Chapter 3: Skeptic Fears

        After the events of the Universe Showdown, the elders decided to form a grand

meeting and ball of the Order of Tachyon to celebrate the new Lord of Tachyon a year later. Neoum was quite nervous for the occasion for he has only bad experiences with crowds.  He would not allow this to go horribly for the Tachyeans needed a good impression for the new leaders of the court of the Order. Neoum prepped for a grand night for the Order and for the chance to make friends with some of the leaders there incase he would need support from the court, at least they would defend, or help the case. Neoum needed this to go well, so he went to Jelnorelus to learn how to be proper to a crowd of such prestigious influence.

When he came he noticed that Jelnorelus had a note at her living quarters. It read, “I be back in a week for the Ball of Order, just had to run some important errands. Don’t go looking for me Neoum, I’m just busy.” Neoum felt insulted that she would just assume that he would go looking for her. (Though he would normally look for her for most of his Lord of Tachyon duties knowing that she once ruled the Order not too long ago.) He was a tad disappointed by her leaving. He would just have to see if Sulfern could help him out, or maybe Trearomm.

Neoum started up a message for Sulfern only to be responded to quite quickly. {Oh hello there my friend, What do you want.} Neoum asked, {I have known you for quite some time now Sulfern, and knowing that we are friends I was curious if you….} {Sorry Neoum, I’m simply too busy to help you with your Ball or whatever it was for I’m starting season two of Universe Showdown on that day and my schedule is just too full for a large project to work on like yourself. I could though at least tell you that there is a certain elder that would be more than willing to help you.} This news only made Neoum upset. {I’ve already tried to find Jelnorelus, but she is out on errands for the week. Are you sure that you can’t help your friend, please Sulfern?} {Sadly I’m sure that I cannot help you Lord of Tachyon. Besides, this might be a good learning experience for you. Goodbye for now my friend.} The message ended only in the worse way for Neoum. He decided that it was time to see if Trearomm could help.

Trearomm seemed to be a bit flustered when Neoum found him. Neoum landed and went to him swiftly. {Trearomm, I haven’t seen you this stressed since you first brought me here my friend, what’s a matter.} Trearomm looked at him in a worrisome glare. {Oh Neoum, everything is a matter… except for energy of course.} Trearomm then started to nervously laugh as if that old joke could possibly be funny. {But with all jokes aside, I can’t believe how stressed I am about the coming of this ball, it is just too large of an occasion to disappoint Jelnory with this mess that consist of my being. Oh have you at least seen her today so you can help me figure out what will make her night.} {Sorry Trearomm but I’ve been looking for someone who would know where she is all day for I guess she’s going to be gone for the week on some errands.} {Errands! I can’t believe that she gone when we need her most! What an outrage this is! The only way now to know if I can make her happy is by mere guessing, and previous things she has mentioned. How am I going to do this! Neoum help me please!} {Trearomm calm down for just a moment please! Ok … I understand that you’re stressed over the situation with Jelnorelus and you having a grand night at the ball, but I need help trying to figure out how to behave on my part of this process. Maybe if you help me I can possibly help you with you problem.} {Oh Neoum that sounds like a marvelous idea. Wait a second you don’t know how to behave at parties.} {I mean that I need to know the proper edicate for the occasion so that I don’t embarrass the Order in anyway.} Trearomm was snickering by how nervous Neoum was acting. {Trearomm I’m serious about this. I need to make a grand first impression on the ambassadors or else I might mess up the entire thing. Trearomm please don’t mock me over this right now. You can make fun of me all you want after the ball, but right now I need as much help as possible to not destroy this event.} Trearomm pondered about it for a moment. Neoum was starting to sweat for the fear he might not be capable of teaching him. Trearomm seemed to had come to a conclusion, but then an announcement started to play, “The big night is almost here! Prepare for fine dining, relaxing scenery, NONSTOP action for the new season of the Galactic SHOWDOWN. Get your tickets today before they're all sold out!”

{Well Neoum I think I will be able to help you, but we need to get started right away so that you’ll be prepare for this special evening ahead of us.} They rushed off to start preparing for the ball with a mysterious figure is watching from close behind. “The Order will fail to unite no matter how much that child tries to bring it together.”