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Healy with Catherine Star Luna
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Welcome to Healy

1. This is Healy! Series of 2-3 Minute Videos

2. Healy en Español! Videos Introducción

3. Healy Presentation in Under 30 Minutes

4. Intro to Energy Healing and Energy Medicine (First 44 Minutes) Second Half is Healy Presentation & Testimonials

5. What is Healy PDF Info Great simple information to be read for busy people and/or if you prefer reading to videos. 🙂

The Science Behind This Technology

1. Marcus Schmieke Explains the Science Behind Healy More specific to Healy

2. Marcus Schmieke Explains TimeWaver and Healy A little introduction and background of our company founder, inventor, physicist, Marcus as well as a beautiful tale of how TimeWaver and Healy were born along with a brief explanation of how they work. 

3. Why Choose Healy? Quantum Sensor Explained By Dr. Mike Curley This presentation explains the difference between the Healy technology and other frequency devices and zeros in on how its quantum sensor that no other device on the market has works.

4. Dr. Carolyn McMakin's Research with frequencies & Microcurrents VERY good video! Must Watch! The research and results this doctor gets studying frequency therapy for over 20 years is incredible! 

5. Healy Frequency Therapy Effect on Live Blood Observe Healy’s effect on live blood cells after just ONE hour of treatment.

6. Microcurrent Clinical Trials

Miscellaneous Information Of Interest

1. The Healy Experience Global FB Testimonial Group

2. Detailed Healy Program Overview (New) 

3. List of Healy Programs and Descriptions (Old)

4. Healy FDA Certificate of Approval

5. Quack Watch vs Healy


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