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Stakeholder Wireframe Feedback


To determine and review the needs of our stakeholders, to collect and analyze their feedback and to monitor their satisfaction.

Due Date

Tuesday, Aug 21st

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Designer/Dev Notes

Comments from the meeting

[Stakeholder name redacted]

Concerns for Website Ranking →  if the new website will change the current ranking.

The National Advocates’ current Domain Authority: 33

Domain Authority (DA) is a search engine ranking score developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs).

A DA score ranges from one to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank.

Comments from the meeting

[Stakeholder name redacted]

Attorney Referral

Users will have the ability to send an email but it will be a ‘catch all’ email.

I will discuss with Devs to see if for Phase 1, we can modify the form to allow users to:

  • Select Subject type
  • Select Legal Issue

Desk drive-by

[Stakeholder name redacted]

Attorney Profiles

Need to figure out how to start formatting profiles early. Working on

[name redacted]

I think I remember someone mentioning that the Trial Lawyers Summit is not necessarily an event for advocates. If that is the case, which events should we feature? (Food for thought)


Slide 16, Mobile Home page

-not sure name search should be so prominent… never loved it on other sites… rather have a link to a map or some other draw. Don’t love just a type in.  I like the call to action, but I’m not sure the call to action is a type search.  Need to DISCUSS

-NOTE: love the “join” at the top. Also love the words under “America’s premier attorneys"

-Logo must be big as possible!  Just a forewarning.

-Also, must be clear about the practice areas… what are the _____ top 100.  Minority, consumer lawyers, etc…

The idea for the search field is to function as a 'search combo box'.

A 'search combo box' is more dynamic than a simple search field.
It allows users to type in 'plain language' keywords (divorce, family, debt, credit card, etc.), and then the related practice area will display.

My assumption is that Searchers might find the 'map directory' options confusing without full understanding of what it means to be a Top 100 or Top 40 Under 40.

I'm assuming that selecting a legal issue is more clear and important.

I'm also assuming that users might click 'Top 40 Under 40' because the number sounds like a shorter list to look through (but it's not).

Having a 'search combo box' could also help us discover more about our users.
It could potentially help with SEO → figuring out what keywords user's search for.

Phase 1 of Development will use our current site functionality so we have plenty of time to discuss.


Slide 17, Mobile Search

-Not sure about the search changes. [name redacted] (and I) like the map interaction. And a click through filtration instead of a pick list.  For example, 40 under 40 of top 100… pick a practice area… pick a state/city… etc. The less typing, the better on both mobile and desktop. Need to DISCUSS

-LOVE the save feature and LOVE the look of the mobile profiles.

-like the new map.  Like being able to see where they are, BUT [name redacted] and I love to see a state/territory breakout map.

The current 'filtration' flow could be a bit more efficient and consolidated into one experience.
Currently, if the user wants to modify the results, they have to click the back button a few times to get back to that filter screen. Plus, their choices aren't saved so basically they are starting over.

I'm proposing combo boxes (with auto-complete functionality) for the directory.
Users can either scroll through and select an item, or type in a few letters to get through the list faster.

When you have too many items in a menu list, it becomes difficult to scan and navigate.
Having this functionality will make the search quick and easy.

We could also try to implement auto-detection. That way, state and city will automatically be selected

Phase 1 of Development will use our current site functionality so we have plenty of time to discuss.


Slide 18, Attorney Profile Card

-Like the look and clean nature.  How much could we add or change to the card view? Would like it to be malleable if possible

We don't want to overwhelm the user with too much information or overstimulate their eyes.

We can add or change the content to whatever → as long as the card is easy to scan for relevant information.

The goal is to make the users WANT to view more.

We need them to tap/click through so we can track visitors viewing each profile.


Slide 20, Desktop Home Page

-CTA question the same as mobile.  I’m not sure the simple search bar is the best way to primarily interact. I think it must be there, but is it our primary CTA?

-Need to clarity what “Receive an invite?” means here.  I thought it meant, I want to receive an invite.  Really like the idea and the prompt to invitees though.

-LOGO!  This must be big.  Also must be very very clear about what practice areas we are covering and who we are trying to promote. What areas or law, etc..

-May want a call to action for potential clients… either at the top or somewhere powerful in the home page.

We can try different text/copy →  “Ready to join?”

And on the Join page (below the form) we can supply links to

  • Membership page
  • Inquirer form (for those who want to join but haven’t been nominated)

“Clear about what practice areas we are covering and who we are trying to promote” - got it! Will do.

Call to action for potential clients - which one? Searchers or Inquirers?


Slide 21, Membership Directory

-so… I think this all looks great, but I never really liked a complex left filter bar.  Want to make this as simple as possible.  Less is more.  Interactive and pretty.

-National territory selection map… how do we keep it?  Is it important?  Old school [name redacted] and [name redacted] have always liked it, but it doesn’t need to hold us back.  

-Either way… want to start with interactivity that’s not a filter or search bar.  Maybe just Q&A instead of a Map or search bar.  Just a thought.

It probably looks complex because all the fields are expanded but it's basically the same forms we have now → just stacked vertically.

I only added filters for Groups (Top 100, Top 40) and Languages.

I added the Group filter so that Members could easily filter through their groups and find specific Members.

I added Languages because I found out that having foreign language skills can help set attorneys apart. (A benefit for Members and Searchers).

Practice Areas (should say Legal Issues), State, City is what we currently have.

I agree that the search should be simple.
Maybe the wireframes make it look complex, I can rework that and also find a way to make it appear simpler.

National Territory Selection Map --> I'm proposing a map to replace our current one.
I find it a bit more user-friendly. I can demo it for you if you like.
I believe it's still up for discussion with the developers.


Slide 22, Member Profile Page

-Profile looks freaking awesome.

-Want to use colors and/or larger print or some banner to show what the practice area is.  Make it a little different for each or just throw up some graphics or just a big image.



“About” Page

-Need some work to make this more interactive or more informative or both. Not in love with it as it stands.



“Membership” Main page

-“Join” may need to say “nominate.”

-”Benefits” tab is strong. Would like to change the name to “Member Value.”  would like to get everyone else’s thoughts though.  Need to really focus on content here. Needs a lot of thought and work.