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WS2.6 Rules
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War Snipers 2.6

Clan Rules:

Strike System:

Clan members have 2 STRIKES available before they are kicked. If you're at 2 strikes and do any other offense, you're out. Based on the gravity of the mistakes, you may or may not be accepted back in the future.

Strikes are reset at the end of every ingame season.


  • Missing war hit (0.5 per war)
  • Miss 1 or 2 raids in Clan Capital raiding weekend


  • overstarring someone else's mirror base in 2nd attack
  • not reaching 2000 D+R by the last day of the season (doesn't apply if you just joined)
  • Miss 2+ raids in Clan Capital raiding weekend
  • Not contributing at least 5.000 Capital Gold weekly / 20.000 seasonally


  • 3-starring in a loss war.
  • Failure to meet clan games required points (usually 1000)


  • attacking top bases / ignoring your mirror attack
  • having a war base active in war layout (may not apply if we just matched a war clan)
  • not reaching 1000 D+R by the last day of the season (means you are dead; doesn't apply if you just joined)
  • your profile showing "Last Online" 4 or more days ago, unless you informed prior

Some other offenses can't really be quantified so I will act on a case by case basis. This includes:

- wrong donations

- disruptive behaviour (ingame and on discord)

- not fixing errors in your base after being notified (we don't ask you to fix stuff for no reason)

There are 2 ways to have your strikes removed/reduced:

FWA match rules:

Before every FWA war a clan mail will be sent whether that war is a win or a loss. Members must follow the attacks rules explained in the clan mail. Here’s a quick summary:

War win:

War loss:

IMPORTANT: the last 6 hours are open cleanup for Elders and Co-Leaders. If you’re late and someone already cleared your mirror, you STILL have to follow the attack plan. However, no strikes are given for being late.

Mismatch war rules:

Matchmaking is not under our control so it’s possible to match real war clans or FWA blacklisted clans sometimes. We will see how to play the war case by case depending on what kind of clan we matched, but here’s a very vague summary:

IMPORTANT: In case of mismatch, read every clan mail and discord announcement that will be sent carefully! This is just a general overview.

Clank ranks and promotions:

MEMBER: You like the clan and our system, but don’t want to have extra obligations? You’re free to do so! But in this case, you won’t have any rank or special perk.

ELDER (ingame): Ingame elders are mostly helpful during CWL to help accepting our members back to the clan, and rejecting other requests that may fill the chat. Ingame activity is a must, but other than that, there’s no special requirements. Benefits are slightly more leniency on my side if you miss attacks every now and then (provided you do help when needed).

ELDER (ingame and on the discord group): This is a step up from ingame elders and a good way to possibly become Co-Leader if you put effort and time into it.



CO-LEADER: Co-Leaders are the backbone of the clan so unless you did put effort into elder tasks, don’t expect getting this rank easily. Co-Leaders also have a lot of perms ingame so only well trusted people will be given such rank.



Promotions are based on your activity and will to help us out in the server. If you wish to apply, send a dm to Lead - Hash (itcantbehelped#2298) on discord. State your timezone/location and a brief text to convince him ;). A minimum of a few weeks of staying in the clan are required to be considered for Elder, and a few weeks as Elder are required to be considered for Co-Leader.


While our clan itself never enters CWL, we use backup clans where we farm off of last place medals (it’s about 300 medals in Master leagues), while still participating in FWA wars in War Snipers 2.6. It is completely optional. Announcements will be sent when CWL is approaching.

Clan Capital:

Everyone is supposed to contribute and do the weekly raids (refer to the strikes table). However it’s still just a side content and is treated as such (no need for crazy thorough planning etc.). Our discord server has a channel where we roughly decide what upgrades to focus on, or what armies are best for raiding.