Chiefs Rugby Club affirms its commitment to the equal treatment of all and will not tolerate discrimination on the grounds of age, ethnic origin, gender, gender reassignment, disability including, physical impairment, learning needs, mental health status or sensory impairment, class or social background, religion/belief, sexual orientation, marital or family status, pregnancy, colour or political persuasion or trade union membership or by any other condition or requirement which cannot be shown to be justifiable

1.        The key principles of the Chiefs Rugby Club Equal Opportunities Policy are:

        acknowledging the right to dignity and respect of every human being.

  1.  The Chiefs Rugby Club will provide information and updates in relation to any changes in legislation or policy changes by the governing body that could impact on the policies and practices of the club. This club agrees to implement such policies

3.         This Club will ensure all players, match officials, coaches, or volunteers are aware of this policy and the endorsement that the club has given.

4   This Club supports the principles of Equal Opportunities. This club will take appropriate actions following reports of discrimination, harassment or abusive language throughout the game.

5        Further advice on Equality and Diversity can be obtained from:


Signed on behalf of the Club by President                                                                                                

Name Janet Kean