Registration Instructions for 2017/2018: Player dues are being paid on payment plan

Who should use this document?

If you have registered your player for the 2017/2018 Season and are paying the dues on a payment plan, then you should follow the instructions below.

Why do I need to register again?

As part of the acquisition of Korrio by TeamSnap, the Korrio program registration system has been taken offline permanently.  While TeamSnap is an excellent team communication platform, it currently does not meet Capital FC’s needs for program registration and management. We have engaged a new vendor, LeagueApps, to support our program management.  Due to the timing of the Korrio acquisition, technology limitations, and privacy policies with respect to secure credit card information, we are requiring all players to be registered in the new system.  Any scheduled or scholarship payment arrangements previously made with CFC will be preserved in the new LeagueApps system.

What information do I need to start?

Before you start the registration you will need the following:

How long will the registration process take?

The entire registration process should take less than 20 minutes.

Registration Steps

  1. Use your browser to navigate to:
  2. Click on ‘Club Teams’ from the main menu

  1. Click on the ‘View Details’ black button

  1. You should see a list of programs marked by year.  These programs represent all teams that have players born in those years.  Click the program which corresponds to your player’s birth year (In the case where he/she is ‘playing up,’ click the program that corresponds to the team’s typical player birth year on which your player participates).  Click the black ‘Register’ button to continue.

  1. Create your account by filling in all required fields and then click on the black button “Create my account & go to next step.”

  1. Add a new player by clicking on “Add a new player” button and filling out the required information.  Email is not required.  Click on “Create Member.”

  1. IMPORTANT: If you have more than one player in CFC, go ahead and add all of them right now.  It will make future registrations much easier.
  2. Confirm that you are registering your player with the right program.  If correct, click on “Register <Player Name>”

  1. Select “Team Player”

  1. Select the Team for which you would like to register your player from the dropdown menu

  1. Once you select your team, the payment options will appear.  Scroll down and select the light blue button next to “Payment Plan - Registration Fee & Initial Installment Paid”

  1. Check the box agreeing to pay all installments

  1. Continue to fill out the requested information as well as read and accept the agreements.  Once completed, click on the black ‘Register for <program>’ button

  1. Confirm that the amount due is accurate for the next installment payment.  Then scroll down.  There is no need to enter credit card information at this point unless you want to pay the installment early.

  1. Click on “Skip / Pay Later”

  1. Click on ‘Go To Family Account Dashboard’

  1. Click on ‘Credit Card’

  1. Select ‘Add a Card’

  1. Enter valid credit card details.  This enable your payment to be automatically processed when the next installment payment is due.  You should get reminder emails when the payment is upcoming.