if it's a new one you'll need to prove it's yours.

If you do not have a bill of sale or some other form of proof, you can go to a CPW office and have them verify the VIN and you can sign a form saying that it's yours.  This is new for CPW folks, so they are working through how to get it done and may be a bit confused for a bit.  I'll keep you posted as anything more comes out about it.

I've attached a notice about it that lists acceptable proof, as well as a bill of sale that you can use if you buy or sell anything that needs an OHV tag.

OHV Bill of Sale Template

OHV Registration Rule