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COVID-19 | Research, Innovation and Internationalisation | University of Johannesburg (UJ)
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COVID-19 | Research, Innovation and Internationalisation

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1. Research and Innovation

Research projects relating to COVID-19

The Gauteng Department of Health (GDoH) has requested that all COVID-19 research and other projects be registered. Like all research projects the university project approval and ethical clearance processes do apply. Please refer to the call. Submissions are being coordinated through the Research Office, please contact Dr Carol Nonkwelo, Executive Director: Research and Innovation.

List of ongoing COVID-19 activities (as submitted to the Research Office).


Due to the nationwide lockdown, the National Research Foundation (NRF) has extended its March closing dates to Mayl 2020. The UJ Internal Closing Dates for the funding opportunities listed below have been extended as indicated.

  1. Travel, Training and Conference Grants: UJ Internal closing date - Monday, 17 August 2020

  1. Research Grants - Thuthuka Budget Motivations (closed call for current grantholders)

 Call opens on 6th July 2020

UJ Internal closing date - Wednesday, 16th September 2020

The Call is open for Thuthuka grant-holders for continued funding in 2021.

Grant-holders awarded funding for this year and eligible for funding in 2021 must complete the Budget Motivation process.

The new Thuthuka grant awards that started in 2020 are for 3 years (or shorter if requested by the applicant) and are no longer required to submit a budget motivation.

  1. Research Grants - International: Call opens on 1st August 2020

 UJ Internal closing date - Friday, 18 September 2020

Internal closing date is Tuesday, 20th October 2020

Customised Programmes:

 Knowledge Fields Development Grant - Internal date on the 15th of every month.

Please adhere to the UJ Internal closing dates to allow sufficient time for internal screening and amendments. NO late applications will be accepted after the closing date. Applications must be submitted through the NRF Online submission system at


NRF Communique

Communication from the NRF on:

  1. Operations and key matters during the COVID-19 lockdown

(2)   Frequently Asked Questions document (FAQ)


For invention disclosures during the lockdown period, innovators can log these on the Inteum portal Any queries can be sent to Ms Varonique De La Rey at email address


Supporting material: Document 1 and Document 2

2. Library and Information Centre (LIC)

The University of Johannesburg Library continues to function normally, except that we cannot  issue print books.

We are offering numerous online training sessions and online support from librarians.

Please note that while the UJ Library is zero rated, articles and books you make use of are not zero rated.

2.1     How to Find Information Easily

The librarians created short two-minute online videos to help you navigate our online library resources. The videos are available to download from our library’s website:

2.2     Postgraduate Support

Online group training sessions for postgraduate students on referencing, how to do detailed searches, and how to improve your writing are being hosted.  To receive email alerts on the upcoming Library workshops please enrol in the Postgraduate Library Support Community module (CM0323) on Blackboard. Also see /UJ-LIC-PG-Apr2020.

All the librarians are online and ready to help you with any queries you might have.  Find the contact details of the librarians here:  

2.3     Undergraduate Support

We have two key ways in which we support undergraduate students. The first is through our subject guides that are continually updated and provide access to the information and resources you need to do your assignments. Find the LibGuides here:  

The second is information literacy training sessions are done live via Zoom (online video communication platform).  A schedule of the dates, time and themes are published on the students’ Blackboard Learning Organisation, the library’s website and various social media platforms. 

Recorded videos are available to download from our library’s website: online-training.aspx

 2.4.     Useful Online Resources

The UJ Library is perfectly positioned to assist you in the online environment as almost 80% of our most current holdings are online and 50% of all our information resources are electronically available.

UJoogle is the best place to start searching for library resources as you can access most of the UJ Library content with a single search. This includes e-books and articles as well as access to reputable open access information.

Databases the UJ Library subscribes to an extensive collection of databases, providing access to content on various topics. Databases contain in-depth information on specific topics and now also include open access content.

UJ Institutional Repository (IR)  gives you all the scholarly research output of UJ, including theses and dissertations. We currently have 21 631 items in the repository.

Research Data Management (RDM) assistance with research data management is available via our FigShare system to ensure that researchers have an environment to manage their research data according to the agreement with the funding entities. For more information contact Tyson Mabunda

2.5.     Archives and Special Collections

The University of Johannesburg Library’s Special Collections comprises primary source material and rare books.  Find our digital Archives and Special Collections here: Pages/default.aspx 

2.6     Online Events:

The UJ Library continues to provide a stimulating environment for debate and engagement with topical issues to students, staff and external stakeholders on a virtual platform using Zoom. To join please see our website for upcoming events:

3. Postgraduate School

Research Capacity Development (RCD)

For research supervisors 

The Postgraduate School invites academic staff and Postdoctoral Fellows to apply for the 2021 Postgraduate Diploma in Research Supervision. Closing date: 30 October 2020. Click here for more information about the programme and the application process.

