Official 5C Student Project Application (2022-2023 School Year)

Application Form for Project Funding for all 5C Students

Before filling out this application, please read the next page for the funding’s terms & conditions. Once completed, email a pdf copy (including terms and conditions) to

  1. Contact Details (Please Provide Full Name, Your School Email Address, & Your Student ID #)

Student 1 (Submitting):__________________


Student 2:__________________________


Student 3:__________________________


Student 4:__________________________


Student 5:__________________________


Student 6:__________________________


  1. Please provide the name of your project and, in 1 paragraph, a description of your project.

  1. How much funding are you requesting? $__________________

Ex. If Students A & B are requesting project funding, and neither have requested funding before, the maximum you could ask would be $100. For students C, D, E working together on a project,the  maximum would be $150. For student F alone, $50. Et cetera.

Due to the Braun Grant given to Harvey Mudd College students towards project reimbursements, Harvey Mudd College students have a maximum allocated amount of $200. Other 4C students have their maximum allocated amount remain at $50. This $200 amount is on a first-come, first-serve basis, and may be reverted back to $50 for all students during any part of the semester.

  1. How many students in the group are enrolled at Harvey Mudd College? ______________.

  1. List the items you’ll be purchasing with prices (including shipping + sales tax)

  1. Please provide a rough timeline and a check-in date for your project.

Start Date:_______________                        

Expected End Date:_____________________

Check-in Date:______________ (check-in date should be in between start/end date)

  1. I’ve read through the project funding’s stipulations and requirements for 5C student projects reimbursed for the 2022-2023 school year, and I agree to all terms and conditions that apply.

Please type your initials or sign your name in the space provided below (the one submitting the application)


Terms & Conditions

These Terms and Conditions  of the McGregor Makerspace and the Makespace Management set out the entire agreement between you and the Makerspace team. Please read these terms carefully.

  1. Project Accountability

All members listed in the application are expected to contribute an equal and distributable amount of work to the project. The mandatory check-in will consist of an email sent to all project members asking for the project’s status (+ pictures), the contributions of each member, and any changes to the project / expected end date. Failure to respond to the check-in could result in dismissal of project funding. Projects are expected to be completed by the end date indicated in the application. If the project requires an extension, please email with the details as to why the extension is required.

  1. Funding Provided Specifics

Each student may receive no more than $50 in project(s) funding per semester. Keep in mind that there is a record of how much $ each student has requested, so make sure you’re aware of your current total before requesting funding for your next project. Unused funding by a student is not rolled over to the following semester or school year. Funding requests will not be approved for new projects with students who have not submitted documentation for their previous project.

If multiple students are working on a project, the cost of the project will be spread evenly across all students towards their own current balance allocated. Project funding approval is up to the discretion of the Makerspace Leadership and on a first-come, first-serve basis. All club activity is prohibited from applying for funding, as clubs have their own independent funding.

*Due to the Braun Grant given to Harvey Mudd College students towards project reimbursements, Harvey Mudd College students have a maximum allocated amount of $200. Other 4C students have their maximum allocated amount remaining at $50.*

You’re advised to start purchasing items AFTER your project gets approved. You will get an email for when your student grant application is either approved, denied, or needs clarification. Email or send a message in the discord in the #student-grants chat if you have any questions, are unable to purchase the materials for your project, or if you have not gotten a response about your application after 1 week of submitting.

  1. Project Documentation and Publication

The project must be documented on a singular google/word document, and submitted prior to the expected end date indicated in the application. Sufficient documentation includes: initial background/inspiration for the project provided, pictures showing various steps of the project during its construction, listed step process on how project was built, and final stage of the project photographed together with all group members in the pictures and written up description of project’s status. Afterwards, email the document to , and further steps will be done to give your reimbursement *An example of sufficient document is linked here (also posted in the Makerspace lobby). Students will be asked to re-submit insufficient documentation before receiving reimbursement. Project documentation will be published to the official Makerspace website (including photos).*

  1. Reimbursement Process

The main contact will be reimbursed the amount listed in their application only after they’ve submitted the required documentation to Once verified, the reimbursement will be carried out through a Google Form. Documentation and reimbursements will be subject to deadlines. It’s the responsibility of the main contact to distribute the reimbursement amongst group members if necessary.

  1. Deadlines for Spring 2023 Student Grant Applications

        The deadline to submit the student grant application for the Spring 2023 semester is April 16, 2023. The deadline to submit documentation for approved projects for the Spring 2023 semester is April 23, 2023. No reimbursements will be processed after April 30, 2023, and all pending projects that have not turned in documentation (and have not communicated and been approved for extensions) will expire and will not receive funding.