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Rasa Healing, LLC Candice A. Rasa, LCSW, IET

What are the Akashic records?

• It is a frequency of energy that holds the record of all of your current and past life lessons, patterns, challenges, joys, etc. You can think of it as a divine library of information. It holds the records of roles and people as well as gifts and talents, fears and unresolved karma. It is your divine right to enter your own records and seek information in order to facilitate alignment, peace and harmony in this life.

• Akashic records are available to all who seek them. Religious affiliation does not affect a person’s right to access the record or to have their records opened. “Akasha,” is a Sanskrit word meaning “primary substance” and “ether/space” – that out of which all things are formed. The record is known in every spiritual tradition and is not religion specific.

What to Expect

• During your records session various masters, angels, messengers, teachers, guides and deceased loved ones may come through to communicate and answer your questions.

• It is a channeled practice, where I translate information from the Akashic Record and share it with you.

• The session is like a divine conversation amongst you and your healing teachers and is a powerful tool to understand yourself and your life patterns. It is often described as an experience that will be healing, spiritual, moving, insightful and empowering.

Asking Questions

• You have the right to ask anything you want. However, questions supporting your highest and best healing are ideal. Please always come with written questions as this supports the intention setting and theme of your appointment.

• It is best to ask one question at a time, rather than two questions in one sentence, this way you get clear and precise answers. You can always ask follow up questions in the moment on any answers you receive that you want more clarity on.

• List questions in order of importance so we ensure that all of your pressing questions are covered in the time slot.

Sample Questions-Feel free to add/delete

• What gifts or talents do I have from a past life that I am not currently utilizing in this life?

• What is my biggest block right now?

• What strength or asset do I have that is helping me with this block?

• What healthy or unhealthy patterns am I experiencing now?

• How can I heal or shift that pattern/block right now?

• What am I learning from my current relationship with (name of person)?

• Why am I so (feeling or fear you may have)?

• Can you show me a past life or pattern where my fear of ____comes from?

• How can I heal or shift my karmic relationship with (name of person)?

• I have been coping with (name of pattern here). Where does this pattern come from?

• I have been coping with (unexplained or persistent physical ailment or pain or emotional condition). Can you show me a past life where this stems from?

• What’s the most important thing for me to know right now?

• What are the main lessons I am learning right now?

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