Crafting an article (Writing for Publication)

'Crafting an article' is available now on Blackboard. This Mini course is most suitable for those who have already written a draft of a research article, or who have completed the previous two mini courses in the writing for publication series. It provides guidance on refining the argument, ensuring overall coherence, incorporating visual elements, strengthening the conclusion, and editing and proofreading.

Please note that this is a self-access course, which you can do in your own time. Commentary instead of individualised feedback is provided on activities.

For postgraduate researchers

Online support for postgraduates includes the following downloadable workshop recordings and related resources which can be accessed from the Research Capacity Development Community Module in Blackboard (CM 0283):

Using ATLAS.ti Mobile (Session 15 April 2020)

Using ATLAS.ti Cloud  (Session 16 April 2020)

Synthesis in the Literature Review (Session 23 April 2020)

Research Ethics Part 1

A new self-access online workshop ‘Getting started as a scholarly writer’ is available on Blackboard. This is the first of a five-part workshop series focused on writing for publication. The aim of the series is to provide support for postgraduate researchers who are new to the process of planning and writing articles for publication in academic journals.

A new online short course on NRF grant applications started in May. This course is aimed at assisting postgraduate students who plan to apply for postgraduate research funding after the recently released NRF call. It will take potential NRF funding applicants through the intricacies of the NRF application process, and guide them in developing the content of their own applications in time for them to meet the June submission deadlines.

Individual research writing consultations continue to be held via Blackboard Collaborate Ultra. To book, email

For queries, please contact  the relevant person listed below by email.

Leone Michaels
Postgraduate Student Experience Coordinator

Tebogo Mokgokong
Supervision Enrichment Coordinator

Liz Brenner
Course Leader: Postgraduate Diploma in Research Supervision

Mr Patrick Healy
Research Writing Consultant

Postgraduate Fund Management (PFM)

Please visit for a detailed overview of all the current open calls fir funding.

UJ Merit Bursary

The UJ Merit Bursary is awarded directly to the student in response to his/her application.
Click here to download the application form.

NRF Postgraduate Scholarships 2021

Below are University of Johannesburg internal cut-off dates for applications and the applicants must abide by the below dates. NO LATE APPLICATIONS WILL BE ACCEPTED 

Funding Opportunity

Funding Year

UJ internal closing date

Extension Support for Masters and Doctoral Studies


Monday,  20 July 2020

First-time Doctoral Scholarships

(Including SARAO Doctoral Scholarships)


Sunday, 28 June 2020

First-time Masters Scholarships

(Including SARAO Masters Scholarships)


Sunday, 28 June 2020

Honours Scholarships


Saturday, 31 October 2020

SARAO Honours Scholarships


Wednesday, 05 August 2020

NRF-Nuffic Doctoral Scholarships (Split-site)


Sunday, 28 June 2020

Please refer to the application and funding documents when completing the online application form at every step of the process.

General Application Guide 2020

Postgraduate Scholarships Application and Funding Framework 2021

Funding Guide 2020

Frequently Asked Questions

SARAO HCD Applications for Honours Scholarships for 2021 Application Guide

SARAO HCD Applications for Masters Scholarships for 2021 Application Guide

SARAO HCD Applications for Doctoral Scholarships for 2021 Application Guide

For enquiries, applicants' can contact the Postgraduate School office at UJ. Below are the contact persons and details:

Mr Thabiso Masango:
011 559 3780

Ms Charlotte Motinyane:

011 559 4530

Mr Tshediso Msibi:

011 559 3780

The Mandela Scholarship

Available for students who will study for Master's degree at the University of Sussex.

Students who are eligible for the scholarship are required to complete the online application form.

The closing date for applications is on the 26th of April 2020.

For more details about the scholarship, liaise directly with Karabo Mphogo and +27 12 843 6856.

UJ Honours Bursaries

Click here to view the poster

Click here to view the application form and agreement

 For all other scholarship related queries kindly, see below


Statistical consultation service (STATKON) support during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown

The Statistical Consultation Service (STATKON) provides support for postgraduate students and UJ researchers conducting quantitative research projects. Projects can include either purely quantitative designs or mixed methods research designs. Support is provided during specific phases of the research cycle, specifically during the:

·       Design phase: Research and questionnaire design (including development of an analysis plan)

·       Data collection phase: Preparation and administration of online surveys for research projects

·       Data capture phase: Preparation of data capture forms and receipt of data in electronic format

·       Data analysis and write up phase: Statistical analysis and related feedback

·       Post-review and/or post-examination phase: Support dealing with critique from reviewers/examiners

Most of the support services offered by STATKON will continue during the covid-19 pandemic lockdown. Support is offered on an appointment basis and consultants from the service will facilitate these appointments via Zoom, Skype and/or WhatsApp while lockdown conditions are in place. Virtual appointments may be extended beyond lockdown to ensure health and safety of researchers and consultants.

