Honors 9th Grade Summer Reading Assignment - Double Entry Journal


Welcome to Honors English 9! Choose one of the following texts to read, and then analyze it by completing a double entry journal, which is due on the second day of class. Be prepared to continue your scholarly work with your chosen text during the first couple weeks of school.

You should be able to find a copy of your choice book for checkout at a local library, or for purchase new, used, or digitally.  You will only need the book itself for your double entry journal assignment—you will not need it once school has started.



Each entry for the journal should be purposeful and detailed. It should take you a solid paragraph to talk about why the passage or quote you chose is important/meaningful. Look for quotes or passages that seem important, meaningful, or caused a reaction when you read it. Ask yourself:

Then after you have answered some of these questions and made these inferences, connect them to a main idea of the text and use them to explain each quote’s significance.

Due to technological changeovers during the summer break, we do NOT ADVISE that you use your CFSD Google Drive or rely on its accessibility. Late work will not be excused due to technological issues.

Have a lovely summer!  We’ll see you in August.

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Explanation of quote and how it is useful or important

Possible starters:

● I’m wondering… and how it might relate to…

● This reminds me of… (text to text)

● The most important word (or image) in the passage are…

● My thinking about _______has changed in this way…

● This is meaningful because…

“The rules were simple: No rules. Fly your kite. Cut the opponents. Good luck” (Hosseini 52).

I wonder if the children in Afghanistan still fly kites and compete in the kite flying tournaments.  The event sounds exciting and beautiful, but also dangerous since there are “no rules.”  This passage becomes significant because of this lack of rules and the “good luck” sentiment at the end. I could not help but feel a sense of foreboding while reading.  Extending beyond this moment, Amir wants to win the contest in order to win his father’s affection; Hassan’s devotion to Amir and his kite running abilities ensure he will do anything within his power to retrieve the kite; additionally, the novel’s title promises that kite running will be central to the text.

Double Entry Journal Rubric


Reading Literature

Self-Direction/Effort & Responsibility


In addition to the Level 3 skill,  analyzes passages within the broader context of the entire text by:

  • relating passage to other passages, or
  • relating passage to text as a whole, or
  • makes specific and accurate thematic connections to other texts

The double entry journals:

  • quotes MLA formatted 


Each response should explain the significance of passages so that inferences, questions, and connection build to comment on a main idea of the text.

Explains how the passages relates to a main idea by:

  • making text connections
  • asking questions
  • explaining inferences
  • exploring implications words and images

Double entry journal:

  • Submitted on time, second day of class
  • Times New Roman Font, size 12, 1 inch margins
  • Follows 2-column formatting provided within model


Includes important passages from the text pertaining to a main idea of text:

  • includes quotes
  • summarizes ideas within the quote

Double journal entry

  • Typed
  • Submitted within first week of school

If you need assistance with any of the literary texts or analysis activities, contact Melissa Lewis (English Department Chair) via e-mail (mlewis@cfsd16.org).

 *Please note, you are receiving this document because you have expressed interest in the course during registration.  Please ensure you have been placed in the course before beginning.