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Choice Board - Naming Compounds

Directions:  Start with the top row or level and CHOOSE ONE FROM EACH LEVEL. You will indicate which choices you make by placing an X in the small box provided at the end of each description. I must initial the choice once I conference with you and you will NOT be allowed to change it once I conference with you and initial it. EVERYONE MUST TAKE THE QUIZIZZ ASSESSMENT BY THE DUE DATE-IT IS A MANDATORY ASSESSMENT. (This assignment will be worth 3 daily grades and 2 test grades).

Find and View videos on YouTube explaining the different types of compounds (ionic, ionic with transitionals, covalent, acids, and bases). You MUST include the video links and a paragraph explaining the differences in rules for naming each type-1 sentence per type.                                    ⬀  _____________

View the Crash Course Chemistry Video #11: 

Fill in the corresponding Crash Course Chemistry Video Guide and Summarize what you learned (5 sentences minimum, 1 sentence per type-must include correct vocabulary).

⬀  _____________

Construct a flowchart or other graphic organizer, using your foldable as a guide, showing how to determine what rules to use when naming compounds (Ionic vs. Covalent and Acids vs. Bases).

⬀  _____________

Construct a Tubric for either the differing naming rules OR examples of one of the 5 categories (ionic, ionic with polyatomics, ionic with transitionals, covalent, acids, and bases). If you do the examples, must do 5 examples of that category.

⬀  _____________

Create an Anchor Chart that differentiates and demonstrates the steps you would take to determine how to name a chemical compound and gives examples (Ionic vs. Covalent and Acids vs. Bases).

⬀  _____________

Design a booklet of real world chemistry, including 10 items with 10 different compounds. Pick a theme (cleaning products, snacks, desserts, makeup, toiletries, etc.). Print from online or cut out their ingredients label.

⬀  _____________

Design a Video, PowerPoint Presentation, Comic Strip, or Movie Script that teaches how to name 3 examples of each category:

  1. Ionic (1 must contain a polyatomic)
  2. Ionic with Transition (1 must contain a polyatomic)
  3. Covalent
  4. Acids
  5. Bases

⬀  _____________

Analyze the list of 20 compounds entitled “What’s Wrong?” This is a mixed list - determine why the compound is named incorrectly, correctly name it, and then explain why (must state rule).


⬀  _____________

Design a game (board, quizlet, kahoot, quizizz, etc.) that includes at least 25 questions and examples for each category-Ionic (1 must contain a polyatomic), Ionic with Transition (1 must contain a polyatomic), Covalent, Acids, Bases. Have at least 3 people play your game and show mastery (70% or higher)

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Think about number 4

Number 6 - Find the Extra Credit Assignment I had about what does your cat eat or ask Anet or Abby for it.

Make number 8

Find Quizizz

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