Are you new to STATKON services?

If you are a postgraduate student or UJ researcher who has not made use of STATKON services before but you need support for any of the phases of the research cycle mentioned above please contact to find out more about the Service and to schedule an appointment with a consultant.

Do you have an existing project for which you are already receiving support from STATKON?

If you are a postgraduate student or UJ researcher who has an existing project for which you are receiving support from STATKON please contact the consultant working with you on your project directly.

Do you have a new project for which you need STATKON support?

If you are a postgraduate student or UJ researcher who has made use of STATKON services and you have a new project for which you would like our support, please contact to schedule an appointment with a consultant.

Contact details for STATKON and specific consultants

To find out about our conditions of service and to book an appointment for support for quantitative research please contact the Statistical Consultation Service as follows:

Mr Lesley Moyo (administrator):

Should you need to contact a specific consultant for support on an existing project, contact details are as follows:

Dr Richard Devey (Director):

Mrs Jaclyn de Klerk (Senior statistical consultant):  

Mr Anesu Kuhudzai (Statistical consultant):

Mrs Juliana van Staden (Statistical consultant):

For queries related to funding please contact; for postdoctoral research fellows queries contact ppanday, for statistical support services contact and please look at our website for daily updates  

4. Internationalisation / International Office (IO)


As far as possible the Division for Internationalisation or International Office wants to maintain business as usual during this difficult and unusual time. It is important that our staff, students and international partners have access to the services and resources offered by the International Office during the lockdown period and beyond.

The International Office is responsible for driving the Internationalisation strategy of the University of Johannesburg, please visit our main website for a comprehensive outline of how we achieve these goals.

The Head of the International Office is Prof. Ylva Rodny-Gumede,, please feel free to contact her for any queries or questions related to the internationalisation project of the university.

Importantly during this time we continue to give support with regard to:

International admissions and registration of students with a particular focus on our online programmes. Contact person Mr Tshidiso Konese, 

Student welfare to assist international students in South Africa and in residences on or off campus. Contact person Ms Shantelle Sass,    

Partnerships and research collaborations. Contact person Prof. Judy Peter, 

Student and staff mobility including virtual mobility and online facilitation. Contact person Mr Lebethe Malefo,

Visa Queries. The Department of Home Affairs is not accepting applications for visas, new or renewal during this period. The government is also not adjudicating any visas previously submitted.  Only once the lockdown is lifted will these services resume. Persons with vIsas that are expiring will be granted temporary extension until they are able to submit. For further information please see For any additional queries regarding visas or immigration please contact  Mr Lebethe Malefo,

Queries regarding international visits and delegations including scheduling of online  meetings and engagements. Contact person Mr Ismail Badrudin, 

And even though working remotely is becoming a way of life and more and more work is being conducted off campus, the COVID-19 outbreak is an unusual situation so please remember we are here to assist and happy to also help you connect with staff and support functions within the university such as Psycad and Wecare.


In addition we have listed a few resources below that we hope you will find useful.


As per the main UJ COVID-19 site there are several tools and resources available for working remotely see


For additional support with regards to research and international collaborations internally and externally see:


5. Strategic Initiatives and Administration (SIA)

5.1 The DHET University Capacity Development Grant: Support for Research Capacity Development

The call for applications is open

Application forms & documents can be downloaded from this link via drop box- or accessed via Microsoft Teams under PUBLIC GROUP: DHET University Capacity Development Grant (UCDG)

Contact person: Ms Julie Cordier,


irsDRF engagement session on the topic Beyond the Postdoc Tenure. This event is scheduled to take place via webinar on Microsoft Teams on Thursday 16 April 2020 from 10:00am to 11:30am. Dr Martha Bradley, Lecturer in the Department of Public Law at University of Pretoria, Dr Samson Masebinu, Lecturer in the Department of Chemical Engineering Technology at University of Johannesburg and Dr Sumayya Mieta, Post-doctoral Research Fellow in the Faculty of Health Science at University of Johannesburg will be the Presenters.  Please RSVP using this link:


To join the session please click on this link: Join Microsoft Teams Meeting


Dr Carol Nonkwelo, Executive Director: Research and Innovation

Prof Maria Frahm-Arp, Executive Director: Library and Information Centre (LIC)

Prof Shireen Motala, Senior Director: Postgraduate School (PGS)

Prof Ylva Rodny-Gumede, Senior Director: Internationalisation

Dr Linda Mtwisha, Senior Director: Strategic Initiatives and Administration (SIA)