Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1216 A.D. early spring

Location: A small village near Santiago de Compostela, Spain

A small boy, still gently asleep, is dreaming of the future of his family. In the time, he only focused on the two things any boy would focus on in the Medieval era: obeying religion, and supporting his family. He had the goal of joining the church to become one of the clergymen. He knew this would be able to make up for the image that his family had made for themselves.

The sun shined on the boy’s face from the window frame, waking him from his peaceful slumber. When he got up, he got dressed into his finest stockings, and his tunic with the least amount of holes. He knew that today would be his first attempt at the church for his long path of obtaining the status of the clergy. Maybe one day he would be able to meet the Pope.

 As he started to leave his room, his uncle called for him. “Iñigo, you have to come out here! It’s time to eat!” Iñigo went over down stairs to the room behind the workshop to where his Uncle was waiting for him.        “So, what are you going to work on today boy. I hope you’re ready to start helping with the family business. I’ve been waiting a long time for you to be ready, but I think to…” “Sorry uncle Felipe, I have important business today. I’m going to the Church today, maybe I can finally help gain some respect to our name.” Felipe was a bit confused  by his nephews intent. “Now why would you think the Florandaz name needs to gain some respect? I believe that we are the best healers of all the Leon, heck, all of Spain even. I think you just want to obey that darn church. All they do is increase taxes on us for the fact that we’re different from the other nearby ventor and it pisses me off every time I think of them I spoil the batch.” “Yeah, but you maybe should try to embrace that fact that we have such a large opportunity when it comes to joining the Clergy. In fact, that’s what I’m going to try doing today.” “What? You dare try to associate with the very people that drove the rest of our people out of the peninsula ?” Iñigo wasn’t prepared for Felipe to get so worked up over the statement. Iñigo went to the table, and had his meal. The two didn’t talk for the rest of the morning until Iñigo left.

“ Hey Iñigo, be careful alright. Your parents should be coming back today a couple hours before sun down. I hope you don’t get to ‘religious’ on them, I know that’s the last thing they would want to come home to.” Iñigo nod his head to Felipe and went on his way to the church. The church was about an hours walk from his town, or at least the more well constructed one. He had been about fifteen minutes along the trail over when he just remembered that he left the bible of his next to his bed. He started to run back to the shop as fast as he could getting back in about ten minutes. He was able to see his father, to which he didn’t expect to see yet. He was talking to a customer with a cloak it seemed. As he got closer to the shop, he could notice that it was on fire. Iñigo started to slow his pace a bit, and hid behind one of the nearby shops. As he stopped, he tried his hardest to listen.

“The lot of you have really made a big name in the world, haven’t you?” “Yes, and you decided that you wanted to end that reputation right?” “Ha, very observant aren’t you?” “Now may I ask why cause my family so much trouble? You even murdered my brother and my wife, yet I don’t know you from Adam. Let me just give you one chance to leave before I get upset.” The person in the cloak seemed to back down a little. “Well, I guess if you offer such a enticing proposal, then how would I even refuse?” The cloaked one started to walk off. Iñigo started to go toward his father as the cloaked one threw a dagger from his side at Iñigo’s father’s chest. The cloaked one ran off toward the south end of town. Iñigo ran to his father as fast as he could, but before he could reach him, the cloaked one threw a vile of blue substance toward the shop, causing an explosion that destroyed the shop along with damaging multiple buildings nearby. The shockwave knock Iñigo to his back.


Timeline: Beta Primal

Time: 1222 A.D. late summer

Location: Hidden City of Alchemy in Northern Navarre, Spain

Iñigo awoken from his slumber, feeling as somber as he did after the events of his family’s passing. He remembers it every time he sleeps, haunted by the memories, and the fact he couldn’t do, nor did anything to prevent it. What he was able to recover from the shop that day stays with him at all times, to help him cope with the lost. After he found his father on the ground, he was able to take the necklace that had been in his family’s line since times before his ancestors even came to Spain. What it contained was probably the reason as to why the cloaked one came after his family, the recipe for eternal youth. Iñigo never thought of trying to craft it for three simple reasons. The necessary ingredients were quite rare to find. The other thing was that only a master Alchemist could craft it, and because Iñigo didn’t learn from his parents or uncle, he was a best able to make simple remedies to heal wounds, and cure common sickness. The last thing though was because he thought that if his family had the recipe, and never used it, then it must be either too hard to do, not worth doing, or they felt it wasn’t morally correct to do. He assumed it was the third reason, because they were world renowned according to the cloaked one and many of the alchemist he has met with since.

He had been working to become an alchemist since the attack for the church shund him for being related to the alchemist.He decided that his family was important to many people without the backing to the church, so he wanted to continue the legacy of the Florandez. He moved to a more secluded area, away from the church and their views, and hope that such an attack wouldn’t come to him with the extra protection. When he told the duke that ruled the city, he gladly let him have any home of his choice, as he and his father were friends back in the day. The city was located in the northern regions within Navarre. He had spent the last couple of years there, being about six years since his family’s demise, and after all the time learning from the other alchemist, he was able to plan out a reopening of his family’s shop.

He prepared for the day, ready to start up his own shop. And in a few month, I will be able to make the rest of the remedies that my family used to make. As he went to go outside, he heard some cries in the distance. He walked over to the center of town to see that some of the younger alchemist were being outclass by a stranger to the town of San Alquimidad. He had only started to learn the game that the alchemist had been developing as the council of Higher Alchemy thought it would be a good way to show off to the general public. “Who’s next!”Yelled the stranger. Iñigo went toward him, ready to understand what the problem was. When he was able to see the situation, a child had been knocked to the ground, in pain with his alchemy ingredients  being taken by the stranger. “Why are you doing this, they are just children?” “I see that you need a refresher of how it works around here, if I enter a town with alchemist, and I beat them in a duel of alchemy, I taken their discoveries, and resources! And I hope you’re ready, for you’re going next.” Iñigo was a bit insulted by his idea of alchemy, thus he accepted the challenge. “I’m ready when you are?” Iñigo was able to conjure up his resources for his first duel.