Use of Technology at CIS

Technology is integrated into the curriculum and into classroom practices to allow students to leverage technology to their learning advantage, be responsible, construct knowledge, be creative and innovative, communicate clearly, be a problem solver and a global collaborator.

Primary Internet and Email Appropriate Use Agreement

Be respectful:

Be responsible:

Be safe:

Middle & High School Responsible Use Agreement

Respect Yourself

I will show respect for myself and my digital activities. I will select online names that are appropriate. I will consider the consequences of information, images and videos that I post online, and I will not be obscene. I will consider what personal information about my life, experiences, experimentation or relationships I post.

Protect Yourself

I will ensure that the information, images and materials I post online will not put me at risk. I will not publish my personal details, contact details or a schedule of my activities. I will report any attacks or inappropriate behavior directed at me. I will protect passwords, accounts and resources. I will manage my online activity in a healthy and balanced way.

Respect Others

I will not use electronic mediums to flame, bully, harass, stalk or impersonate other people. I will not visit sites that are inappropriate. I will not enter other people's private spaces or areas. I will respect my classmates and teachers by only engaging in appropriate activity during class time (for example, no social media, gaming, chatting, etc).I will show respect to others.

Protect Others

If I become aware of someone being flamed, bullied, harassed, stalked or impersonated, I will report this activity immediately. I will not spread inappropriate materials or communications.

Respect Intellectual Property

I will suitably cite any and all use of websites, books, media etc. in an appropriate way. I will only use images for which I am permitted. I will use and abide by the fair use rules.

Respect School Property

I understand that CIS provides students with network access and school-owned Google accounts. I will respect the security measures in place and will not attempt to bypass those measures in any manner.