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DCC Code of Ethics for Members
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Denali Chamber of  Commerce

 Code of Ethics for Members


To preserve the reputation of the Denali Chamber of Commerce and its partnerships; to promote economic growth throughout the region; and to guide our actions in business, we hereby promise to abide by the DCC Code of Ethics that values the following:

  1. Provide customers with exceptional customer service to ensure customer satisfaction, and provide information on other products, services, businesses  or attractions when requested.
  2.  Treat all other partners of DCC courteously, ethically and professionally.
  3. Partners provide a clean and well-maintained business and ensure that customers feel welcome and encouraged to return at a future date.
  4. Handle all inquiries, requests, transactions, correspondence and complaints promptly and fairly, and abide by all applicable federal, state and municipal laws.
  5. Maintain all operating licenses, permits, registrations and insurance required by applicable law or regulation for the business.
  6. Exercise truth in all promotional materials concerning business, services and or amenities provided.
  7. Promotional material supplied to DCC must have appropriate content for all audiences. Use of promotional material provided is at the discretion of DCC..

I understand it is the policy of DCC to investigate all complaints that allege a partner has acted against the DCC Code of Ethics agreement, including engagement by partner businesses or their employees in acts of impropriety or the appearance of impropriety, or in any conduct that might adversely affect the well being and reputation of Denali Chamber of Commerce or prove detrimental to the mission statement and goals of the organization.


I promise to abide by the Code of Ethics established by the Denali Chamber of Commerce.


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