Cheerleading Contract



Cheerleaders, by title, are “leaders’ and role models.  As a Buhach Colony High School Cheerleader, you are to embrace this role, keeping in mind that your actions are always visible to others and a representation of your school and Cheer Team. BCHS Cheerleaders uphold the high standards set for their school, and are fine examples for their fellow students at all times, on and off the field.


(absence lists will be checked on every practice and game/rally day)






Any violation of the Cheerleader Contract STANDARDS & EXPECTATIONS, including conduct deemed improper and unsuitable for a cheerleader may result in one or more of the following consequences, administered at the discretion of the cheerleading advisor and/or athletic director. Coaches and the advisor reserve the right, at any time, to remove a squad member from the team or bump them down to JV by exercising their better judgment, taking into consideration of any extenuating circumstances.

Coach’s Discretion: All BCHS Cheerleading standards, expectations, and consequences will be interpreted and carried out by BCHS cheer coaches, under the guidance of the Cheer advisor and BCHS athletic director. Interpretation of these rules is at the strict discretion of the BCHS cheerleading coaching staff.


        Practice 1 time = Benched for a quarter

        Practice 2 times = Don’t suit up for game; instead, work and help coaches

        Any Game  = Benched


        Practice 5 tardy = 1 missed practice

        Game Tardy = Benched

        2 absences* per sport = Removal from the team

o *not including excused absences due to illness with note from doctor


        GPA below 2.0 GPA /no more than one “F”; possibility of probation one time in 4 years. Suspension or removal of an ineligible player is a coach’s decision.

        Phone usage during practice or game = confiscation of phone until end of practice/game

        Bullying: If witnessed by coach, removal from the team

        Disrespectful/Rude/Use of Profanity during practice: One Warning

        Continued disrespect = Removal from practice; counts towards a missed practice; must sit out at next game not in uniform and work.

        Inappropriate Behavior or Substance Abuse: Removal from the team

        Inappropriate use of Social Media: If coaches see it, removal from the team.


2018 – 2019 Buhach Colony High School Cheerleading Contract

I,        , have read and understand the above

standards and expectations for participation on the Buhach Colony High School Cheerleading Team, and I accept them as governing my participation.

(Print cheerleader’s name)

I,_____________________________________________________________, parent of above cheerleader, declare that I have read all of the standards and expectations of this Buhach Colony High School Cheerleading Team and agree to all terms in support of my child’s participation.

(Print parent’s name)

Cheerleader’s Signature: _____________________________________________________    Date:  ______________        

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