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Josh Burley Resume - 2021
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Josh Burley

Software Engineering Leader

Software engineering leader with extensive experience building and growing large, diverse engineering teams; building product and engineering strategies. Significant successes in global enterprise architectures, implementations, and deployments. Expert in software engineering best practices, processes; and how security, data governance, and scaling can be achieved. Collaborative, detail-oriented, and customer impact focused.


Google Engineering Lead in Business Intelligence

2016 - PRESENT

Engineering lead for several areas of Google’s internal Business Intelligence tooling at Google. I am responsible for the systems that power Google’s large scale BI suite. This suite is used by nearly the entire company and covers everything from Finance data to YouTube logs analysis; requiring cross-org engagements and customer management. Examples of some recent accomplishments I led:

Google - Culture, Diversity, and Recruitment

2006 - PRESENT

I have been actively involved in a variety of work in this space over my years at Google, including:

Google Engineering Lead for High-touch Support

2009 - 2015

Asked to lead a new effort, I was the TLM responsible for completely reenvisioning High-touch Customer Support at Google. I built and grew a  team, products, and set of services from the ground up. This required stakeholder and customer management, working directly with Google Operations leadership globally to ensure stability and scalability, including how to best train large vendor populations on the new systems while improving the overall customer experience. The system I designed transformed the company from legacy “email-only” support to high-fidelity, multi-channel solutions; including phone, chat, video, and screen sharing channels. It brought a new focus on metrics, both engineering (uptime, latency) and user (customer satisfaction, wait times).

Google Tech Lead Manager for Knowledge Management and Serving Infrastructure

2009 - 2010

Technical Lead Manager and designer of KMS/CMS application and infrastructure. Working with Low-touch Support Operations leads orgs such as Ads, Analytics, Geo, and YouTube, we designed a new system that supports dynamic content delivery for the majority of Google consumer products. This new system supports multi-channel delivery across web, mobile, in-product, and canned responses. This is a global Google scale system which touches every Google customer daily. The authoring, publishing and delivery infrastructure is a fully automated self service system employed by Google teams worldwide. It includes tightly integrated, one-click content translation requests in order to support its global reach.

Google Audio Ads Tech Lead

2006 - 2009

I was the Tech Lead for a new interface for radio stations to review and approve incoming advertisements. This required designing and implementing a full stack solution, from database schema to APIs to web application. A custom bulk audio player was built, as well as built-in reporting. This system was used across the U.S., most notably by Clear Channel Communications. This additionally required working closely with these external customers to ensure a well-received product. This was effectively the “Audio AdSense” product. In addition to this console, I designed and deployed the dynamic media stitcher that would take various audio ads formats, normalize them, and create the appropriate length ads for given inventory spots -- for example, two 30s ads into a single 60s., Irvine — Sr. Software Engineer

2005 - 2006

As a Senior Software Engineer I was responsible for feature development on a legacy system that was moving to best in class online ticketing. The system’s major customers included Major League Baseball, Disney, and the Olympics. Each of these required extremely customizable solutions on the system while being able to handle large spikes of traffic as ticket sales opened on given days and times.

eBuilt, Irvine— Sr. Software Engineer

2000 - 2005

Senior Software Engineers at eBuilt were responsible for meeting with various customers on a consulting basis, either working offsite to build custom, large scale solutions or onsite to provide technical leadership. On all projects this required deep diving with customers to understand and define the fundamental problems to solve and achieve the best results possible.

While I worked with several large customers, some highlights included:

Paul Merage School of Business, UC Irvine— Software Architect

1996 - 2000

I was one of the two software architects originally focused on the MBA school’s website and moved on to design and build a custom courseware system. This was an application for students, faculty, and staff to manage their schedules, build and take tests, and handle all course content. This was groundbreaking at the time and licensed to other business schools across the country. This work was spotlighted in CIO Magazine's “Top 50 Internet/Intranet” awards on  July 1st, 2000.

KUCI 88.9fm, UC Irvine— Computing Director

1996 - ~2015

As Computing Director, and one of the few paid employees of the non-profit radio station, I was in charge of all computing issues. This included DNS, web, mail, and streaming servers. Custom storage solutions for media. Building a custom MP3 stream recording solution for DJs to record and store their shows. Designing and deploying a fund drive system, including receiving donations, managing gifts, and handling reporting and donation letters.


University of California, Irvine — B.S. Information and Computer Science

1994 - 1998