Look what NCAS did in 2018!!

Here are 2018 actions that highlight NCAS’s dedication to our mission.  They were made possible through the support of our members and volunteers.  Thank you.

Making a Difference for Birds - Protecting Birds and Bird Habitat

        NCAS partnered with the Whatcom Land Trust in the new Harrison Reserve Project. This project will increase habitat for birds and provide environmental education opportunities for Kendall Elementary School students and surrounding community. NCAS took action as a major representative on the Whatcom County Environmental Caucus Working Group and joined with Washington and National Audubon and other environmental organizations in opposing numerous efforts that threaten birds and their habitat.

Golden-crowned Kinglet at Whatcom Falls Park
Photo credit: Douglas L. Brown

Monitoring Birds through Community Science

        NCAS actively supports Community Science through a number of actions including:  the annual Christmas Bird Count, the ongoing Cherry Point and Whatcom Land Trust Property bird surveys, and annual scholarships to select Western Washington University students.

Cedar Waxwing on Indian Plum
Photo credit: Eric Ellingson

Creating Bird Friendly Communities

        NCAS developed an extensive “Plants for Birds” program and planting guide for our area. The program was presented to audiences at all rural Whatcom County Libraries and to a variety of local organizations. The planting guide is now being used to educate consumers at a number of local nurseries.

NCAS Volunteers decorating endangered birds holiday tree at Whatcom Museum
Photo credit: Pam Borso

Highlighting Climate Threatened Birds

        The critical issue of climate threatened and endangered birds was highlighted by integrating our membership meeting presentations with Whatcom Museum’s impactful “Endangered Species” exhibit. 20 local artists created an educational Endangered Birds Holiday Tree display at the museum. NCAS celebrated our local treasure, the Bald Eagle, with a series of Bald Eagle presentations and field trips along the Nooksack River.

Engaging new members

        NCAS increased its outreach efforts by ramping up our social media presence.  We reached out to new audiences through events such as “Wings and Wine”, “Birds and Brew”, “Audubon at the Museum” and sponsorship of documentaries at the Pickford Film Center.        

Pearrygin Lake Campout - NCAS members birding at Sun Mountain Beaver Pond

Celebrating Birds

        29 field trips, Birch Bay State Park hikes and our annual Pearrygin Lake Campout were all organized for the community to celebrate the wonderful diversity of birds that is found in our local area.