Skippers Staffing the Race Committee Boat as needed-2018


 Tune up race 5/22 Bob Gruen

Week 1 5/29  Larry  Bitters

Week 2 6/5 Mark Hanson

Week 3 6/12 Dan Goron

Week 4 6/19 Michael Laing

Week 5 6/26 Bill Wons

Week 6 7/3 Paul Joski

Week 7 7/10 Jeff Bonvallet


Week 1 7/17 Frank Green

Week 2 7/24 Mike Kessel

Week 3 7/31 Mike Ballard

Week 4 8/7 Jim Widen

Week 5 8/14 Brian Keller

Week 6 8/21 Don Girardi

Week 7 8/28 Chris Shaw

Week 8 9/4 Tom Pierquet (make up race)

Note: Directions for the use of flags and starting the race are in your sailing instructions on page 3. Also, there is an easy to read list of instructions on the boat.

It is your responsibility to check with Kim Hull (494-0611) and Pat Delforge (609-3050 or several days before the race to determine if staffing is needed. If you know that you will be unavailable you will need to find or switch with another skipper to take your place.