PLAYLIST FOR Google Accessibility:  Explore

  1. Google Read and Write:  Basics, Quick Guide, Student-facing Tutorial, Introductions for Teachers
  2. Google Suite Tools:  Docs, Slides, Forms
  3. Hyperdocs and Multimedia Tech Set
  1. Make them more interactive rather than just one doc
  2. Kids doing things in groups
  3. Samples on Google Teacher Academy on hyperdocs
  1. Graphic organizer ideas
  1. Multimedia tech sets - slides, diagrams, flowcharts, anything else that can be digital
  1. Recommended tools to explore:
  1. Picture definitions:,
  2. Postit graphic organizer - printable fold-able
  3. Visual tracking:
  1. Beeline reader - fades into different colors, breaks up the black, people with dyslexia
  2. Mercury reader - streamline and make font larger and easier for them to read (especially if free version of texts)
  1. (Autopopulate based on drawings)
  2. For question:  who are the characters, and what is their relationship to one another?
  1. Character map
  2. Pictures from google for character; symbolstyx images for description
  1. For question:  discuss main events/summary of chapter 1; write in your reading log
  1. Adobe spark - create video
  2. Use template for tell me what you know
  3. - will summarize for you - copy/paste in text, then will summarize for you
  1. Louisiana Assistive Technology Institute’s:  UDL & Assistive Technology Recommendations

TASK FOR Google Accessibility:  Explore

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