Zone 5 (Greater Western Sydney) Bowling Association

Executive meeting

Video Conference (Zoom) Wednesday 20th June, 2018

Meeting opened:        6pm

Present:        Andrew Frater, Col Crossingham, Col Appleby, Alex Matheson, Ted Ryan

Apology:                Matt Slager, Stephen Della

Previous minutes:        Moved by Andrew Frater, seconded by Ted Ryan that the minutes of 24th May be received as a true and accurate record of the meeting. CARRIED

Business arising:

Col C confirmed the Zoom subscription has been upgraded to allow unlimited time for meetings and that there has been a Match meeting and a Selector meeting held using the facility as well.


Chris Gillespie, Sue Robinson, Geoff Watts, statement by Chris Gillespie.

Bowls NSW Circular 13/2018 - 2018/19 Annual membership fees increase by 1.9%

Bowls NSW Circular 14/2018 - Bowls NSW State Selectors Committee


All reports have been removed from the meeting pack. Anyone wishing to have access to any report should contact the Zone Secretary.

Moved by Alex, seconded by Andrew that all reports be accepted. CARRIED

Agenda items:

4. The process for lodging expense claims was revisited and all present agreed that as long as the person approving the claim has their name on the claim a physical signature was not necessary. The agreed process was that sports committee members submit their claims to the relevant chairman who would, if satisfied the claim is genuine, type their name and date at the bottom of the claim as the Approving Officer and forward via email to the Treasurer. In the case of Executive members their claims should be sent to the President for approval. Any claim by the President should be sent to the Zone Secretary for approval and forwarding to the Treasurer.

5. The AGM timetable was discussed and it was resolved that the consideration of nominations for sports committees would be carried out at the Executive meeting just prior to the AGM as long as at least four (4) of the existing Executive members were going to re elected unopposed. If that is not the case the considerations would be carried out at the Executive meeting following the AGM with the new Executive members.

6. The disciplinary committee was touched on and it was resolved that committees would be formed on an as required basis when the need arises.

7. Col C requested that the number of members on the Match Committee be increased from four (4) to five (5). The request was put forward as a consequence of the recent pennant finals when three of the committee members were unavailable to assist with the conduct of the event. The request was approved by the Executive members present.

General business

Ted raised the issue of the situation between Chris Gillespie from Kingswood and Louise Shorter from Glenbrook. It was resolved that this was a personal matter and beyond the realms of the Zone Executive.

The situation with Chris Gillespie and his alleged actions during the Junior Championships was discussed and it was resolved that the matter be noted and no further action was warranted. Chris is permitted to coach the Kingswood junior fours side at Warilla with the approval of Kingswood Men's Bowling Club.  

There being no further business the meeting was closed at 6.44 pm.

Next meetings:


Wednesday, 18th July, 2018, 6pm via video conference.


Sunday 24th June, 2018, 10am at Campbelltown City Bowling Club.

Andrew Frater                                                21st June, 2018

Zone 5 President                                        Date

 Executive Minutes