SARS Home Series Race Volunteer Positions

These are volunteer positions you can volunteer for at the races. Many positions are available to novices. Don’t worry, instructions will be given, and we will truly appreciate the job you do! If you do not know what to do, just contact the Volunteer Coordinator and he/she will be happy to put you to work. The seven positions of the Organizing Committee will be assigned to people with specific qualifications.

We have asked that each SARS family volunteer for positions at our races. Please refer to our Family Volunteer Policy to see how many days for which your family has committed. We will keep track of the volunteer days your family puts in this season. Our program survives on the countless hours that our parents and volunteers put in. We would like to thank you in advance for your dedication and help.

Positions Available (We will train you!)


Transports gear to start.  Start set up.  Gives the actual countdown or signal for each racer to start his/her race.

Assistant Starter

Calls the competitors to the start in their start order.  Enters their Bib # in wireless timing system.

Liner Upper

Assists in getting the racers into the start.

Time of Day (TOD)/Hand Timekeepers

These four positions, at the finish, use a time-of-day stopwatch and clipboard to hand record all starts/finishes.  Assist Bib Collector with bib transport back to lodge.

Timing Recorder

Assist with wireless timing and recording of times.

Bib Collector/Sorter

Collect bibs at the end of the second run.  After race, transport bibs to lodge with assistance from timekeepers.  Sort and return to bins.  Report any missing numbers to Courtney.

Course Maintenance Crew (Course Crew)

Assist with set up.  Meet at the clock tower at 8:45am. You will assist with snow and race course surface preparation and maintenance using snow rakes and shovels. Your job will also include extensive side slipping, both individually and as a group. Once the race starts, you may be assigned to monitor and repair a specific part of the course or work as a team. Prior to awards ceremony, assist with ceremony set up and breakdown.  Experience preferred, but training positions may be available.

All volunteers meet outside SARS Coaches Room at 8:30 am for volunteer meeting.