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2024/1/21 Small Group Discussion Questions
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Week of 1/21/2024



Cheering for a Generation

1 Samuel


The future of the Church has always been and will continue to be about feeding the next generation. This particular message in our Turnarounds series is focused on the younger generation. But, everything talked about applies to each generation. Also, those who are older have a responsibility to mentor and encourage those who are coming behind.

Before we get into the main discussion, let's talk about the trouble that can come when parents take an overly passive or overly protective approach to parenting. Start by reading 1 Samuel 8:1-3 and then discuss. (It’s probable that there are individuals in the group that range from not having children, to parents with kids in the home, to empty nesters. It’s important to hear from each of these perspectives).

Prayer Focus: Pray for the younger generations. That they wouldn’t cave to the world’s way, that they would find balance in their faith, and that they wouldn’t allow their insecurities to keep them from the fullness of life the Lord has for them.