School Council Minutes, March 8, 2018

In Attendance: Hugo McCarthy, Carla Roberts, Lynette Samuelson, Janet Bartlett, Christine Rideout, Tanya Jarvis Sala, Owen Bartlett, Lauren Tschaja, Verna Hancock

1. Welcome and acceptance of the minutes of last meeting.

2. Standing Business

A. Principal’s Update:

- School departments are currently reviewing and revising action plans for school development; where we are now, and where we are heading as the school year proceeds to June. A final report from all departments will be submitted from each department in June.

- The course registration process for incoming grade 10’s from our feeder schools has begun, and the Parent/Guardian meeting was held on March 1 here in the gym. Course registration for our current grade 10’s and 11’s will occur from March 19-23. Registration sheets are going out to students next week.

- Some events which have occurred in our school recently were very successful: The ski day to White Hills saw a full bus-load of students attend. Pink Day occurred on February 28th where the guest speaker was Lynelle Cantwell from Torbay. The Red Cross donated t-shirts for every student and staff member, and the Beyond the Hurt group had a speaking role at the assembly.

- Other upcoming events include the Chapter’s Night organized by the Social Justice Group, and a cross-curricular project involving a school in Russia and students here at PWC. The Student Council Semi-Formal will be upcoming on March 22nd, and a Literature fair will take place on March 26 for Level 1’s, March 27 for Level 2’s, and March 28 for Level 3’s. All students will prepare and present a project that will be judged according to a specific rubric.

 - PWC will soon be receiving installation of 650 new lockers, a project to begin in about 3 weeks.

B. Student Council Update:

- All bathroom stalls now have functioning locks.

- A Pep Rally committee is to be formed with Ed Buckingham as teacher sponsor. Tech reps have also been approached about joining the committee and they are hoping to have something planned for after Easter break.

- Majority of plans have been made for the Semi-formal such as food, décor, entertainment but the student council is now ironing out the finer details. Ticket sales have started already at a cost of $10 for the early bird rate, and after the 15th, the price will increase to $15 per person or 4 for $50.

- Drama Fest is happening next week. On Wednesday, March 14th, 14 students will be performing at the LSPU Hall.

- A bake sale will be held on March 14th to help raise funds to contribute to the March on Washington by a group of students from Florida.

- The Fine Arts trip to New York City will take place over Easter Break. This trip was open to any student who wished to go.

C. Fund Development Committee:

- The meeting for the committee was cancelled last Monday but will be rescheduled soon.

D. Prom:

- All plans are moving along well. A decorator will be meeting with teacher sponsor, Karen Eaton, to discuss details and ticket prices will be finalized when all quotes for expenses come in. Due to the full meal this year, prices may be slightly higher but the goal is to continue with socially-just prices as in past years so that all students can enjoy the night.

E. Teacher Appreciation Luncheon:

- Lunch will be served by the school council to teachers and staff on May 12th during the professional development day.

3. New Business

- There is a high absenteeism rate from some members on school council who often provide no indication of whether they plan to attend. There are no formal rules around this for our council but perhaps in June, we could set out the expectations for council meetings going forward.

Meeting adjourned at 5:15 pm. Next scheduled meeting will be April 12.