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Processing Your Personal Information – A Quick Overview


What categories of personal information does collect about me and why?

“Personal information” means information identifying and/or relating to you. During the application process, will collect, process and use your personal information for a range of different purposes. For example:


What personal information?

           Identification - your name

           Contact details

           Education and work experience

           Information collected as part of your interview process

           Other application data (e.g., information contained in your resume and obtained from references)


           To process your application

           To determine your eligibility for the role you have applied for

           To communicate with you about future job opportunities

           To comply with the law and our obligations

           To communicate with you and with employees and third parties

           To comply with our financial and regulatory obligations


It's important to know that may also need to process some personal information about you that may be considered “sensitive,” such as health and medical data, and race or ethnicity data.


Find out more about what personal information processes and why by continuing on to read the detailed California Applicant Privacy Notice below.


Who might share my personal information with?, PBC is part of the Group (which includes all other entities) - and entities across the Group are involved in processing data. We might also need to transfer your information to third parties - e.g. acquiring entities, suppliers, or government bodies. Our policy is to limit who has access to that information as much as we can.


Who can I contact if I have questions?


If you have questions regarding your personal information, please let us know at:, PBC. – California Applicant Privacy Notice



In connection with your application, we have to process your personal information. This Notice tells you about how collects, processes, stores, and otherwise uses information about you.


Some legal stuff, PBC, a Delaware public benefit corporation. ("") has prepared this California Applicant Privacy Notice ("Notice") for its job applicants in California.


When we say "", "we" or "us" in this document, we mean the entity that you're applying to work for. We may update this document from time to time, for example if we implement new systems or processes that involve the use of personal information.


In this Notice, you may see references to the "CCPA" - this is the California Consumer Privacy Act, which is a California law governing certain obligations on and rights that California residents have about their personal information.


In connection with and in order to process your application for employment, needs to collect your personal information.  There are also statutory requirements we have to comply with in relation to your application.


What personal information does collect about me, and how is that information used? will collect, process and use the following categories of personal information (collectively, “Applicant Data”) about you in connection with your application:



Why does need to use this information about me?


We collect and use this Applicant Data for a variety of reasons linked to processing your application for a role with us. To help clarify, we have set out below a list of reasons why we collect and use this data (the “Processing Purposes”) along with a few examples:


           administering and processing your application, (including processing a job offer should you be successful);


           to determine your eligibility for the role you applied for;


           complying with applicable laws and employment-related requirements along with the administration of those requirements, including labor and employment and immigration laws, or corporate compliance laws in or outside of your home country;


           monitoring and ensuring compliance with applicable policies and procedures and laws;


           communicating with you, including informing you of future opportunities with;


           responding to and complying with requests and legal demands from regulators or other authorities in or outside of your home country;


           complying with corporate financial responsibilities, including audit requirements (both internal and external) and cost/budgeting analysis and control.


With whom might share my personal information?


As necessary for the Processing Purposes, may share information as follows:


           Within the Group. As the entity that you're applying to work for is part of a wider group of companies, and offices located across the globe (which all partially share management, human resources, legal, compliance, finance and audit responsibility), may transfer the Applicant Data to, or otherwise allow access to such data by other entities within the Group and the Directors of the Group for the following purposes: to administer and process your application; to communicate information about the Group; to monitor and assure compliance with applicable policies and procedures, and applicable laws; and to respond to requests and legal demands from regulators and other authorities.


           Regulators, authorities, and other third parties. As necessary for the Processing Purposes described above, your personal information may be transferred to regulators, courts, and other authorities (e.g., tax and law enforcement authorities), independent external advisors (e.g., auditors), insurance providers, pensions and benefits providers, internal compliance and investigation teams (including external advisers appointed to conduct internal investigations).


           Service Providers. As necessary for the Processing Purposes described above, personal information may be shared with one or more third-party entities to process personal information under our instructions ("Service Providers"). These Service Providers may carry out instructions related to recruitment, workforce administration, IT system support and maintenance, training, compliance, and other activities, and will be subject to contractual obligations to process the personal information only as instructed.


Who can I contact about this if I have questions?


Contact us at: