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77.15 Evergreen
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77.15 Evergreen

512. So what do you write about for 77 days?  Health.  Wealth.  Relationships.  Evergreen topics.  Everyday people have to face new pains.  It might be disease, or divorce, or loss of a job.  No one escapes unscathed.  Even if you wanted to write small ebooks about only one topic, let’s say affiliate marketing, in 77 days you would have over 273,000 words broken down into minute topics.  Chances are you would have the definitive body of work on the topic.    If you choose, you can combine your ebooks into one book for the traditional publishing world, edit the original work by about half, tighten up the text, and create a masterpiece.  What I like most about it is learning something new every day.  As I learn how to keep my blood sugar under control naturally, or how to build and sell mobile apps, or how to approach and wow the best looking women in the world, I put what I learn in place using myself as the petri dish.  

513. Recently, I discovered what may be the greatest library of books you could ever want for your information marketing business.  Kindle Unlimited.  Amazon has made over 800,000 kindle books available to read across your digital devices.  For $9.99 a month (with a 30 day free trial), you can “check out” 10 books at a time and read them across up to 6 devices.  Combining a small number of your pdfs is a great way to enter Kindle Publishing.  These books are much shorter that traditional books, and you can give them away for free or sell for $.99 to $9.99.  Virtually all Kindle books are either fiction or fall into the evergreen topics of health, wealth, and relationships.  You can come up for hundreds of ideas to create your daily pdfs.  If you are on the road, you have hundreds of thousands of ebooks for research.  Since you can read these on your smartphone also, you can take advantage of those nagging downtimes by catching up on your niche research.

514. Then I record my experiences, make adjustments, talk successes and failures, and link to appropriate affiliate products to monetize the content.  I prefer to give my content away and then sell affiliate products that take individuals deeper into areas where they need help.  Monetizing your websites and blogs as well as articles is a touchy subject. I find it easier to hype products of others rather than my own, even if I feel mine is as good or better than the original.  In many cases, the products I use to improve my own life are too good to pass up.

515. For example, I have never understood women.  I didn’t understand them in high school or college.  I didn’t understand them when I married them, and I didn’t understand my daughter when she grew up.  And I don’t understand them now.  As an old fart with a string of divorces behind me, I need help before I hit the road or board an airplane.  I bought a training program consisting of hours of video with a cheesy name:  Girlfriend Activation System.  Not expensive, especially when compared to wasting time and money and killing your liver buying drinks for women who are either not interested in you or who are inappropriate for what you seek in a partner.

516. Watch the sales page video, and see for yourself.  If anything, the video under promises and the program over delivers.  Besides, like most good affiliate products, you have a money back guarantee if you don’t like it.

517. To make money online from your pdf, you will need good affiliate products to promote to your email list.  While you can make some sales online, your network of followers on your list will be your best source of income.  That’s why every ebook, article, post, podcast, or video must help build your list.

518. Quite frankly, Google has destroyed organic SEO for the little guy.  Ten years ago, you could create spammy content, promote it all over the place, and you could get traffic to your affiliate offers.  I can remember getting to the first page of Google for buying keywords in a competitive niche (online education)  in as little as 11 hours.  Now, any keyword you enter will likely pop up Google favorites on the first page - YouTube videos (owned by Google), Wikipedia entries, WebMD, and other big generic sites.

519. Over the years, the gurus have always proclaimed “Content is King”.  Yet they make their money selling shiny objects that promise to make you rich without having to do the heavy lifting of writing, creating videos, or recording podcasts.  To keep me writing, I decided to create a content creation system that works for me.

520. To make big money, you not only don’t need Google SERPs for your keywords, working too hard on SEO will likely hold you back.  After Penguin, Google slammed article spinning and duplicate content, but many good sites got de-indexed along with the worthless ones.  What you have to do now is to create your own network and keep them engaged on your mailing lists.  Once you have your own network, you can market with Google none the wiser.  Your whole purpose of article marketing is to get people to your site and onto your list.  You do this by starting with the Daily PDF, which is bait, and breaking the pdf into articles to post on the best real estate on the web.

521. The search engines want useful, relevant content to give the best experience to their customers.  That is exactly what you will give them with your Daily PDF and the articles extracted from them.  For whatever reason, I believe that Google and other search engines treat a pdf as more authoritative than a web page or post.  I could be wrong, but pdfs stand out in the SERPs, not as much as a video, but more than a normal post.

522. Most commercial article marketing has suffered from unnatural linking.  I did a ton of it myself in the old days.  What has happened is that the search engines have blocked much of what they claim they want - unique, valuable content. I will go into the specifics of article marketing and promotion strategies in later pdfs.  For the most part, search engines are not your friend, but you have to use them to build your list.  A modern linking strategy for 2015+ is critical. The key is original content - not rehashed or spun material.  I do use spinning for bio boxes and social media links, but I don’t put spun content on my own sites or even the 2nd level sites like ezinearticles or hubpages.  Spinning links to 2nd tier sites and posting them on 3rd tier sites keeps them far enough away from your site to be valuable.

523. Another good strategy is to find at least 5 websites in your niche, and find a way to get published on these sites.  Each site will have its own requirements.  If possible, you can also comment on their posts and see if they automatically link to your site.  Guest posting on blogs has also been degraded due to abuse by marketers.  Spun articles were shuffled over hundreds of irrelevant sites.  If you choose to guest post or guest blog, make it a relevant article on a relevant site.

524. The path to the first page of the organic SERPs is writing original content, post it online, stay away for unnatural linking schemes, get a few relevant, high-value links, and get the ranking you deserve.  As to links, more is not better.  Quality is.

525. But it all starts with the Daily PDF on any topic that interests you.  Just remember, not every site where you can post your content from your pdf is equal.  If you post on low quality sites, your article will likely not be found and indexed.  Sorry, but that’s the facts.  What you want to do is link your articles together naturally, and let the search engines have what they say they want. What you want to do is let your Daily PDFs flood the Internet with valuable content that links back to you.  The other upside of the Daily PDF is as a vehicle to learn anything you want to learn in health, wealth, and relationships to improve your own life.  If you find the information valuable in your own life, chances are others will value it as well.

526. My online marketing efforts are not enough to pick up the slack for nursing home care.  I am also not near where I need to be for perpetual travel.  If I get to where I can help with the nursing home, that will put me at the right level for traveling full-time.

527. I have shown that I am incapable of eating sugar and processed wheat in small amounts.  For the next 180, I have to commit to a perfect diet without cake, cookies, sodas, pie, and especially ice cream.   Again, my two favorite Yankees are Ben & Jerry.  I’m an addict.  Sugar.  Legal.  Readily available.  Unless I control my sugar intake, I will never control my diabetes naturally.  Never.  I have to go total sugar and bread abstinence.  Total for 77 days.  My life theme now has to be becoming the advocate for introvert boomer males.  We’re tired.  We’re beat up.  But we are not finished.

528. Nothing like putting on the pressure.  For the first time in decades, I have a need for earning big bucks to take care of a number of current and future obligations.  As with many false starts in the past, I have no way of knowing how much will power will be needed.  What I will avoid is too much emphasis on fixed goals, especially those out of my control.

529. Some events are external and out of my control.  Others, like diet and exercise, are totally within my sphere of influence.  I decide what to eat, and whether or not to take a walk.  So far, I have been a slave to sugar my entire life.  Like an addict, I don’t just eat a portion of ice cream.  I take the container and a spoon and eat until it’s gone or I’m stuffed.

530. For Girl Scout Thin Mint Cookies (second only to Oreo’s in sales), a serving size for me is not 3 or 4 cookies, it’s a sleeve.  And with potato chips, I will never take the bet that I can eat just one.

531. I have to decide for the remainder of my life what will be the main focus of my theme.  I’m a 65 year old boomer male who has a number of health and financial and relationship issues catching up with me.  Some people jump into the self-improvement fray with too many fixed goals which can set one up for failure like New Year’s Resolutions.  But there are times when I have to go all-in and cold turkey, like not eating that first cookie or spoonful of ice cream.  Even as I move to improve my life in major areas like diet, I am working on creating many smaller habits like daily strength training.  But food comes first.  No sugar.  No processed carbs.  If I fail at every other endeavor, but eliminate sugar from my life, I will still be healthier.

532. What I do consider my life theme is to return to the life of perpetual traveler.  To do that, I have to maximize my health, wealth, and relationships.  Actually, health and wealth are enough.  You will have all the female relationships you want if you travel in the right countries.

533. I will be writing and posting articles of interest to IBMs (Introvert Boomer Males).  Why?  Because I am one.  I am my own test monkey and petri dish.  If it works, I will say so.  If something fails, I will say so.

534. Most of my health and energy problems are caused by sugar.  I have Type II diabetes, and diabetes seems to cause or contribute to dozens of medical conditions.  Some I have already, like inflammation, and others I’m trying to avoid, like Alzheimer’s which is now becoming known as Type III diabetes.  

535. If I have a perfect diet and exercise and diabetes persists, I will have to go the insulin route.  But my brain tells me I can “cure” diabetes - if I stick to the plan without fail.  No birthday cake.  No donuts.  No Pop Tarts even during the hurricane blackouts.

536. I’m not one to reinvent the wheel.  I may have an occasional original thought, but not so many.  I look to the Stoics for inspiration.


537. Notice that the first definition of stoic has been mangled over the centuries by English speaking people.  I look to the second definition.  Few philosophies can stand the test of time.  I think of Buddhism in the same vein.  Lasting philosophies are focused on internal thoughts and actions.  Stoics strive for self-improvement by reinventing themselves daily.  Author Tim Ferriss has called for using stoic philosophy as a personal operating system.  I agree.  I think IBMs are the baby boomer stoics.

538. Three disciplines:

  1. Discipline of Perceptions
  2. Discipline of Actions
  3. Discipline of Will

539. We are introverts custom to introspection.  We want to do what is right and decent and good.  We had no desire to go halfway around the world to murder people in Vietnam who had done us no harm.  What this means is to control your perceptions, direct your actions properly, and accept what’s outside of your control.

540. Another huge influence on me is the late Harry Browne.  How I Found Freedom In An Unfree World may be one of the top ten self-help books ever written.  One of my suggestions for IBMs is to look to MOBs (mail order brides) for future, or last, relationships.  Life is short.  You could even be a mail order husband.  In any event, you should be able to find a bride who is younger, taller, prettier, sexier, smarter, and better educated than you can attract at home.  It’s not that finding an MOB is without problems and risk.  But at least the problems are new, and the rewards of having a young wife or new family make it worth the hassles.

541. To avoid scams - especially in the Ukraine - get my report:  How to Protect Yourself From International Marriage Scams.

542. Here goes:

  1. eat a primarily vegan diet until my A1C shows I have no evidence of Type II diabetes
  2. travel the world as a perpetual traveler for as long as I want
  3. find the perfect spouse/partner anywhere in the world
  4. start a second family with a very young woman in SE Asia
  5. write the definitive book for health, wealth, and relationships for baby boomer males
  6. create marriage agencies dedicated to baby boomer males
  7. create a team of LBDs in the Philippines to take over the day to day of affiliate marketing
  8. achieve a maximum level of physical fitness for my age at every age
  9. build a cabin or a man cave in Sonoma, CA
  10. write and publish the definitive book for perpetual travelers
  11. become an expert in pinterest marketing
  12. write a series of Kindle ebooks for max boomer males
  13. write a series of Kindle ebooks for Dick Lee about China
  14. teach iPT around the world
  15. create the definitive perpetual traveler website in the world
  16. give my daughter a better push in life financially
  17. create my ultimate AAI system

543. If you get way more email newsletters than you want, today is the perfect day to delete them.  They wish you well.  You wish them goodbye.  I’ve been thinking and working and testing and tweaking to come up with the plan that can enhance my life theme and last until the day I check out.  People are going to hate the plan.  And people are going to hate me.  So be it.

544. Every time you think it can’t get any worse - it does.  We need to know our honest starting point to have any chance of fulfilling our dreams and themes.  Travel the world as a Perpetual Traveler until I find a place to stop.  To do this,  I need to be healthier and wealthier than I am now.  If I don’t travel, I still need to be healthier and wealthier as that bucket list gets heavier and that light at the end of the tunnel gets halogen bright.

545. Each of these categories has dozens of small actions I can take, but the main objective in each:

  1. Health - control and reverse my type II diabetes naturally
  2. Wealth - create an online income of $1,000 per week
  3. Relationships - work Pinterest and isolate the best mail order brides for me (and other introvert boomer males)

546. Each day, I will add from a list of small actions to make sure I achieve these main life themes.  For example, to reverse diabetes, I have to eat real food and give up the trash that has shot my blood sugar so high.  No ice cream.  No diet sodas.  No grains.

547. To create the anytime, anywhere online income, I have to dig into every aspect of affiliate marketing.  I have to know it inside and out while at the same time writing a book on IBMs and MOBs for future income.  And if you don’t have your health and finances in order, you will not be able to attract the most beautiful younger women around the world as a possible spouse.

548. For the first “year”, health and wealth come first.  Diabetes is causing a number of other health issues, and nothing is more important.  I don’t care what it takes to get my blood sugar down,  I can no longer put it off.  Otherwise, I could lose toes or even sexual function.  Neither is an option.