Black River Independent School Committee

  1. Call to Order
  1. 6:45pm

        Roll Call: Melissa Perrino, Venissa White, Suzy Buckley, Toby Milne, Craig

        Huttvater, Marissa Selleck

     B. Discussion of Agenda-Additions, Deletions

II. Approval of Minutes

  1. Minutes of 04/05/2018: Approved
  2. Minutes of 04/12/2018: Delayed, wait till next week’s meeting
  3. Minutes of 03/29/2018-Relocated and saved in appropriate folder in google account; reshared/emailed with rest of group to review

III. Public Comments, etc


IV. Business

  1. Updates:

i. Fundraising and Subcommittee Meeting: Melissa reached out but the overall

sentiment is we will need to hire someone professionally for this.

Craig will reach out and follow up with some contacts

ii. Special Education Follow Up Question for Tom Martin: Emailed Tom Martin on to confirm that Special Education costs in Vermont are provided by the State and district, not the school budget.

Answer-Tom Martin responded as follows:

The independent school will have to budget for Special Education.

The needed revenue for SPED services would be incorporated into the tuition rate set by the school.

In essence your annual budget will incorporate the costs for providing SPED services, i.e. staffing, materials, etc.  The school will be reimbursed for a portion of these costs.  This reimbursement is distributed by the Supervisory Union with the funds coming from the public school district.

It is important to understand that the reimbursement will not cover the total cost of operating the SPED program.  It is this deficit that the independent school absorbs in its operating budget.

There is much more background detail to this issue as SPED is a complex issue.

        iii. Zoning Commission Meeting of 04/17/2018: Marissa attended; spoke at the

        beginning to update Zoning Commission Board about our 501c3 approval, they

        asked how about our meetings, explained to board that we are covering a lot and

        moving along;

        -Community idea came forth strongly to partner with Okemo Valley Golf Course

        (a golf version of OMS); is this a possibility with our preference to be a middle

        ground of independent format and core course format, since we have not

        officially decided?  Should we invite OVGC member (or members of other

        potential collaborators) before we officially know what the school is? Might help if

        we have the other possible formats (schedules) to review;

        -Discussion concluded that it might be necessary to set a deadline to provide and

         select the format/schedule.

        iv. Graphic Designs Update: Reviewed images Melissa was able to capture

        (fantastic!); brief lesson on URLs and appropriate way to type them.

        * Favorable for the “Black River Academy I BR I Save the Presidents” and

        “established 1835 I BLACK RIVER ACADEMY I Save the Presidents.”

        Melissa found a great Etsy contact; reached out, waiting for official response.

        Discussion about how to use image with the building of Black River Academy;

        Suzy’s graphic designer contact through her mom is currently temporarily hard to

        reach; will follow up next week.

        v. Website Review w/ Toby: Reviewed the website on the smart screen; edited a

        few key points to be more positive/supportive of our purpose.

        Discussed garnering more support from that core group who advocated for “save

        our school”

B. Discussion

i. Calendar of Events: Email from BRACC, who felt their purpose was specifically about self-well being; suggested if we focused on that topic instead of BRISC we could attend.

Discussion about fitting it in or focusing our efforts for other specified events.

        Venissa made a motion we cancel BRACC attendance, Melissa seconded

ii. Swag: What items do we prefer to order?

        -Bracelets/Wristbands; Water Bottles; Koozies; Lanyards; Backpacks;

Can we find a good affiliate to work with for goods?

Reviewed some logo websites (ie:

-Discussion of what items to get and how to market it to really attract the students

        and draw them in (something funny & quirky, entertaining!)

        -Limited amount,

        Agreed to revisit this next week so we can order finally


        iii. Tri-Fold Brochure: Realized color scheme is hardly readable (contrast)

        -Keep consistent w/ mentions & design


V. Suggested Agenda Items for Next

        -Keeping time for meeting and agenda items

        -Selecting and Ordering Swag

        -Deadlines for school format ideas

        -Update on Trifold brochure from Marissa

        -Update from John on Resource Manager Contact

        -Update on financial/bank account paperwork from John with Heritage