MWSA Committees & Programs

Committees & Sub-Committees

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Committee Name



Awards Committee

Chair: John Cathcart

Betsy Beard, Rob Ballister

Oversees separate Awards budget and bank account

See Below for a list of our MWSA reviewers

Programming Committee

Chair: Jim Tritten

Jack London, Don Helin, Valerie Ormond

-- Events Sub-Committee

Chair: Jim Tritten

Lead coordinator for 2019 Conference in Albuquerque, NM

-- Education Sub-Committee

Chair: Jack London

Don Helin, Valerie Ormond

Oversees MWSA education program, writing course with VA, and writing education for members

-- Outreach


Chair: Valerie Ormond,

Tom Beard

Oversees MWSA outreach efforts and programs--especially with veterans’ groups

Finance Committee

Chair: Hugh Simpson,

John Faulkner, John Cathcart

Execution and oversight of the MWSA Budget

Membership Committee

Chair: Joe Epley

Assistant: John Faulkner

  • IAW our bylaws, the MWSA Secretary is Chair
  • Manages membership dues and lists (via Wild Apricot membership website)  

Communications Committee

Chair: John Cathcart (Acting)

-- Website/IT Sub-Committee

John Cathcart, Phil Keith, Danny Murawski (tech advisor)

Need more volunteers!

Manages main website (

Manages Review Swap and Author Interview Programs (temp)

-- Social Media Sub-Committee

Jeanette Vaughn

MWSA Twitter account?

Note: Our allied Facebook page is controlled and run by Maria Edwards (see below)

-- Media & PR Sub-Committee


IT/Marketing/Branding Integration

Press Releases

(see below)

Miscellaneous Programs & Accounts




NWSA Reviewers (as of Nov 2018)

Barbara Allen, Beth Johnson, Betsy Beard, Bob DeBard, Bob Doerr, Brinn Colenda, Brunella Costagliola, Carolyn Schriber, Dana Tibbitts, Danny Johnson, Dennis Koller, Dwight Zimmerman, Hodge Wood, Jack Pando, Jim Tritten, Joe Badal, Joe Epley, Joe Hawes, John Cathcart, John D Trudel, John House, Joyce Faulkner, Kathy Taylor, Kris Patterson, Larry Murley, Linda Bekermeier, Marylyn Harris, Mick Simonelli, Mike Lepore, Nancy Arbuthnot, Nancy Kauffman, Nancy McDonald, Nancy Panko, Neal Kusumoto, Pat Avery, Pat Walkow, Phil Keith, Richard Geschke, Rob Ballister, Robert Lamon, Ron Wheatley, Sandi Cowper, Sandi Linhart, Steven Dieter, Tom Beard, Tom Criser, Tom Neiman, Valerie Ormond, Valerie Pfundstein, Walter Walkow, Sandi Cathcart

Websites & Social Media Accounts

Facebook Group

POC/Manager: Maria Edwards

John Cathcart (limited access)

  • 1053 members
  • Maria will allow posting from MWSA members, but it’s not our site
  • We’ve been using for live broadcast of MWSA events (like awards banquet)

YouTube Accounts


Joyce Faulkner


John Cathcart


MWSA account

John Cathcart (acting)

Need volunteer

  • So far, includes books and reviews back to 2015 season
  • Need volunteer to oversee account and interface with other groups, authors, readers to spread the word about MWSA

Press Releases

John Cathcart

Used for announcement of award winners

Need wider distribution


Apple News
iCloud news publisher

John Cathcart

Need Volunteer(s)

  • AUTOMATIC Syndication of MWSA library and Dispatches magazine  to Apple News

Data Updated 11/25/2018