God-King Skovald


Forged with Jeff Reynolds and Kristen Ashton


King of the Vrykul on the Broken Isles, God-King Skovald earned this title by murdering his father and brothers. During this time, he also allied himself with the Legion, an act that disgusted his mother so much she disowned him with her dying breaths.

Now the unchallenged king, Skovald gained entrance to the Halls of Valor only through perverting the age old trials many before him faced. During this, adventurers tried to keep up, eventually fighting him one-on-one. Before defeat, he left the challengers on his drake, telling them it was his right to have the Aegis of Aggramar and there was nothing they could do to stop him...

...Until they showed up at the Halls of Valor and did just that, killing him and finally bringing an end to the destruction he brought upon his people.

Jeff’s Choices





Trait- “God King”

I really want this Skovald kit to feel like he is a massive tank with the ability to block incoming damage and mitigate the damage that is being dealt to him as well. This trait “God King” increases Skovalds health with fel magic depending on the amount of enemy heroes that are near him. The range of this aura would be about the size of a lane.

Mount- “Vaengir” Skovald’s Storm Drake Mount

Q- “Aegis of Aggramar”

One of the Pillars of Creation; the Aegis of Aggramar protects its wielder with the might of the titans- and in the nexus the Aegis is in the possession of the God King Skovald. This ability allows Skovald to send the aegis to a target hero. Once the aegis in on a friendly hero Stovald can activate this ability again and the Aegis will form a “C” shaped shield facing the direction that the hero is facing and will block all incoming damage. Skovald can move the aegis to any player on the friendly team- including himself.

W- “Flame of Woe”

While protected by the Aegis of Aggramar Skovald summons a Flame of Woe that fixates on a random player. As the Flame of Woe moves it spreads Infernal Flames on the ground that will deal damage to the enemy team if they walk on it. Skovald must be under the effect of the Aegis to cast this ability.

E- “Felblaze Rush”

Skovald rushes forward with fel energy (like blaze but without the charge up). When he hits the end of the charge he will release a fel whurlwind attack that damages enemies with DoT. Enemies that he hits while charging will be dragged with him until the end of the charge.

Heroic 1- “Ragnarok" 

Skovald reaches up into the air to summon the power of the burning legion. Bolts of Fel energy pulse from the God King and auto target the closest heroes. Heroes hit with this fel energy take a large amount of damage as well as damage over time. Skovald is not able to move during this ability and can be stunned out of it.

Heroic 2- “Follow Me.”

Skovald will reach up and grab an enemy hero and use them as a shield for a short amount of time. All damage that would have been dealt to Skovald will instead be dealt to the hero that Skovald is using as a meat shield.

Specialty Skin:  Ragnarok 80’s Color Skin OR Loki OR Maleficent

Dance: The Worm

Kristen’s Choices


        He tripped and he fel.






Aegis of Aggramar

God-King Skovald throws up the Aegis, creating a protective shield that blocks all incoming damage for him and all behind it for a brief window of time.



A blue storm drake that serves as his escape.


Fel Strike

Imbuing his weapon with fel power, Skovald jumps up and slashes downward, dealing immediate burst damage and applying a small damage over time.


Summon Fel Orb

Holding his hand aloft, the God-King summons down a fel meteor that hits the target enemy and deals splash damage around them. The orb that landed remains on the ground, pulsing fel damage outward.


        Felblaze Rush

God-King Skovald charges forward, skewering the first enemy in his path. This deals damage and pins the target to his sword for a few seconds.



Skovald pulses with fire, dealing damage outward in a burst. The longer this ability goes, the more damage it does.


        Thinking With Portals

God-King Skovald channels this heroic to open a portal that allows fel-infused enemies to enter into the fight, targeting enemy Heroes. It has two stacks and the types of characters that pour forth are randomly decided. Sometimes they are Felskorn Vrykul. Other times they are felstalkers.


        Fraud-King Skovald

Making pacts with the Legion, Skovald is anything but natty. Instead, he abuses fel juice to give himself the ultimate pump. Fraud-King Skovald comes with premature baldness, acne, and a body that looks like it was pulled from a cartoon.




A norwegian folk dance traditionally performed by young men at celebratory events, God-King Skovald considers himself young at heart and spins in a circle, performing a quick squat each time he makes a full round.