Sexy Vegan is my legal name & I am a independent, write-in 2020 Presidential Candidate endorsed by NPR & that endorsement is on my site

Sexy Vegan’s 2020 Presidential Policies

These are also articulated on track 12 of my 3rd album

‘Dr. PhiL Fame’ (which is on Apple Music & other platforms)

  1. Legalization of victimless crimes...currently 2/3rds of the inmate population are there for victimless crimes such as drugs and prostitution and it costs an estimated $20k a year to incarcerate someone while it only costs an estimated $6k to place someone on house arrest.  So, with the money saved from liberating the individuals who are incarcerated for victimless crimes such as drugs, prostitution and indescent exposure that revenue can easily pay for apartments for all currently homeless people as well as pay for public, 1 person at a time restrooms every so often w/multiple restrooms, like half a dozen where there is a toilet, sink and it is like a separate room for privacy.  The reason for the half dozen at each juncture is so people will not need to be rushed. These will be every half mile so that when people need to go they will not have to burden the business’, buy something they don’t need just to use customer only restrooms and they will not have to be rushed or have the lack of privacy of typical restrooms.  

With drugs, prostitution and nudity legalized you take the power out of the hands of the cartels, know what you are getting and individuals who use can pay much less, parts of Mexico where cocaine is decriminatized the price is only $5 a gram and back when I used to use cocaine the price was $50 a gram.  Prostitution is known as the oldest profession and incidents of rape would go way down if individuals could pay in a competitive marketplace to have their sexual desires met.  Currently sex workers are very rude often times and charge insane rates plus will often post dated pics and it is uncear what will occur because being straight forward can be challenging due to the current illegal status.  WHen legalized, customers can make an informed decision on their purchase and go to Walmart and the workers are there and the process is not expensive for the customers and not degrading for the workers.  Legalization of nudity is what god wants, the bible is proof of that cause it was the devil who told Adam and Eve they were naked and God disagreed yet society has just decided to side with the devil on this issue which is dumb. Animals are naked, nudity is natural and acting as if nudity is wrong is very unnatural and sick of a society to due and really sides with what the devil wants over god and jesus.

  1. Jails and Prisons will be phased out because being around other law breakers is a bad influence so if one breaks the new laws then the law breaker will be placed on house arrest where they will not be able to leave their home and this will be enforced in a secure fashion and government official guards shall deliver necessities.  
  2. Any intentional captivity of any innocent living beings shall be made illegal effective immediately via executive order and this includes mandatory ventilation as to not trap insects, I shall call this the “freedom for all Act”. A new normal shall be established where no sealing of anything is allowed and regulations will require a space for insects to come and go as to not trap them.  Dog Poo bags will not be allowed because the insects go on the poo and then when tied the insect is trapped, plus it is idiotic to stink up the trash and fill landfills with stinky poo when you can just flush it down the toilet.  Caps must be left of beverage containers and food containers must provide ventilation as well. People who think this makes food items go bad are mistaken because look at ball point pens.
  3. Animal Testing of any kind shall be instantly illegal
  4. No more trash, everything must be recycled and landfills will immediately cease to exist.  
  5. Age of consent shall be universalized at 16 (currently the state of consent varies by state from 16-18 w/most states at 16 (30) and this creates confusion so I would universalize it plus if you are old enough to risk killing someone in a car you are old enough to consent to sex.
  6. Plan B shall be made available for free to prevent unwanted pregnancy & abortions shall be made illegal without the need for late term abortions, attaining it easily plus education of public shall be done.
  7. Assisted suicide shall be legalized

THe ambiance of society shall be one of non judgemental funness and not one of intimidation

  1. Pesticides shall be made illegal & everything must be organic because pesticides cause insects to slowly die and suffer plus are bad for the environment and bad for all who consume them. Organic only
  2. Plastic bags shall be illegal, they are bad for the environment, trap insects, animals get caught in them, hampers with ventilation shall be used with no bags