Dagmara Aina Meijers-Tröller

March 8, 1955 - February 22, 2018

    Dagmara (Dace) Aina Meijers-Tröller died on February 22, 2018, at Bloomington’s IU Health Hospice House after a long illness. She was born on March 8, 1955, in Columbus, Indiana, one of eight children of Ruta and Talivaldis Meijers (immigrant refugees from Latvia). Dagmara attended Columbus schools until moving to Indianapolis and later to Bloomington, Indiana, for study at Indiana University.

   In 1977, Dagmara moved to Paris, where she married, started a family, and fell in love with the light, food and beauty of the city. She continued studies at Pantheon-Sorbonne University, London Metropolitan University, Institute of Intercultural Management and Communication, and the French Society of Translators. She learned French and worked as a French to English freelance translator.

   This career allowed the flexibility to hone her already outstanding cooking skills, which were evident even as a young teenager. Dagmara was a cook par excellence, and her family and friends always looked forward to her exquisite creations. In Paris, she took great delight in daily trips to various shops and markets to find the perfect ingredients, whether for the evening family meal or a grand dinner party.

   Paris also provided an ideal setting to refine her flair for style and expand her appreciation of architecture. Since early childhood Dagmara displayed a keen interest and ability in art and continued to use her creative talents all her life. She was fascinated by the art and politics of fashion and always kept an open mind to the innovations of the day. All who knew her were touched by her discernment in dining, dress and lexicon.

   As her son wrote recently, “Those of you who knew her also know how extremely smart, witty, compassionate, caring and good-hearted she was.” She closely followed world politics and was always concerned about helping the disadvantaged. She admired Doctors Without Borders and offered pro bono translation services when needed.  

   Eventually she reconnected with her Columbus junior high school sweetheart, Brent Waltermire. She and Brent lived in Paris and in Chicago together. In 2014, they relocated to Bloomington, Indiana.

   Dagmara is survived by two children, Maija Tröller, of Paris, France, and Ludwig Tröller, of Berlin, Germany; her partner Brent Waltermire of Bloomington; siblings Karlis Meijers, Ilze Meijers, Maija Meijers, Anne Meijers and Valda Hillery; nephews Varis, Ivars and Paul; and niece Ellen. She was predeceased by her daughter Alina Tröller, brothers Eriks and Andris, and her parents.

Memorial service will be held at Beck Chapel on the Indiana University campus, 900 East 7th. St., Bloomington at 2:30 p.m. Saturday March 17, 2018.

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    Here's a poem I dedicate to you, Dagmara, with whom I've only been in contact through emails, and once over the phone in Paris, but with whom I shared a way of life. May you rest in peace.


Je suis un être recyclé fait de morceaux usés,

D'un ADN ancien, déjà utilisé.

Mes gènes avec le temps ont été divisés

Et mes ancêtres étaient macaques ou chimpanzés.

Les mots que je prononce ont servi à un autre.

Mes défauts ne sont pas tout à fait de ma faute.

Mes déficiences sont aussi parfois les vôtres.

C'est une succession dont je ne suis que l'hôte.

Notre corps vient d'ailleurs et il n'est que poussière.

Quand nous aurons fini, on nous mettra en terre.

Comment savoir alors lequel de nous est Pierre,

Lisa ou Dagmara, Karim, Omar, Robert?

    Robert Paquin

    Dace sprinkled pixie dust charm over all of us who were so lucky to know her. What a sweet, sweet woman. Brent Waltermire was her loving partner in life’s endeavors, an equally sweet sweet man. You were so sophisticated and amazing, Dace. Both of you were fortunate to reconnect. I am in awe of dace, her kind heart, and how lucky she was to chosen Brent Waltermire too. Xo

    Pamela Ferry Smith

    My deepest sympathy to Brent and to Dagmara’s family. Like so many, I knew Dagmara mostly through her online presence, but I did spend a memorable few hours with her in Paris some years ago. I won’t forget her intelligence, her generosity, her caring. This is such a sad loss!

    Phyllis Aronoff

    Thinking now of Dagmara’s expertise, wit, humour and helpfulness in our translators’ community, as well as her many kindnesses. Working with her on a project was a pleasure. Above all, I remember with affection the many conversations we had about translation, children, gardens and life.

My deepest condolences to Brent and to Dagmara’s children and family.

    Carolyn Perkes

Thoughts for Dagmara

If those who guided my spirit in the days of my youth

Have it right, you are now

In a far more beautiful and peaceful world,

And there you will remain, throughout infinity,

In all serenity and joy;

Or else, perhaps,

After a finite time (if those who guided my spirit

At other troubled times of my life have it right),

You will return from that more peaceful world

To this imperfect Earth, for another span of years –

Perhaps a longer and less troubled span than this.

It is even possible (if those

Who guided my spirit at certain specific moments

Marked by the passing of certain devoted nonhuman

Friends have it right) that, at some point

On your way to that far better world, you will have passed over

An incomprehensible thing called the Rainbow Bridge,

There to be joyously reunited,

In childlike wonder and with purrs and wagging tails,

With all the devoted nonhuman friends who went before you.

On the other hand, if some of those human friends

Who love me passionately, whom I love passionately, have it right –

Your body lies in a place of peace and rest,

Giving its atoms and molecules back to the universe,

Helping the grass to grow and the rain to fall

For all of our children’s children,

And your spirit will live in the spirits of those

Who remain on this Earth – for as long as they do –

In the spirits of those who loved you passionately,

Until their bodies are joined with yours

In the task of building a greener, fresher Earth.

Either way, my dear,

Either way, you are at peace – and for that,

How can I not rejoice?

How can I not sing in gladness,

Knowing the peace that so long and so often eluded you –

The peace you spent so much of your life, of your strength,

Trying to give to those you loved –

Encompasses you at last?

And so, through the tears in my eyes and throat,

I sing the song of your passing;

And the light of your voice in my heart –

The strong calm light you were to me, and to so many;

The bright unwavering light you will be, as long as any of us lives –

Shines powerfully, joyfully, serenely,

Guiding my spirit, like a lighthouse in a storm.

    Sharon Neeman

    Dagmara was a very kind and compassionate person and I had always hoped we would see each other again one day in Paris. My sincere condolences to her partner and family.

    Fenn Troller

    I was so sorry to hear of Dagmara's passing. Over the six years that I knew her, she was always helpful and kind with other translators, and compassionate and caring about others. May she rest in peace.  

    Michael Trittipo

    A beautiful obituary for a generous and wise colleague. I will miss her insight and generosity.

    Michael P Osmann

    My condolences to her family. I knew Dagmara through the on-line community of translators and really appreciated the intelligence, empathy and perspectives she brought to the community.

    Hugh Whinfrey

    I will miss you Dagmara, and our chats about work and the world. I will always remember you as a very special person.

    Willeke Barens

    I will miss her wisdom, strength, generosity and caring. Rest in peace, dear Dagmara.

    Veronica Lambert Hall

    My deepest condolences to Dagmara's family and friends. We all respected and loved her so much in our odd little translator community. I will miss her very much.

    Rosemary Nordstrom